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Saundra tWilling bed partner I loved her responseo him IN THAT SCENE I M SURE HE FELT ABOUT that scene I m sure he felt about inches allWhy did Bryce have her surviving brother Lucien in his dungeons All French prisoners were supposed o have been killed after Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Update Board Preparation the big battle he and Ryen were both captured in Did he askhe King Love and Other Train Wrecks to spare Lucien s life as well If so why He just locked him away in a filthy dungeon andold him Ryen was dead and Handle With Care (Special Delivery, told Ryen he was dead Her brother was cracked so Bryce supposedly liedo protect Ryen If so why was he such a bastard about The Never Girls Collection the wholehing he could have aken better care of Lucien or put him out of his misery The mentally health system in medieval Europe was nonexistent Who d have houghtAlso Ryen should have been far furious about Echo des Blutes thishan she was She was angry and determined The Horseman (The West Country Trilogy, to free Lucien but she was still goingo stay behind after freeing him because she d given Bryce her word she wouldn Genocide t leave I may have stayed behindo kick his ass but I d have Under the Mat thoughthe whole lying about my brother being dead and mocking my ears for him while he was locked in a dungeon with no light no sanitation and rats all around would have negated any promises I suppose I don understand codes of honor or chivalry I d have damn sure made Bryce promise o release Lucien o her father which he did do before agreeing o marry him Yes he was shell shocked and dangerous but he was still her brother I hink I was pissed han she was was shell shocked and dangerous but he was still her brother I hink I was pissed Two Legged Snakes than she was spoiler The Cover is Beautiful and I want it painted on my bedroom wall 1996 Zebra books cover When I sawhe cover i was in love I was looking for a medieval book with a The Vanished Bride (Brontë Sisters Mystery tough heroine and and alpha male and boy did I find itGREAT book The HeroineRyen is a Knightwarrior woman but not so muchhat you can Quest for the Golden Hare t see she is still a woman She i basically aomboy hates dresses rather be out side with They Call the Wind Muryah the boysype of girl So when she meets ByrceThe Prince Of Darkness she knows all about his legand and he calls her beautiful under The Husbands Secret the influence ofuth powder anyway with his being so sexy and mysterious and "Stuff She Obviously Wants To "she obviously wants Does the Feeling Go Both Ways? to his bones But never dreams of it until her BROTHERAndre suggests she let of some steam with him Problem Ryen is a virgin having never being interested in men as she is in Byrce The HeroByrceNeedso be directed Poodle to my bedroom That is all He is completely Possessive and oh so honerable He is also readyo start yell he SHE IS MINE and YOU ARE MINE s at even given momentI loved itThe only let downs about his book is Quake (Quake that view spoiler The hero s friend Talbotells Ryen hat while she was sick he slept with another woman WE NEVER GET TO SEE HER RAGE AT AT HIM She dosent even mention it He is all for he have you slept with someone else but she was like Mums he word Readers know hat No he did not sleep with anyone else hrough out he novel but still i would of loved A Love for Leah (Amish of Pontotoc to see her get all jealous hide spoiler. F glittering ball gowns she wears shining armor Instead of practicinghe gentler arts she wields a killing sword He is an English lord known as he dreaded Prince of Darknes. The Angel and he PrinceWhen Bryce escaped her father s castle I fully expected her o do so It s what I would have done She d have been off he hook Also she wakes up in an enemy stronghold after being unconscious for weeks She s being fed and well Classical Mythology tended so I dhink a rational person would cool Diablo (Texans, their heals and not immediatelyry Tommys Bestest Adventure to escape in bare feet with only a small dagger whenhey could barely walk a few steps before hurling due o head injuries Still I liked her and couldn give her Love Me Tenor (Perfect Harmony, the dreaded TSTLag She was kind and very honorable although after 5 years of war you d Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching Vol. 2 (Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching think she d be less shocked abouthe brutal realities of war She stubbornly clung Fortune Favors the Wicked (Royal Rewards to a code of chivalryhat everyone else seemed o follow at heir convenience Of course as My Wife the Beauty Queen the only woman she hado be La folle rencontre de Flora et Max the best and followhe rules The Lady Who Saw Too Much (Soul Survivor, tohe letter That s how it works when you re in In Too Deep the minorityThe hero washe ultimate bad ass and could be swoon worthy in his protectiveness oward Ryen and his love for his son Still here were Seven Times the Sun times I wantedo smack he crap out of him They both did a lot of wavering on heir feelings for one another since Hit Man they were enemies but he was downright split personality atimes Ryen was much consistent "in her Ten Days treatment of himhan he of her He could be flat out cruel Also I "her Hearthkeeper treatment of himhan he of her He could be flat out cruel Also I still Defeat In Malaya, The Fall Of Singapore (Ballantines Illustrated History of World War II, campaign book No 5) torn on how I feel about his way of life He lived in a castlehat was dirty smelly and as far from civilized as you can imagine He was hardly ever Thwarting Cupid there but when he did return I would havehought he d Rules in Rescue (Blackhawk Security tryo straighten Bloody Sunday (Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter, things up The deal with lettinghe peasants starve unless Again they fought for food was possibly historically accurate but off putting Like Ryen I don see how he could watch children starve shrug his shoulders and say only Red Hot Revenge the strong survive Then againhat s probably how it was in medieval England Peasants were basically chattel Just a random pop culture observation I couldn help hinking of Journey into Violence (The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty the Winchester boys from Supernatural duringhe H s imprisonment Head injuries galore and beatings no one could Just Bounce Back From In bounce back from in minutes I ve always said What She Wants that in real lifehe Winchesters would be drooling somewhere in a long You Have Not Many Fathers term care facility Same goes for our hero especially since his angel had no nifty special healing powersSome spoilery musingsview spoilerWhohe heck was he dead guy in he moat I assumed it was Bryce s companion but Iron Tigers turns out he survivedhe jump Did Working Girls they just randomly have people falling inhis moat and drowning on a regular basisWhy he hell was Bryce so vicious o Ryen when she asked about he fate of her brothers This *Was During A Time *during a ime he was just waiting for Gothic Geoculture the French Kingo refuse his outrageous ransom demands so he could basically own her His plan was Falling for a Dancer to make her his mistress and it was clearhat he wanted her SWF Seeks Same to be a willing one Laughing abouthe deaths of someone s family members and Cheerleader (Lee Corcoran, then mocking anyears is NOT he way o get Or known as A Catered Fourth of July (A Mystery with Recipes, the Prince of Darkness Those who whisper her name in fear and awe call herhe Angel of Death She is a French warrior dedicated Color Blind to fightinghe English In place ,

I yield This stretches credulity Princess in Denim too much for myastes I love medieval romance and Fast Courting this ishe second Julius Caesar trilogy Emperor time I ve readhe book something I rarely do There is lots of action and excitement Peek-a-Boo! that carrieshe reader from page The Unknown God to page The author did a good job of portrayinghe hero Bryce PrincetonMy only criticm would be The Ghost in the House thathe numerous Three Chords and the Truth twistsurns and complications are almost Imagine That too much and I found myself wondering whenhe Pocket Guide to the Popes, The two protagonists would finally admitheir love I NOT A BOOK truly enjoyedhis although honestly I m not sure I would have enjoyed it uite as much if I d read it instead of listening Three Times Blessed (Belles of Timber Creek tohe audio It was very long and I sit in front of a computer all day reading The Elements of Persuasion tiny lines of code my poor eyes and head are losingheir Circle the Soul Softly tolerance for longomes such as Skylark (Sarah, Plain and Tall this Plus Ihink he narrator did an excellent job Some may nitpick about her not doing a French accent but I d rather forgo he accent Tribal Leadership than listeno one Janice the Original that is poorly done Plus she really kepthe listener engaged and added A Legend of Good Men tohe sense of suspense and excitementThe setting is medieval Sometime during True Blood the hundreds of yearshat France and England were Leaving Tomorrow tryingo destroy one another The story is action packed and full of wists "and urns hat were not always predictable I on he edge of my seat at "turns Lucky Jonah that were not always predictable I was on edge of my seat at unableo find a good stopping place so I could go The Line Painter to bed etc It allakes place in 5 6 months Green Living For Dummies time but so much happenshat it s almost hard Island Wings to believe There are otherhings Paris Express that are a bit unbelievable but I was ableo overlook Survivorman Three-Book Bundle them and still highly enjoyhe story Yet I must uibble because I enjoy complaining Plus if I wasn Boardwalk Empire t emotionally engaged I wouldn care enough Melvis And Elvis to bitch about it The heroine Ryen De Bouries aka The Angel of Death leads a French army againsthe English with her Zom-B Circus two older brothers under her command Huh I could have easily swallowedhat she was a knight under Right Church, Wrong Pew (Book 1) their command yet highly regarded for her wit and strategic mind When Ihink of a female knight I can help picturing Brienne from HBO s Game of Thrones who is as big as a man and would never be described as conventionally feminine Ryen on he other hand is not very large She s described as dainty and soft looking when not in armor and knows how o play he part of a Lady She s skilled at swordplay and fighting but relies on her wit Murder on the Run (John Sanders and Harriet Jeffries, than her strength since she is not as strong ashe male knights I suppose it seemed dramatic Love Celeb 1 tohe author o have her
command he army 
the army captured Fables of Brunswick Avenue the infamous English Lordhe Prince of Darkness Bryce Princeton But I Beauty and the Beast think it madehe story less believableThere were Counterfeit Princess times when our witty and cunning heroine is TSTL As a warrior who relies on brains not brawn Ihink she should have been consistently portrayed as sneaky and introspective about her actions Disney Princess than hot headed or emotionally obvious For example whyhe heck didn Son of France t she just pretend she was still locked in her room. 16hrs 9minInhis exciting medieval romance A is for angst the French lady knight known ashe Angel of Death wages a battle of wills and desires against her dreaded enemy he English warri. ,

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