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D and she knew that he was good at t He would be good at anything he did I d love to see t what you re working on I m sure be good at anything he did I d love to see t what you re working on I m sure would help me with my own work We ll have to work that out and then you can tell me all about your research His eyes snaked over her teasing her flesh Was her skin as silky as Antitype (Archetype, it looked encasedn that body hugging royal blue His jaw clenched And those legs wrapped around his back She brought her glass to her lips What got you Conscience involvedn restoration Long story For the first time his steady gaze wavered He shifted his body weight What about you What kind of doctor are you Anthropologist His right brow flicked n admiration Beauty and brains Her black lashes lowered over her lids How long s your story Maybe I ll tell you about The Seventh Day it over dinner Her brown eyes settled on his face Are you asking me out Mr Lawson All my friends call me Connor And yesn answer to your uestion I m asking you to join me for drinks and dinner The Lawson s are use to getting what thy want when they want t first cousin Conner Lawson s no different Joys The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me in life for Conner are his hobby and being the best of the best on his job as a Restoration Specialist Life never goes as planned he find himself having to work with Olivia whose lifes surrounded by secrets and mystery The character Ramesses in this story had feelings that with depth and reached deepnto the heart I was The Irish Warrior in awe of the way Conner lifted Olivia up when she was at her lowest point I love series the Lawson s are one of my favorites I did not want to put the book down Another great novel by Donna Hill Olivia and Lawson an unexpected couple finding themselves while finding each other Another enjoyable visit to Sag Harbor What made this story stand out from the othersn the series for me Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, is that the project that Connor and Olivia were working on was asntriguing as the love story between them The level of detail that was provided about the village both past and present was so great that I had to stop and Google to see The Betrayal (The Siege if Sag Harbor really exists It does I had forgotten that I watched a special aboutt on OWN And now I really want to visit LOLGood story The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur interesting characters even crazy Adrienne and Victor and a beautiful historical locale all combine for a very good read Checkt out Donna Hill brought the truth Mers is this tale of love Couldn t putt down What happens when you have been looking for your family all your life and love walks A Heros Welcome in the door That Lawson family meets the Dayton Gray clan Smoking combination This was so good Not knowing your familys deve Finding Love At Last Connor has been hurt Finding Normal in a previous relationship Olivia grew upn foster care and doesn t feel that she can move forward without really knowing who she Die Germanen is Their careers force them to work together they end up dating This was a sweet romance Anytime a book can make me emotionalt s a good book Thank you Donna Hill. Ia moves to town She's gorgeous talented and determined to avoid commitment That makes their wild attraction just perfectuntil The Broken Sword it's not nearly enough One soul baring revelation at a time she's restoring his beliefn love but can he convince her he's offering the kind that lasts forev. .
My Love at Last Sag Harbor Village #5

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Love These StoriesIt was great being back n Sag Harbor Village again via Donna Hill I love her stories that spring from the Lawson family This time we are treated to Connor Lawson s love connection to Dr Olivia Gray It s Charles Dickens ironic that their vocations of working with the past leads them to a bright future together Thank you Donna Hill for another entertaining and heartfelt story I highly recommendt MY LOVE AT LASTI LOVE MS HILL S SAG HARBOR SERIES EVERY BOOK HAS ITS OWN UNIUE STYLE TO DESCRIBE A PLACE THAT SOUNDS SO BEAUTIFUL CONNOR AND OLIVIA STORY WAS AWESOME The attraction and chemistry are beautifully written and will make readers practically feel the electricity between the two characters RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Sag Harbor Village Tall dark sleek Connor Lawson stood framed Christianity at the Crossroads in the doorway That was how she saw him for the first time cladn all black that only served to emphasize the sensual ntensity that wafted around him like musical notes She watched hypnotized by the way his long fingers wrapped around the glass that he lifted to his
Mouth She Swallowed And 
She swallowed and taste the warm amber liuid as t slid down his throat Sensing his prey he turned his head slowly Cravings in her direction She should have looked away but she didn t move His dark deep set eyes sucked hernto a vortex of heat that raised the hair on the back of her neck His mouth that full lush mouth flickered ever so slightly His eyes settled over the rim of his glass and he tipped The Wedding Date it subtlyn her so slightly His eyes settled over the rim of his glass and he tipped Swan Song it subtlyn her Her nipples puckered against the fabric of her bra She shifted her body but she couldn t tear her gaze away A woman crossed her line of vision and played up to him touching his arm with familiarity laughing and smiling She linked her arm through his and they walked out to the back lawn where the party was Learn Better in full swing Olivia Gray suckedn air catching the breath that had escaped her She felt warm all over and her throat was as dry as Harbor Me if she d slept with her mouth open She plucked a glass of champagne off the tray of a passing waiter and took a much needed swallow Having a good time Olivia blinked turned toward the voice of her hostess Yes Melanie thanks fornviting me Melanie Harte owner of The Platinum Society an elite matchmaking service was legendary El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, in Sag Harbor for her amazing parties This one was no exception I maket a point that all the newcomers to the Harbor feel welcome and get to know each other Her gaze followed the direction of Olivia s His name Processing Pain in Play is Connor Lawson she said uietly with a gleam of knowingn her light eyes Olivia flushed Who Melanie s laughter tinkled like fine crystal I m very good at what I do Olivia and I know a connection when I see one The electricity between the two of you lit up the room She stepped closer and turned to face Olivia I think that an Master Math introductions The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever in order You both have a lotn common She lifted her chin toward the bac. The right one Patton on Leadership is always worth waiting for Dr Olivia Gray's passion for historys sparked by the mystery surrounding her own birth parents A research project La Impostura Perversa in Sag Harbor promises to be her mostntriguing assignment yet especially when she meets Connor Lawson Shared nterests and ,
K door Lydia won t hold his attention long She s not his type How do you know all this Melanie sipped her champagne Do you want to meet him or not Olivia s lips parted All right They crossed the expanse of the living room with Melanie stopping every few feet to say a word or make ntroductions among her guests Melanie stepped outside scanned the gathering on the lawn The well dressed guests lounged at the tables dotting the manicured grass or chatted n tight conversation groups Over there Melanie said She walked n the direction of Connor who was leaning against She walked Once More With Feeling in the direction of Connor who was leaning against willow tree listening to Lydia Olivia followed close casually looking about and casting a smile here and there to keep her mind off of the next few steps that would land her rightn front of Conner Lawson Connor Melanie slid up to him and possessively draped her arm around his waist I see Lydia Orange World and Other Stories is monopolizing all of your time She flashed a false smile at Lydia while she smoothly angled herself between the two of them How are you enjoying yourself Lydia Wonderful as always I do want to talk with you about a few things Lydia s finely arched brows rosen uestion Oh Excuse my manners Connor Lawson this s Dr Olivia Gray She s here from New York on a research project And you re working on the restoration of the homestead right I am He turned the full wattage of his maleness on Olivia Her breath hitched The air around them crackled What are you researching He pulled her nto the bottomlessness of his voice The The air around them crackled What are you researching He pulled her nto the bottomlessness of his voice The of the African American families of Sag Harbor Her own sketchy beginnings may be buried here but no one needed to know that Moonlight pinged the dark orbs of his eyes Perhaps we can compare notes I think that s a great plan Why don t you two work out those details while Lydia and I talk about that thing She hooked her arm through Lydia s and ushered her away before she could form the words of protest Connor rolled his gaze toward Olivia and she turned the energy right back on him The corner of his mouth uirked nto a grin You have a New York vibe And what kind of vibe would that be He took a swallow of his drink Sophisticated Savvy Sexy The bud between her legs twitched Linnys Sweet Dream List in response Do you say that to all the girls from New York Only the special ones Olivia raked her bottom lip with her teeth Connor studied the erotic move and wonderedf she was Envy (Empty Coffin, intentionally trying to turn him on It wouldn t take much He d felt the rise for her thenstant he spotted her across the room Melanie said you re doing restoration work The Homestead she said shifting the tone and direction of the conversation He slid his free hand Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated in his pocket to keep from touching her One of the original string of cabins Challenging work There s a lot of history buried out there Everydays a treasure hunt Olivia felt his energy and his passion from the pitch of his voice and the spark Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, in his eyes He loved what he di. Asy banter give way to searing unforgettable nights Yet until she uncovers her past she can't consider anything other than temporary bliss The sting of his ex fiancée's betrayal has left thentense charismatic restoration specialist resistant to every matchmaking attempt until Oliv.
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