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The world as we know it has changed Kaiju began appearing and leading a march "Of Death And Destruction Across "death and destruction across globe Conventional weapons had little or no effect on these strange ,

Onsters New ways had to be designed to fight the growing kaiju threatRo Talon is "a KAIJU PILOT ALONG WITH HER 250 pilot Along with Her 250 Tall Kaiju 250 tall kaiju they must work together to bring down rogue "Kaiju pilot Along with her 250 foot tall kaiju Zulla they must work together to bring down rogue Kaiju Seduction

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Ju Their abilities go "beyond normal combat for they are trained to fight with a different of weapons They fight with "normal combat for they are to fight with a different set of weapons THEY FIGHT WITH SKILLS OF SEDUCTION fight with skills of seduction no kaiju can resist their temptati.

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