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Raits on the Rembrandt jumpGen and Jules watch him matter and mumble and ramble around until he finally stops talking and really looks at Gen and Jules instead of just talking about their bad clothes and how horrible Mil 3 is Oh my DNA he whispered I m present The main characters of the book are Jules Theodore and Gen The novel is about a certain time traveler that has jumped to Mil3 and is visible to everyone "one that s around him which isn t supposed to be " that s around him which isn t supposed to be So shehe tries to jump back home and they can t so they need help jump back home and they can t so they need help their newly made friends in order to jump back I gave the book a 4 star rating clearly This is mainly because I was watching TV after every chapter I read because the book was so confusing at times Time travel A fun romp through time the many anywhens brought to Jules and Gen by Theo Pine Four a timejumper from billions of ears in the future Valentine handles the tricky time thing with humor and a bit of philosophy Fun to think about and a pleasant enough jaunt through time It s cheesy it s lame it s predictable but the characters are so enjoyable It doesn t do anything new it rehashes all of the themes that have been done a million times before but it does it in a way that s so delightfully cheesy that I really couldn t help but smile Not a must read but definitely a worthwhile read Jumpman Rule 1 don t touch anything by James Valentine is very creative and funny I really like the style of the book because it s really simple et complicated at the same time One of the main characters Jules he is not confident at first so the character development at the end really wasn t expected Jules was my favorite character because he s very funny he is brave when his life is in danger and he admits when he is excluded and not needed Gen who is another character in the novel is very outgoing and when she has something to say she says it without hesitation I didn t like her as much compared to everyone else but she was decent I really like some of the elements of the story Especially the irony it started happening at the beginning and I was laughing at how nothing was going his way even though he tried so hard The book was confusing at first because sometimes confusing with all the time stuff tho This book is very predictible which is why i dont like itNot very exitingReccomended for people who dont like much suspenc. Tory from the Big Bang all the way up to 14000000073 and everywhere in between Along the way our heroes are going to have to figure out how to get Theo and his malfunctioning time machine back home without undoing the fabric of time itself And if he's lucky Jules might just manage to ask Gen on that dat. The three travel through time from when the first word was spoken up until the present No one knows how to fix the JumpMan and no one is looking for theodore in no one is looking for Theodore in future Not being invisible while in a different time is against the first rule Will time slowly unravel I enjoyed reading the authors Before we Begin which was in the front of the book James Valentine brings up many good points about time and how it functions It made me think about what would happen if I did a certain thing and the conseuences This was a good book and others who read it will want to get the second one in the series THE PRESENT NEVER HAPPENS Jules fights with his brain Well he s always talking to his brain probably too much but sometimes eah the duke it out Like now while he s standing outside Gen s door his dad downstairs with her parents getting ready for a barbeue dinner After two ears he came to dinner again like old times before he moved away with his mom Now it was Dad s turn to have him for a bit and well Gen was not the girl he rememberednot the friend he remembered She made him well a bit crazy So there he is the friend he remembered She made him well a bit crazy So there he is poised to knock and he thinksI can t He pulls his hand back reading from page 11 midChicken his brain said ChickenchickenchickenThanks for our support brain said Jules to his brain As soon as they invent brain transplants I m becoming a donorOooooh I m scared said his brainand suddenly Jules is in In Gen s bedroom and she s acting friendly and like the old days and everything s going to be fine he knows it is but he still has to ask her outit s kind of a dareand he really really wants to anyway So he fights with his brain for a while longer and talks with Gen then finally FINALLY pops the uestion and asks her to go to the movies and BLAM or rather fizz Definitely fizzas in fizzled out because Gen Gen hadn t even heard him She was staring at the guy in the middle of the room a guy with hair that danced in color on his head with writing running up and down his jacket He hadn t been there a second ago but now there he was mumbling to himselfWurk hate mil 3 Hang on Is that a TV in the corner Woosh I could find out what s on mumblemumbleFrankly I d rather sit througha meeting of the Committee for the invention of o the Wheel than hang around with this pair What is wrong with them Their eyes keep follow me around the room just like those creepy port. R from the ear Fourteen Billion and Seventy Three with multicolored hair a talking coat and the hottest new time machine on the market the TimeMaster JumpMan Pro And little do they know that this chance encounter is going to kick start an epic adventure one that will take Jules Gen and Theo through his. ,

The book opens in a suburban town where a boy named Jules is trying to ask out a girl named Gen He has dinner at her house because they are old family friends and afterward they do homework in Gen s room All is well until a strange boy appears out of the air and lands in the bedroom He looked as if he was from the future and he leaves Gen and Jules speechless In Jumpman by James Valentine there are interesting characters greatly illustrated views on time travel and a beginning that is definitely hard to get into This is a definite read for fans of time travel Though it is hard to get into once the author strikes the core of the story it is smooth reading all the way With believable characters and an interesting plot it is definitely worth picking up and reading Just when Jules finally gets up his nerve to ask Gen on a date Theo pops in to their live He literally pops into Gen s room out of nowhere He s a time jumper from the future and is mistakenly sent to Mil 3 which is our present day Apparently in the future time travel is common place but the jumpers are invisible to the people of the current time Only something has malfunctioned in Theo s jump and he s visible Jules and Gen work w Reviewed by Jeremey for TeensReadToocomIn the early Fifteenth Billenium everyone has the ability to jump to any time in history they please but with one rule don t touch anything to jump to any time in history they please but with one rule don t touch anything Theodore Pine Four wins a worldwide contest he is thrilled He is the first person ever to try the new JumpMan and jump to the winners secret location When Theodore jumps with the new JumpMan he leaves the fifteenth billeniumand never returns over leaves the Fifteenth Billeniumand never returns Over do his homework with his crush Gen Jules Santorini is very nervous He is going to ask Gen out on a date Just as he is ready and summons enough courage another boy appears in the bedroom This boy has multicolored hair wears weird clothes and has strange items along with him such as a silver sphere and a red remote When TimeJumpers jump they usually appear invisible to the people at that time This time however Theodore goes to Mil 3 aka The Present a place where he is not invisible He has jumped into Gen s bedroom right when Jules has decided to ask the uestion Theodore s JumpMan is malfunctioning and cannot return him to his own time After convincing Jules and Gen he is from the future and can jump through time they begin an adventure. The Adventure Begins When Theodore Pine Four suddenly appears in the bedroom of Genevieve Corrigan just as her friend Jules Santorini is about to ask her out on a date the only thing they can all agree on is that it is highly unordinary Things get even complicated when we find out that Theo is a teenage. .

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JumpMan Rule #1 Don't Touch Anything