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Known each other pretty much since childhood and is genuinely interested in her He likes children is able to play with a child not an ability many adults have and oesn t see Lucas as a burden or an obstacleGannon is playing a hero role in Lily s life and I think that can be a bit sexuallyromantically confusing Many people June Fourth Elegies develop feelings crushes on theirivorce lawyer and "It Is Because A Divorce Lawyer Is Standing Up For "is because a Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes divorce lawyer is standing up for against your evil ex I mean you are paying himher but it makes your brain see this person as an ally and rescuer Divorce and custody battles and etc etc make a person vulnerable and weak and generate strong emotions This can transfer onto aivorce lawyer because the The Confabulist divorce lawyer is acting in yourefense and your interests Therefore I feel kind of on the fence about these two s relationshipNo Der Illusionist doubt Gannon and Lily are sexually and romantically interested in each other It s clear The timing is what has me uestioningWe still go through the same shit Lily rejecting Gannon over and over again Gannon is pushy A bit too pushy for my liking That s just my opinion Gillen Thacker keepsescribing him as a true Texas Gentleman but he came off

as a bit 
a bit S THE SEX CARMENIt s muddled but I m going to give Gannon the benefit of the Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue doubt There s really no reason not to Gillen Thacker usually makes her heroes at least competent in bed So I m going to ASSUME he isoing all the right things in bed and making Lily feel amazing There s not a lot of authors I Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, d give the benefit of theoubt to but I feel Gillen Thacker s earned it Yeah She should feel proud and happyAlso as is par for the course with Gillen Thacker the couple has sex than once They have sex four times in this book That is pretty unusual in a HAR Gillen Thacker always pushes for than one sex scene though which I APPRECIATE A LOT That s something I appreciate about Gillen Thacker She Ask the Past doesn t pretend a couple has sex one time and then never has sex again until after marriage Or whatever nitwittery goes on in these HARs It also gives me than one opportunity to analyze what s happening in the bedroom TL DR Lawyers custody battles not my cup of tea Thinking about Lily s asshole ex getting custody of their son made me feel ill But for a Lawyer Romance this wasn t too bad Io feel like the relationship was focused on not just shoved in the background like with some Lawyer Romances I Riding Class (Saddle Club, do feel like the MCs had feelings for each other both romantic and sexual Besides the icky legal battles and Gannon being a touch too pushy for me Iidn t really have any complaints Could have been a lot worse Which I realize is not the most ringing endorsement for a book LOLROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceHolidayChristmas Romance Valentine s DayNon Virgin Heroine Lawyer Romance both MCs are lawyers but only one is currently practicing He s a Family Attorney She s an Attorney but also MayorTakes Place in Rural Texas Fort Worth AreaNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerLily f 5 9 Gannon m 6 3 Rex mBode mLiz fLucas m 4Viviana fRose fViolet fMaggie fCallie fHarriett f 65Emmett mTom mBen mRio mMelinda fCassandra fMarilyn fClint mMarybeth fSonny mOscar mYvonne fCaryn fTed mDarla fBenjamin mStarr fGreg mMatt mPoppy fChet mKyle mToni fJackson mLacey fSterling mLulu fJenna fTaylor fCady fJen fTravis m hide spoile. N her eyes every time they're thrown together And with the court case and the Texas chili cook off he's been Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, dragged into that's a lot As the stress grows sooes the attraction But Lily won't compromise and Gannon can't let go Someone's gotta give. Lone Star Valentine McCabe Multiples #33 35 stars In Lone Star Valentine by Cathy Gillen Thacker Lily McCabe is the town Mayor and as such has to look for ways to improve the town without that many funds available Which also means that she Different Class doesn t have that big of an income so when the father of her son Lucas comes into townemanding that they change the custody arrangements she is afraid that she will need help than she can afford Gannon Montgomery and Lily used to be very close friends in college but she started Short Stories by Roald Dahl dating her their friendship ended But thatoesn "she started Goldilocks the Three Bears dating her ex their friendship ended But thatoesn mean that he oesn t regret the way that things ended and that he wants a chance to change things between them for no matter how much times has passed he still has feelings for her Therefore when her ex shows up and she is without legal counsel he ecides to barge in and be her advisor She may also be a lawyer but he specializes in family law and he won t let her be run over by her ex and his entire posse of lawyers and everyone else he brought along Read More Good book Gannon is back in Laramie for a few Socialist Realism days to take care of selling the family ranch He s a big shot lawyer in Fort Worth now but he and Lily had been friends and back in law school She s mayor and a single mother who is facing a custody battle with her son s father She s willing to accept Gannon s help but that s all she ll accept from himThe history between Gannon and Lily was interesting Both were very intense studentsetermined to I Look Up To... Michelle Obama do their best Gannon was and still is a man who goes all in when he wants something so when he wanted a relationship with Lily he refused to think about what could go wrong All he would consider was that if they wanted it they would make it work When he was growing up Gannon saw that his parentsidn t go after the things they wanted the most instead settling for other things and not always happy with them He swore he would never compromise on something that was truly important to himLily as one of six children was accustomed to having to compromise and make adjustments to anything she wanted She was certain that the stresses and rigors of law school would be too much of a strain on a relationship All she wanted from Gannon was some space and the chance to think about what they were Doctor Extraño doing Unwilling to compromise he broke things off Lily who tended to look for the good in everyone got involved with the campus football star instead which ended up not working out eitherFor the past four years Lucas s father has mostly ignored him He s allowed generous visitation rights but has never taken Lily up on them Bode hadesperately resisted being named father to the boy trying to smear Lily s reputation only giving in when his
paternity was proved 
was proved now that his football career is in trouble his lawyer s are telling him he needs to o something to make himself look good and spending time with Lucas is it Lily is afraid of the effect that everything could have on Lucas and finds herself leaning on Gannon than she likes There were times when I thought that Bode was actually getting better about being a father and others when he seemed just as big a jerk as ever I can say that I wasn t surprised by the way it all worked outOne thing that hadn t changed over the years is the attraction that is still there between Gannon and Lily He would like. COMPROMISEOR ALL OR NOTHING The heart stopping attraction's still there but today Lily needs only one thing from old flame Gannon Montgomery the best amn legal counsel ever The stakes are high custody of Lily's son Lucas And the rules are clear Li. To see where it goes but Lily is afraid of getting her heart Broken Again I Really again I really seeing the way that Gannon found every excuse he could to spend time WITH LILY HOPING TO SHOW HER Lily hoping to show her they could have something good together He s also really good with Lucas and spending time with both of them shows him what he s been missing in his uest to be the best professionallyLily can t Never Tell deny the heat between them but she can t see anything coming from it She likes her life in Laramie and has noesire to live in the city The problem is that she finds herself liking Gannon even now than she had before He s there for her emotionally in her battle with Lucas s father He s fantastic with her son And he has no problem getting involved with all the small town things he left behind so easily before But though she s great at finding the middle ground with anyone else she finds it impossible to Feminism is for Everybody do so with Gannon Both of them had to take a hard look at what they really wanted and what they were willing too to get it I loved the epilogue and seeing where they were a year later In this new addition to the McCabe Multiples saga the hero comes across a bit self centered but in the end becomes what a hero should be The chemistry between the main characters is well Deterring Democracy depicted RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries McCabe Multiples He resisted the urge to take her in his arms and kiss some sense into her only because heidn t want hot sex being the only thing binding them together pg 196THINGS I DON T WANT TO READ ABOUT IN ROMANCE Legal battles Especially custody battles they make me anxious and upset Lawyer main characters especially since they always seem to bring their legal cases with them into the plotSo this book already had some stuff working against Both MCs are lawyers although right now Lily is not lawyering s mayor of her townGannon is back in town from Fort Worth to sell his ranch He and Lily have been on the outs for about six years Not because they ever Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dated They got in a huge fight about NOTating She Hunters Heart did not want toate in law school to focus on her studies and he took it hard Then he Menneskefluene (K2 dated a whole bunch of other women which she took hard Blah blah blah she ended up with this asshole of a football player now a uarterback to a major NFL team and he got her pregnant She has a four year old son named Lucas She pressed to make sure her icky ex Bode is named as father of her child but she takes greatly under estimated child support and Bodeoesn t have any interest in his son whom he sees once a year at Christmas She has the child all to herself That all changes when Bode is pressured by his PR team to be with his son and publicly blame his Nazi Gold disappointing performance as B on his inability to see his son beingenied access to his son which is total bullshitGannon sort of injects himself into this situation as the hero lawyer who is going to support Lily through this and fight for her son and keep her saneAs I said earlier custody battles give me a stomach ache It makes me anxious especially in romance novels or any novel where the bad parent is trying to wrest control of the child away from the good parent Anxiety is not something I enjoy feeling while reading romance novels SoAs far as the characters goGannon is a good person He knows Lily very well they ve. Ly's not giving Gannon the chance to break her heart again They can be friends That's all Not enough thinks Gannon He's only in town to sell the family ranch but Mayor Lily McCabe makes sticking around seem pretty attractive He can see the esire ,

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