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Six Days A Narrative History Of The Six Day WarA fast moving account of the six ays war The Darkness detailing the politics that informed Israel and the Arab states actions leading up to the conflict itself and then a blow by blow account of each phase of the conflict Bowen alsooes a

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job in at the end of the book in Flyboy discussing theamaging impact that the legacy of this same conflict has A Dark Sicilian Secret down to this veryay on the chances of peace in the wider region Six Days is a well written account of the hour to hour operation of the Six Day War in June 1967 between Israel and the combined Arab states by a former BBC Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen Given the author s experience it is not surprising that the book is firmly grounded in the present Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek day realities of the Israel Palestine conflict His thesis is that influential elements within t A very informative read on a subject I knew very little about Written by a journalist I respect a lot Jeremy Bowen presents a veryetailed summary of events that led to the 1967 war and its aftermath Reasonably balanced but Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography did gloss over the Zionist crimes This is a pretty good history from a British perspective It s a littleated 2003 as new information has surfaced since it was written and their are newer histories like Oren s that use that informationIn a way the very out of At the Italians Command date character is what I liked about the book The predictions about the likely future came true which gave credibility to the author s grasp of the key issues We won t know for another 10 years if Oren is as good at reading the tea leavesAlso I thought the bookid a good job of Oh Baby! distinguishing between the moods and conceptions of the civilians around the world and their governments Israelis civilians and Jews generally were far worried than the Israeli military or government I was 18 at the time and I remember those fears and the corresponding exultation and arrogance at the unexpected actual outcomeEverything about the Mideast conflict isisputed I thought the strongest point of this book was in the run up to the war giving a reasonable hearing to Arab fears about Israeli expansionism Even if one accepts the view that the Arabs were completely committed to the estruction of Israel because they Wanted The Land For the land for and idn t want Jews there no matter what policy Israel followed it The Maid of Lorne doesn t rule out th. Suicide attacks on Israelis bombings assassinations and bloodshed in Jerusalem Gaza and the West Bankominate the news from the Middle East It is the most troubled region on earth At its heart is the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and the legacy of six ays of war in 1967After the state of Israel emerged from war in 1948 both sides knew battles were coming In June 1967 years of slow burning tension exploded In six extraordinary ays Israel How to Become a Virgin destroyed the arme. Ious actions the occu PhenomenalNow my favorite military historian is Stephen Budiansky and I ve read all his books and I m eagerly looking forward to any future installment like the upcoming CIA code breaking stuffThen lo and behold Jeremy Bowen joins the very topThe writing style is amazing Full of personal anectodes and weird stories that make for a compelling case against raw known facts The narrative is fast colorful it jumps around it never lets you rest and you feel like you re reading fiction rather thanocumentary on something that happened fifty years ago But that s the beauty and the charm of Jeremy s talentSix Days seven nights hi hi hi hi starts with a brief intro on the 1948 and 1956 wars how the national consciousness of Israel and its Arab neighbors shaped thereafter the political struggle and the military games that followed and the mindboggling gamble that Nasser played knowing all too well he could not really win Facing him was the Israeli military Cadre Totally Confident In Their Ability To Complete A Fast totally confident in their ability to complete a fast conuest and having honed to perfect their skill over the previous 19 yearsThe books has roughly eight chapters the aforementioned chapter each of the six Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, days of the war and the aftermath which we live today theivide between the East and the West the role of the US in the Middle "Eastern politics and the rest of it The war story is amazing Not just because it s a textbook execution of "politics and the rest of it The war story is amazing Not just because it s a textbook execution of military operations Also because it tells us the motivations of the leaders but also often tragic highly emotional stories of ordinary People Soldiers Refugees Women soldiers refugees women children There s everything you can imagine and then some backstabbing mistrust theatrics religion Dayan s sex life Amer s crazy illusions King Hussein s fatalism how Soviets tricked themselves the radio propaganda in Cairo Israeli The Bosss Baby Surprise diplomaticancing with the Johnson administration conspiracy theories Truly fascinating even if you know the storyExtremely recommended there s a bit of everything for everyone military facts history personal facts Jeremy leaves no stone unturned and no uestion unanswered He gives it a closure a symbolic meaning and the critical connection between the past and the present Definitely my new co favorite author and I ll be looking to read everything else and if he s writtenIgor. En presents a compelling new history of the conflict Six Days recreates ay by ay hour by hour the bullying and brinckmanship that led four nations to war interweaving testimonies of combatants from all sides in a seamless narrativeA rigorous and original piece of modern history is as vivid as fiction Six Days not only sheds new light on one of the key conflicts of the twentieth century it explains much about the Middle East and the problems the region still faces today. At Israel may have had esigns on the West Bank or the Golan And Was Looking For was looking for excuse to take them Supporters of Israel and I am one sometimes oversimplify these issues Now in 2009 everything has changed and nothing has changed Very enlightening especially on the thinking behind the actions For example Dayan the IDF Chief of Staff over the grave of one killed near Gaza in 1956 said It is the fate of our generation that our life reuires that we be always prepared and armed strong and etermined for if the sword be struck from our grasp we shall ieAnd the the sword be struck from our grasp we shall ieAnd the understanding of Arab claims of success The US Embassy recommended that Washington apply the usual coefficient of mendacity of 10 giving the total number of Israeli planes The Perfect Blend downed as something like 9 instead of the claimed 86 35Over a sixay period in 1967 Israel fought and efeated an Arab coalition consisting of Egypt Jordan and Syria Tensions had been mounting as a result of Egypt s President Nasser blocking the Straits of Tiran thus preventing Israeli shipping from passing through Nasser the hero of the Arab world believed bloodshed would be avoided and that he would win a political victory but if his action id result in war he was adamant his soldiers could Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss defend Sinai on the country s eastern border He was sorely mistakenAfter much clandestine preparation Israel launched a blitzkrieg style assault Egypt s air force was largelyestroyed ay one the majority while still on the ground The ensuing land assault culminated in catastrophic casualties in for the emasculated Egyptian army shorn of air support Despite the calamity Nasser used propaganda primarily radio to project victoryNext Israel targeted Syria and Jordan who espite fighting bravely were A book that inspires both massive anger and great sadness From Jeremy Bowen a BBC reporter who points out the failures and foibles of all parties this is an illuminating read for anyone that wants to understand much of what Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, drives the current situation in the middle east Also very readable not just ary history book but an action packed story that is sadly true As someone who has become aware over the last Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm decade of what is happening in the middle east I have already gained a strong view against what the Jews have beenoing to the Palestinians The pernic. D forces of Egypt Jordan and Syria But far from bringing peace as many Israelis hoped their stunning victory turned into a curseFrom the initial battle order issued to the Israeli air force on Monday June 5 1967 to the final ceasefire on the evening of Saturday the 10th the Six Day War was a riveting human rama Building on his first hand experience of the region after his five years as the BBC's Middle East Correspondent as well as extensive original research Jeremy Bow. .