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It scene where consent is not given It s not the only explicit scene in this volume but I ll get *To The Other Ones In *the other ones in secondSome of you might consider what I m going to write about to be spoilers so if you on t want to read ahead The Darkness don t read but I m not going to mark it because I feel like it s important to know exactly how this goes Also it gets NSFW so you re warned about that tooAs the blurb from the first volume mentions Shirotani is mysophobic fear of germs and his friendtherapist Kurose haseveloped a 10 step plan for him in which Shirotani will have to go through things that make him uncomfortable starting from smaller things like touching Flyboy door handles and move on to bigger things like shaking hands with someone or that s the 10th and final step having intercourseIn the first volume Kurose seemed good enough to be patient and let Shirotani go at his own paceHowever in this volume Kurose proceeds to touch Shirotani without his consent pushing through his repeated nos Itoesn t matter that he s touching him above his clothes it A Dark Sicilian Secret doesn t matter that Shirotani is shown to apparently enjoy it on this in a moment since he eventually orgasms from it this whole scene was not only about Kurose pushing Shirotani s mysophobia to an extreme level ofiscomfort for him it was Kurose himself who Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek developed the 10 step plan and he was well aware that what he wasoing was pushing Shirotani s boundaries to an extreme since he still hadn t gotten through the middle steps this scene was rape y and not okay This is something that seems to happen a lot in yaoi and I can t for the life of me "understand why Consent is not optional and it Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography doesn t take much toepict it in a "why Consent is not optional and it At the Italians Command doesn t take much toepict it in a in a simple but explicit way A simple nod a yes would be enough there s no need for extra Oh Baby! drawings or scenes Now there are explicit scenes after this one and consent wasefinitely given in one of them in the form of nodding however the initial approach was always started before that happenedIn the final notes from the author she mentions something about Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, domssubs basically hinting how Shirotani is a sub in the making While knowing this explains why he seemed to enjoy beingominated by Kurose it still The Maid of Lorne doesn t change the fact that Kurose couldn t know that for certain before he touched him It goes without saying but even in the heaviest BDSM consent to beominated needs to be given beforeI won t be continuing this manga because there are many other ones and I on t feel like this is worth my time anyOriginal reviewOkay I seriously have no idea what to think of this I m not going to rate it yet because I want to iscuss with my BR partner first and see what she thinks about some things but to me this volume contained at least one scene of EXTREMELY ubious consent. 隠された胸の裡を知り、城谷は? 無愛想なカウンセラーと潔癖症の社長秘書、 二人の関係が加速する、急展開の第2?. .

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テンカウント 2Things are going fast Then slow Then fastand then slowAnd yes they are so cute together I think I found another new manga series I fucking love the main character He s so precious I really liked the first volume of this series but then This one had a lot of ubconrape in "it which i super on t like so "Which I super on t like So won t be continuing o I really wanted this series to be amazing The escription and first book had such potential Two boys falling in love One helping the other overcome an extreme fear of germs The first book started #So Strong However There # strong However there several things I had issues with in the *SECOND BOOK THE MAIN THING BEING SEXUAL CONSENT WAS *book The main thing being sexual consent was not given in one scene and barely and not even until the middle of the act in another The MC seemed to enjoy both encounters but he was clearly very uncomfortable and verbally said no and asked to stop And these two scenes weren t meant to be rape scenes The MC clearly has unresolved feelings for the secondary character He is well aware that secondary character is in love with him but hasn t come to terms with the fact that he likes him back or even that he is gay from what I gathered from one comment he made earlier in the book Less concerning but still concerning enough is that the secondary character seems to push MC further than what is necessary and too uickly for real progress with ealing with MC s condition About eighty percent of the time he seems concerned with MC taking his time with overcoming his issues and completing the tasks on his list But the other twenty percent of the time he is overbearing and pushes way past boundaries Even in just every ay touching I just wish the author would have taken time to evelop the relationship before it got sexual and made sure consent was given fully It all just seemed rushed like there was some time crunch that secondary character was on to get in MC s pants The story is taking a Command Performance differentirection than I expected and to be honest I am not sure whether I like it yet It all will Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, depend on how it continues and whether she manages to wrap it up in a satisfying way As it is at the moment I find it creepy andisturbing but interesting I o wish people reading the illegal raws or scanlations wouldn t keep spoiling me though This goes for all the books I m reading After a short hiatus with reading manga I must say it s exhilarating to fall into the habit again The uick pace of the story and the rapid succession of the visuals always make it a uniue experienceAs far as Rihito Takarai s Ten Count series goes I ve found the second volume uicker in narrative speed but probably because of that not as eually satisfying as the first episode I loved Volume One s slow pace in building up the story and characters and I would have liked to cont. 「今日ずっと、黒瀬くんに触られることばっかり想像してました」 心を預けはじめていた黒瀬から、 突然カウンセリ?. ,
Inue with that sort of rhythmThis second volume was also ifficult to handle for the presence of a couple of scenes in which Shirotani s painful unease *and Kurose s puzzling behaviour made for a rather "Uncomfortable ReadAnyway The Artwork Is Still Rather "readAnyway the artwork is still rather *Kurose s puzzling behaviour made for a rather uncomfortable readAnyway the artwork is still rather stunning the story continues to be intriguing and I m certainly curious now to know what ll happen next It s just getting hotter and hotter There s ub connon con content in the second volume and if you are thinking to start reading this manga this is a heads up The relationship between Shirotani San and Kurose Kun is getting and entangled Mmmmm can t wait for the final magic to happen Onto the third volume 45 I love it although I say no stars I wish the story took a ifferent Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss direction I find Kurose s behaviour extremely uestionable At times he gave the impression of being like a psychopath rather than a psychiatrist I get the point of shock therapy but this was just too much Shirotani constantly thought how gross the whole situation was he said no several times but Kurose kept on going I find it hard to wrap my mind about the fact that Shirotani kind of enjoyed it or wanted it while at the same time he felt an extreme aversion The lust he may have feltespite how icky he thought the situation was this is something that is very Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] difficult to comprehend Ion t want to say that it isn t possible to feel it simultaneously with his kind of illness but the way it was Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, displayed made me uncomfortableIn my perfect version of the story Kurose would treat Shirotani s illness but he would maybeistance himself a bit from Shirotani because of his feelings Shirotani would slowly but maybe not "fully recover During that progress their relationship would shift from octorpatientfriends to lovers but with Shirotani being the one who instigates "recover During that progress their relationship would shift from octorpatientfriends to lovers but with Shirotani being the one who instigates If it had to be Kurose who finally made the first move it should ve been much considerate on his part because he s you know a freakin therapist Maybe asking about why Shirotani is the way he is would ve helped too The way it was handled here was just way too uick and it felt like it was all for the sake of showing some sex after the first volume was very tame Unfortunately the story suffered for itHaving said that I just want to add that I like Shirotani very much He seems so young and innocent and so very helpless at times that it just makes my heart ache But I think he is a strong person at heart he just has to find the confidence in him again I m so confused On the one hand I think this relationship is utterly wrong and on the other I find it rather cute BR with emEdit I finally Whispers Of The Heart decided on a rating for this after talking to my BR partner and other people in the commentsAs I said in my original review there is in fact at least one explic. ?グの終了を告げられた城谷。 ショックで引き籠もる彼のもとに、 再び黒瀬から呼び出しのメールが届く――。 黒瀬の.