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Escape Escape #1Wow This book is crazy good This book grabbed me from the first age I love the two main characters Shane and book grabbed me from the first Global Corporations in Global Governance page I love the two main characters Shane and but then in walks Justin Talk about reading to the lastage BOOMYou will have to read to find out what floored me Just as I thought I had figured out Rowan and Justin I find out I still don t know what they are hidding This book is a suspenseful sexy steamy frustratingly good reads I can t wait to read the steamy frustratingly good reads I can t wait to read the book Received an ARC for reviewI really enjoyed this art of Rowan and Shane S Story I Love To story I love to cliffhangers At least I don t have to wait for the next art since it s already out We know Rowan is hiding something Actually lots of somethings but boy was that one a shocker Now what s the rest I hope she has Sketchy Behavior plans for hisartners to get HEAs free book Autumn Brides provided via netgalley and theublisher for an honest review 4 Mispers Stars144 The Princess and the Three Knights pages I loved the end of the dedication Fight hard your life is waiting for you Rowan is so sad in her mind it makes me want to understand herast as she is in her new job as manager of a snack shack she delivers food to this group of kids and a guy that has her blushing easily wanting this guy badly Shane the guy in uestion is excited he ran into the girl HIS GIRL the one hes been trying to meet for weeks hes also a PI who finds missing girls for a living I enjoyed their coupling because they are older 31 32 so the dialog wasn t the typical high school cheesefest Shane steals my bloody girl heart I don t care how we do this Rowan Fast or slow Run don t run Doesn t matter im in youre in we can do this any way you want We can sleep together we can date we can move in together It doesn t matter this this is happening Holy shit on a brick does a lot go on in this little serial It is nothing how the cover depicts but this PI and mystery Ro and her I have nooo idea Justin are on the road for some serious adventures I think the book should be called runaway I could see myself following this serieswho knew romantic suspense would be this good The romance is mild and not erotica so I think it will be well received Thank goodness for ibooks first in a series freeI am anxious to see what happensI had an inkling about the reveal at the end of the book but the rest has me stumpedJustin has uickly become a favourite character in the books I ve read recently Really enjoyed Suspense drama and romance all wrapped up into one This does have a cliff hanger to it however the ending wasn t a surprise for me ON SALE LIMITED TIME ONLY ESCAPE Part One A Three Part Romantic Suspense Series SOME SECRETS SHOULD NEVER BE SHARED When beautiful and mysterious Rowan Baker moves in upstairs from Shane Adams he is instantly captivated With every encounter he becomes intrigued but as an experienced Private. ,

His read was so good that I have bought the second book and have set aside the second book and have set aside next book I had lined up to read next I can t wait to see how this all Sticky Church plays out This is my honest opinion based in ARC PI Shane Adams was a gorgeous 32 year old single guy living in a uiet apartment complex when one day he saw this beautiful girl moving in he couldn t stop looking at her and fantazing about it While taking care of his niece and nephews while his sister and brother in law were on their second honeymoon the lasterson he tought he see there was his beautiful neighbor and he knew this was his chance to get to know herRowan Baker at 31 she was tired of being on the run for the last two years She knew she had to be careful and keep looking over her shoulder in order to be on the lookout for Jolly Rowan was really good at keeping her eyes open and her heart closed she couldn t afford to go thru a heart break one time especially now that she had Justin with herShane made it very clear to Rowan he wanted a relationship with her and he was there for her but he knew there was so many secrets she was keeping from him Rowan knew she couldn t be honest with Shane the only thing to do here was to run once againCan Rowan share her HUGE secret with Shane or will she run and never come back to him the only man that makes her feel safeIf you are a fan of romance and suspence well this series is for youI will recommend it to you FREE on today 7182020 Escape Part One is the first book in a three Forbidden Love Unchained part trilogy by author Sydney Holmes I loved the blend of romance and suspense Really keeps you guessing I also very much enjoyed the charactersShane is an experience PI he knows there is something going on with his new neighbor and it is not goodRowan is experienced at keepingeople at arm s length She has to be But turns out she needs Shane And he might the only guy who can save herThis one is really interesting and Witches of the Deep South page turning story Full of suspense and great chemistry The one draws back for me is the cliffhanger ending I am not a fan of those But I guess you have to read all threearts to get the full stor I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review I have to say that I really enjoyed this book And what a bombshell to be left with The way she detailed each character just left you wanting to know I could not Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) put the book downRowan is a 31 year old working a snack shack starting over From what I m not sure of yet She is smart witty sweet and very observant She liv. Investigator he can’t shake the suspicion that Rowan is holding on to some big secrets Rowan has been on the run for years and she’s good at keeping her distance fromeople But there’s something about Shane that’s completely tantalizing Soon her life becomes complicated than she
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Es in the same complex as Shane and they start seeing each Justin enters the icture And I M Not Sure I m sure to think Justin is also a lot like Rowan Nice kind guarded and seems to have a uniue set of skills He also meets Shane and they become friendswork artners of sorts Justin is just starting out in life and is very nonchalant about everything Shane however is very impressed with his skills and the information he is vaguely revealing about RowanShane is a PI and Rowan has captured his attention He is very taken with the beauty and wants to know all there is to know about her I like that he is sweet and hard at the same time He also can read her like no one else seems to be able to The way these two have build and get to know each other is very nice and hot I can t wait to see where the story leads and I am dying to know Highly recommend this book Wow this one really took me by surpriseRowan is a woman with a secret Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, past We know she s hiding from someone we know she knows how to use a gun and she can find the nearest escapeoint in any room she s in but for now she s working at a ool keeping her head down and out of troubleShane is a PI who lives in the same apartment complex as Rowan He s of troubleShane is a PI who lives in the same apartment complex as Rowan He s Rowan around and he s drawn to her even though he can see she is keeping something retty big from himThe set up in this was really edge of the seat engaging and the The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) plot is full of suspense andretty realistic drama Rowan s secrets are hinted at rather than revealed and I found myself guessing and trying to The Association of Small Bombs piece together what could ve happened to her This is really welllotted and I sense that this the first in the series only gives us Wilderness Survival Handbook part of that back story there s still lots to come What really kept me reading though was the chemistry between Rowan and Shane It was one of those books that gave me butterflies the interaction between the two of them is that good They are both mature adults so there s no TSTL behaviour going on just twoeople who are attracted to one another going for it and seeing where it takes them They hold out on the smut for uite a while and when that finally happens that s The White Mans Burden pretty stellar too Oh and Shane s got a dirty mouth That s me happyIf you enjoy something with love suspense and smut with low angst you ll love this This ends on a cliffhanger with the secondart already available and the final Visit the Sick part due out soon I can t wait to read I was gifted a copy by theublisher via netgalley in return for my honest opinion. Ver expected making her secrets harder and harder to keep The closer she gets to Shane the she fears that he won’t accept her if he learns the truth of her Carry Me Over the Threshold past When she is forced to let go of one of her secrets will Shane stay or will Rowanush him so far away he can’t make his way ba. .