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Ether But before he can make his interest known he finds out about her pregnancy Being an honorable man he proposes right away wanting to give Stella and the baby verything they deserve He s surprised when Stella turns him down but she wants love along with marriage and feels that love is not in the Uncommon Wisdom euationI liked that Stella had the fortitude to stick to her desire to marry for love Her parents hadn t lovedach other and it made for a miserable childhood for her and her sister She sensed from the beginning that there was something holding him back Since She Knows That They Will Be Connected Forever Thanks To knows that they will be connected forever thanks to baby getting to know him better is important to her and she hopes that Unseen City eventually he will open up to her Meanwhile Aaron hopes that he can convince Stella that passion and compatibility will benough for a good marriage Seven years Art earlier he had lost his wife and son in a car crash and the pain he still feels has him certain he will never love againOne of the things I loved about Aaron was that he saw so much in Stella than she did in herself She doesn t see the work she s doing for Royal s recovery as anything special but he can see how much she gives of herself He is determined to make her see just how wonderful she is Though at the beginning he seems very pushy about forcing her outside her comfort zone it s not long before she is doingverything he knew she could I loved the way that he supported and God Is in the Crowd encouraged her and the pleasure he took in her success With as much time as they were spending together the passion between them only grew Stella found that as shexpected her feelings for Aaron only got stronger But without him returning her love she can t bring herself to commit to a marriage between them Aaron discovered that when he was with Stella the pain of his losses wasn t as great but couldn T See That He see that he in love with her too It wasn t until she started to withdraw to protect her own heart that he realized the depth of his feelings I loved seeing what he did to show her just how special she was. M series only from Harleuin® DesireSTRANDED WITH THE RANCHER by USA TODAY bestseller Janice MaynardSHELTERED BY THE MILLIONAIRE by USA TODAY bestseller Catherine MannBECAUSE OF THE BABY by Cat SchieldHIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY by Sarah M AndersonMORE THAN A CONVENIENT BRIDE by USA TODAY Michelle CelmerFOR HIS BROTHER'S WIFE by USA TODAY bestseller Kathie DeNosk. Pregnant by the Texan Texas Cattlemans Club After the Storm #3I really found the lead character of Stella so relatable She worked to help out the town after the toronado and after meeting her prince she got to discover her own worth couldn t really get into this story DNF Too slow for me and repetitive in regards to the whole tragedy in Royal I found myself "BORED AND SKIMMING IN SECTIONS I DIDN T REALLY "and skimming in sections I didn t really any chemistry between our heroheroine I am really Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoy reading the Texas Cattleman s Club After the Storm series I am always intrigued by series that are written by different authors Can t wait for the next book This series has beennjoyable until this story So boring and I struggled not to skip ahead Stella Daniels description is most commonly known as plain and unassuming but when a tornado hurls itself through Royal Texas she steps up to lead the clean up and rebuilding campaignAaron Nichols is a contractor who has been spending time in Royal lending a hand He is drawn to Stella and she to him and after one xplosive night of unbridled passion Stella learns she is pregnantI am not in agreement with the 5 star reviews I found this story to be shallow and dull forcing myself to finish It was simply not appealing to me There was one troubling forcing myself to finish It was simply not

"appealing to me "
to me was one troubling and that was Aaron wanted to change Stella s appearance He set up a complete makeover at a salon and purchased sensual clothing for hersaying it was to make her physically appealing to the businessmen they were meeting with to seek donations for the rebuilding of their town of Royal He was uite certain the donations would be forthcoming if she had a sexier appeal as opposed to her mid calf length skirts buttoned to the neck blouses and pulled back into a severe bun hair She was not thrilled about those changes but she went along with it to help Royal I would have to say that I would have been greatly offended if someone I cared about insisted I have a head to toe makeover changing verything about my outward appearance I do understand about looking your best but I felt as though his insistence on her change was way out of line. Someone has a pregnancy secret in this Texas Cattleman's Club After the Storm story from USA TODAY bestselling author Sara OrwigWhen folks think of Stella Daniels they think unassuming Notes for the Everlost even plain But after a devastating tornado hits Royal Texas Stella steps up and leads the recoveryffort That's when she attracts the attention of construction magnate Aaron Nic.


And I would have been demoralized Aaron was like I really like you and you turn me on so let s go change verything about your you turn me on so let s go change verything about your appearanceright good one AaronIn my opinion the storyline wrapped up much too uickly with a rush towards an HEA It was not something I No Biggy! enjoyed but you may feel differently I cannot recommend this book 3 StarsChallenges RRRC April 2018 Monthly Challenge 7 April 3 Tweed Day 2018 Stacking the Series 1655 RRRC Snow White and the Seven I ve been having a hard time figuring out just who this book is for I guess the short answer is all the people who gave it 5 star reviews but I m still a little mystified The tone of the story is that of a cozy orven Christian Romance All The Characters Are Super Swell All the characters are super swell who bend over backwards to help Crush It! each other and rush to assure one another that they re all the most awesome and amazing people andveryone just loves them so much The town is Attracting Birds to Your Backyard entirely filled with these nicer than nice folks who would give you the shirt off their backs and who spend all their time thinking of new ways to doven favors for ach other And our hero and heroine are the swellest most helpful self sacrificing people of the bunch and have multiple you re so wonderful Very good book Stella has been in the background of the previous books uietly going about the business of tornado recovery She is the mayor s administrative assistant and while he has been critically injured she has stepped up to do what needs to be done She doesn t see herself as doing anything Special During The Early Cleanup During the arly cleanup she met Aaron and something sparked between them resulting in a memorable night together something that she doesn t usually do She doesn t see a future in it and lets him know that she d rather forget about it Six weeks later she discovers that she won t be able toAaron was drawn to Stella from the beginning He sees beauty under the plain clothes she wears and a giving heart that Bird-by-Bird Gardening encompassesveryone He d like a chance to The Works of Saint Augustine experience of the passion they had the last time they were tog. Hols and a surprising night of passionnsuesAaron sees something special in the no nonsense admin and he's than happy to bring her out of her shell But when he discovers Stella's xpecting his child can he overcome his demons to be the hero this hometown heroine really needsBe sure to read other scandalous stories from the Texas Cattleman's Club After the Stor. .
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