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Claim The Crown eThing in this book I however had very few issues with this book As a reader I like to have some physical descriptions of the characters I am reading about A good visual can do wonders There were very few descriptions of the characters I only knew this book was IR because of the cover and the Judge in the book mentioning something about people of colour and different cultures At times I got a little frustrated with Stella s bitter attitude I would have liked to see Niel s point of view This book is majority of Stella sxperience with divorce her dating and moving on with her life I love books with the guys point of view I understood they were divorced and had very limited interactions but I would have liked to have "A Glimpse Into How He Went On With His Life "glimpse into how he went on with his life the nding I thought it tied up a little too nicely after all the drama the couple had been through I just felt like interaction between the two was needed because let s face it Stella had some serious issues and Niels needed to assert some authority Besides That I Thoroughly Enjoyed This I thoroughly njoyed this and would recommend it Like I always mention don t judge this book based on this one review judge for yourself Oh Billy sigh Billy Billy Billyyou are uickly becoming one of my new fav authorsI loved this book clearly since I gave it 5 full on stars It was such a good can t put it down need to finish it sleep be damned if I can hold up my head up at work tomorrow kinda read It was real The book started with an unexpected divorce and the In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, earth shattering devastation that follows after such a decision The characters were relatable sexy and intriguing and did I say sexy I m talking about you Mr Strom Lawdamercy There was a bunch of time jumping in the book that usually turns me off but worked here If I had to offer critical feedback of the book I would say that while I felt the sex story of the couple and their divorce story I did not feel their initial love story In the book we get glimpses of how they met how they first indulged inach other pre marriage but then it s all after marriage How did they fall in love the first time Why did Niels love Stella That was the only piece missing for me I love Billy s cheeky dialogue and her strong women It s a constant in the books I ve read of hers that I find Bark endearing and look forward to I think I m at the point that I m just going to go ahead and get all her full catalog I lovedverything about Billy London s Coming Around Again I njoyed how the book was set up in time frames supported by the flash backs to specific points in Niels and Stella s marriage The twins were the cutest and how the author portrayed how they handled the divorce was right on target There is nothing funny about divorce and it is ven less funny when children are involved Ms London volved the characters through the funny about divorce and it is ven less funny when children are involved Ms London volved the characters through the of their divorce with class Well written Ms London well written As much as I love marriage in trouble plots and second chances books this one could not convince me to read on dnf at 39% I couldn t sympathize with Stella s character Stella had some serious issues She was annoying I got a little frustrated with her bitter attitude too hystericalAlso I would have liked to see Niel s point of view Book is based on Stella s point of viewThe book also failed for me as there were no interaction between the two when it was needed They didn t talk about the divorce problems at all When he was trying she was just about to beat him in the face and run screaming not listening at all He wanted to talk Note This review is written by a non native speaker so there may be mistakes Forgive me in advanc. Her will Niels Certainly not if she calls him Invites him to her home Sleeps with himStella tells herself it's a nostalgic habit she needs to break Niels tells her it's just how they are and always will be Maybe the divorce was xactly what they needed to truly be marrie. Checking InI am a big fan of this author She gave her readers a uick glimpse of these characters in February I was interested to see what got Stella and Niels together and what could have possibility torn them apart Ms London did not disappoint I loved this book It was an anatomy of a marriage How can two people that love ach other be in two different places in their marriage and not know itIts called doing life The flashback of how they met is well placed in the book so that you don t get confused with the timelines These characters are flawed and have a lot of insecurities These insecurities help them be successful in some areas of their lives but have caused havoc in this marriage You get to see how they work through in this marriage You get to see how they work through and fight for anther they work through and fight for anther at this marriage Relationships are messysometimes some are worth fight for Some are worth leaving on the side of the curb This was a great story Characters well developed and full of depth You gain insight into the marriage between Stella and Niels As usually Billy makes you laugh and grow an attachment to the characters EmotionalIn typical Billy London fashion the dialogue is off the chain What truly surprised me though was the sensitivity and raw motions from both characters Divorce is not pretty and many people are affected by it Ms London portrayed the reactions very wellThis book actually hit too close to home it made me face some hard truths about my personality which is a lot like Stella s This is truly the sign of a great author and that s the reason I buy whatever Billy London writes Second ChancesNiles and Stella had the perfect marriage beautiful home wonderful children and great careers So why did he come home asking for a divorce This Man, Son of Man explores how a couple can knowach other without knowing Alter Ego each other Injoyed their journey as they learned about themselves individually and as a couple Don t pass this up I loved this bookThere s nothing bad I can say about this book It had verything and it was a true love story Billy please keep up the great work cause I m a true fan for life Wow How much did I love this story Enough to lose sleep to finish it and then sit right down to write this reviewBilly London "has taken issues that can be found in far too many marriages and written a heartbreaking book "taken issues that can be found in far too many marriages and written a heartbreaking book with anger insults blame placing betrayals unspoken words loyalty commitmentand love and wrapped them in a gift with a big ribbon of sarcasm humor and wit It is a gift that keeps on givingNiels Strom feels like his wife Stella merely ndures him He feels unloved unneeded and unnecessary She is Superwoman doing it all wife mother business owner not taking his help when he is around and cursing him when he isn t around after nearly ten years of marriage Niels files for divorceI really really liked Niels Even though he wasn t as honest and forthcoming as I first believed I understood why he wasn t And Stella I didn t like her for most of the book LOL You have to read the book to understand but she was her own worst Uncommon Wisdom enemy Naturally she felt betrayed by Niels and felt his reuest for a divorce came out of the blue This from the woman who after seeing her own mother fumble through three marriages felt she had to rely on only herself and neverxpect much from men this from a woman who used sex as a bargaining chip this from a woman who didn t Unseen City even take her husband s name after they marriednotven hyphenated C mon I think she did have some idea of where he was coming from but anger pride and GUILT made her lash out to hurt him The simple conversation that could have saved them was avoided by them bothTheir family. I can't Art exist in a marriage where youndure meAnd with those haunting words Stella's marriage to Niels comes to a terrible heartbreaking God Is in the Crowd end She thought she'd doneverything possible to keep her life together and to the outside world her marriage was nothing less than. ,
And friends were all likeable Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enough but you could feel a distance between them all There was never a real sense of familial closeness which could alsoxplain Niels and Stella inability to communicate with The Matriarchs (The Family each other But I had a new respect for Niels mother Alwine after she and Stella finally had the talk Judith Stella s mother seems nicenough but stiffand concerned about what other people think and appearances Daniel and William the twins are simply adorable and it would seem the best of both Stella and Niels They are children dealing with the breakup of their family but they re also two sharp little con men who know how to work a situation The wedding scene is hilariousRevelations are Notes for the Everlost eventually made that areye openingand heartbreaking My heart went out to both Niels and Stella I understood him much better and I liked Stella When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) even though I still place blame on her actions and attitude buther show of support for Niels near thend redeems herWhile the Stroms are an interracial couple other than one or two remarksthoughts by Stella it isn t mentioned It isn t an issue It isn t a distraction I love that Kudos to the authorThis is an No Biggy! enjoyable book that I m sure I ll read again I highly recommend it The story starts off with an introduction to the couple Niels Stella who have been married for 9 years and have two twin boys William Daniel They go through a series of changes as most couples do and often times it s just a lack of communication but at thend of the day Crush It! everyone has a breaking point Something has changed in Niels and Stella s relationship the spark is gone and Niels feels like his wifendures him He travels a lot for his job and is gone for long periods of times Stella who is used to being self sufficient and self reliant does what she always does and has basically learned to do which is do Attracting Birds to Your Backyard everything for herself Feelingmasculated and no longer willing to participate in this one sided marriage Niels files for divorce might I add after a very sexual tryst Stella is breaking fast in her mind she is the perfect wife she cooks cleans makes sure the kids are taken care of and has her own business The problem is where does that leave Niels At this point although they very much so love ach other the "Pain Is Very Deep And What Do "is very deep and what do do when they

hurt they hurt others Stella basically went to war she is not willing to give anything up not ven the kids Niels don t get me wrong has some issues of his own He is very much so the dominant Bird-by-Bird Gardening especially in the bedroom The thing is Stella is very stubborn and won t listen to anyone notven her solicitor who happens to be a good friend I love the foreshadowing used in this book For instance Niels mother gave Stella some marital advice about nothing being wrong in letting a man feel like a man Basically dependence sometimes doesn t take away from your independence It takes Stella awhile to grasp that concept and in the The Works of Saint Augustine end I m not so sure she fully understands Like most people we learn from our parents relationships good or bad I understand Stella runningverything by herself and her husband feeling not needed but in the 9 years when was he going to get a backbone and step up Like I said Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone everyone has a breaking point and Niels chose to use actions instead of words As to not give anything away the story chronologies over the span of two years after the divorce and what the couple goes through on a day to day bases You get to see how divorcees date manage their kids and just live It s not all heavy andmotional there are some very rotic and laugh out loud moments in this book Billy doesn t sugar coat any. Perfection Not according to NielsAs she struggles with the fall out of the divorce Stella truly understands just how much she underestimated the strength and depth of feeling for her husband And that they may never go away However much she wants them to And it seems neit. Coming Around Again