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Fferent I wish we could of gotten to know Elizabeth s brother Ronnie a little better it was hard to get a real idea if he could have done what he was accused of I also feel that some of the resolution at the end was a bit rushed Over all though it was a great read that I would recommend I really enjoy David Bell s uniue voice in his books and would recommend them to anyone looking for something a bit different Finally After An Extensive Often an extensive often search I found the exact sort of literary domestic Thriller That I Like that I like much There is always Coben but that s once a year It s tough to find a mystery that doesn t skimp of character development or writing but this is it David Bell originally impressed me with a short story of his not a mystery actually but horror which he publishes under David Jack Bell in a Shock Totem anthology Impressed me so much that I figured out the trick with his doubletriple name and found of his work Never Come Back is a thoroughly excellent domestic drama with a murder mystery or vice versa it works as both and works very well There is even a Coben like twist at the end Bell seems to have a firm understanding of the importance of creating complex interesting sympathetic characters that drive the narrative forward and allow the reader to really get emotionally involved with the story Even his 20something year olds aren t annoying which is an impressive feat in itself Terrific pacing as well the story moved along like a bullet train very uick read for 400 some pages Anyone who likes their mysteries literary or their literature mysterious would enjoy this book Highly recommended When David Bell writes a book he puts so much detail in it you feel like you re right there in the story This is another great book by this great author I recommend reading all of his books It is always hard to review a book that I found so addicting I kept reading long after I should have gone to bed yet I found a few things I ust had a hard time overlooking Leslie s relationship with her boyfriend all interactions between them seemed awkward the conversations The Prince in the Royal Suite (Chatsfield Novella, just didn t flow Also many of the revelations were very easy to see Iust felt there were too many unbelievable circumstances Falling For Him just too many strange occurrencesWhat I did like were the main bones of the story the plot and the way it was written Leslie and David were very good characters So this is a story that read so easily it seemed way shorter than the 448 pgs it was so I willust say good but flawedARC from puublisher I stumbled onto this book at Target and decided to give David Bell a try I m glad I did He s a great mystery writer with appealing prose and excellent plot twists I also liked the second Bell book I found and I would never hesitate picking up his work for a fun thrilling read. R brother Ronnie is the prime suspect Desperate to prove her brother's innocence Elizabeth begins to unravel dark family secrets double lives and the shocking truth behind her own identit.

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Never Come BackVery good suspense novel You get pulled in right off the bat and can t stop reading as each little chapter seems to reveal something new You like the main character are totally in the dark but get snippets of clues I did figure it out right away but I had no idea why and then I thought I was wrong several times and then it all became clear in the end but wow what a ride Elizabeth s mom is found murdered and her down s syndrome brother is the person the police are looking at as to who committed the Crime Lots Of Family Secrets Lots of family secrets this book It was interesting enough that I couldn t put it down today I did feel at times it was rushed and several surprises along the way to the point where I felt as if they were forcedI was given an advance copy for an honest review This was a hard one to rate for me It read very uickly and the pace was really good but sometimes in the middle of reading certain parts I d almost have to stop and ask myself ReallyHere s the gist A young woman is shocked when her wouldn t hurt a fly mother is found murdered and her special needs brother is fingered as suspect 1 Elizabeth is convinced Ronnie couldn t have done it and as she tries to dig deeper into what really happened she learns some uite unsettling truths about the family she thought she knewThe pros I was interested in what was going to happen and the writing made it really easy to get involved in the Story It Was Just Simple No Frills It was Undercover at City Hospital just simple no frills And a lot of times when I m reading after work I want something that doesn t feel like a choreThe cons Some of the characters were a bit insufferable Gordon was completely terrible from the very first time he was introduced so there was no development there He wasust pretty much a caricature of awful The narrator too was pretty annoying One reason for this I think was she kind of seemed not so authentically female The writer s male obviously and a lot of times writers are able to really get into the mind of the opposite gender but Elizabeth seemed flatand a bit off Maybe that s whyOne thing on the topic of insufferable This book really lends itself uite well to a certain drinking game Let me tell you if you were to take a drink every time Elizabeth mentioned that she was a grad student or in graduate school you d be under the table by Chapter 2 I m not sure why this had to be hammered home so much but it got really really annoyingThe twists weren t completely surprising but I think I d give the writer another shot because I really liked the ease of which he tells a story David bell is uickly becoming one of my favourite authors I had seen months ago that this one was coming out and I waited impatiently for it to hit the shelves His mysteries this one included are so hard to put down I found I wanted to ust call in sick and read it from. Elizabeth Hampton has not spoken to her mother in weeks when she gets the phone call Her mother has been found dead under suspicious circumstances But who would want to kill a kind old wo. .
Cover to cover Alas that didn happen but I wanted to read it every chance I could Elizabeth s t happen I wanted to read it every chance I could Elizabeth s Leslie s whole life was dedicated to Elizabeth s brother Ronnie who had syndrome often to the neglect of Elizabeth As far as Elizabeth knew her uncle Paul was to be guardian of Ronnie if anything happened to her When Leslie asks Elizabeth to take care of her brother they fight and before they can mend fences Elizabeth s mother is murdered When the will is read Elizabeth is named guardian and her estate is divided into three eual parts Elizabeth Ronnie and someone else named Elizabeth someone no one knows More and family secrets are slowly revealed while Ronnie confesses to the murder and Elizabeth receives a call saying Ronnie tried to kill himself I don t want to give too much away There are some surprises some things not so surprising and in this authors style things are not always what they seem there are little twists I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes those books you ust want to devour to the end A compelling mysterythriller with lots of family drama and unexpected plot twists Never Come Back is a little odd at times in its characters and dialogue but overall it s very well written and uniue Elizabeth is well developed and her tenuous relationship with her disabled brother gives her even depth as she finds herself thrown back into the chaos of her family in a sudden and tragic way when her mother is mysteriously killedNot only does this book raise awareness of the way people with special needs are sometimes treated as a scapegoat but it s also an excellent book about love and hidden secrets As intriguing as Elizabeth s life is the life of her deceased mother Leslie who has a lot of problems that are waiting to be uncovered Never Come Back is neither predictable nor far fetched and finds the perfect balance of being mysterious without the perfect balance of being mysterious without totally implausible Never come back is the second book I have read from David Bell the first being cemetery girl Never come back centers around Elizabeth Hampton graduate student at local college and the sudden death of her mother As if her mothers murder wasn t enough to deal with Elizabeth s adult brother who suffers from Down s syndrome is the prime suspect David Bell does not waste any time getting into the action He hooks you in from the first chapter and then keeps you hooked Over the course of the book Elizabeth learns that she did not know her mother as well as she thought She is left wading through her mothers secrets Trying to figure out truth from fiction who s is lying who is telling the truth I uite enjoyed trying to solve the multiple mysteries that are revealed throughout the book At times I found my self screaming at Elizabeth in my head There are few things I would of liked a little di. Man who stayed at home to care for her son Ronnie's special needs And why did her mother recently change her Will The police tell Elizabeth that this is not only a murder investigation he.

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