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Off and hunt for Hailstorm by himself And then he still humbles himself to listen to reason from ibli or puts himself out to help them because it s the right thing to do and gets all flustered whenever anyone tries to thank him for it I also like the additional details about the history of the various tribes mostly the NightWingIceWing rivalry in this one which helps flesh out the past a bit And in the other direction it s eually interesting to see how the hard won peace is working out for everyone The conclusion to The Brightest Night was in some ways a happily ever after ending but these books help to underscore that it really is than just winning a battle or a throne to end a war All in all it s almost a shame i read this so close to shame I read this so close to because now I have to wait for the next one And that will be rather annoying because there were some really juicy teases at the very end leading into the next book I rate this book Highly RecommendedSee my reviews and at Such a great collection of books I loved Winter and the way he grew throughout the book I definitely think IceWings are the Slytherins of dragons They re faithful to only their families and tribe and they are hardcore and always ready for battle and trained well etc I love how much Winter loves Moon It s so adorable and the way Sutherland describes his feelings is amazing I would recommend this book to everyone even though I don t know if anyone my age would love this as much as I do WHAT HAPPENS NOW I GOT THIS BOOK YESTERDAY AND I AM ALREADY DONE THIS CANNOT BE THE ENDING TO THIS BOOK I WANT MORE WHEN DOES THE NEXT BOOK COME OUT checks internetJANUARY 5 2016 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONGGGG 4 starsWe learn about Winter I love him His upbringing explains his personality This is ONE OF THE BOOKS OF THE SERIES THAT I of the books of the series that I to reread Winter Turning is from the point of view of Winter the brother of Icicle and Hailstorm He was a student at Jade Mountain Academy and is an Icewing It is scheduled to come out around June Can t wait already read Moon Rising I M IN LOOOOOVE Prince Winter is my fave dragon of evah XD AAAAAAGHHHHHHH Oh sorry coughs Sorry this book was SO GOOD I kind of HAD to start screaming incoherently in our faces I m so glad I finally read Winter s story This time I read it before my sister smug smile Winter Turning is undoubtedly my favorite book in the entire Wings of Fire series which is saying a lot because I ve never been able to choose a favorite They re literally all that good But I ve never been able to choose a favorite dragonet either and it s kind of obvious by now that Winter is by far my favorite His memories about his life in the Ice Kingdom were so honest and real and raw showing us how they changed him into the dragon he is today his character arc dragon he is today His character arc done soooooo wellllll His friendship with ibli was so true and brotherly and then there was Kinkajou whom he learned to respect and then there was Moon Ahhh well view spoiler I know how this love triangle ends so it was very very painful for me to read Winter and his thoughts about Moon because erghh my heart hide spoiler. Blems When their search leads the dragonets straight into ueen Scarlet’s vicious talons Winter is grateful to have some help But even the bravest dragons can’t follow him to the Ice Kingdom where he’ll have to face the greatest threat of all his own famil.

Htwings in book 5 And it was great getting to know these new dragonets better Although I still can t figure out why they are suddenly so loyal to each other after knowing each other for like 5 days The story itself was well crafted and fun with hints of oh my god this shit is kinda dark why is it for kids Thrown in Like All The Other all the other of fire books But sadly I didn t find winter turning UITE as enjoyable as pervious books again sadly I had to give it only 3 stars instead of a super excited 5 or 4 Mostly do to Winter himself It was painful being stuck in his head so sad because I usually love the tortured soul angry sad type heroes I found him annoying and whiney and mean Why did moon spend so much time telling how good great he is All I saw was a super whiny little bitch A hateful little bitch I get that he spent his whole life being told to basically hate all other tribes having unpleasable parents but come on It was a bit over the top And then the over the top ness of it was undermined by how uickly he got over it allAlthough I did feel how much he missed and loved Hailstorm so that was good He just wasn t a very likable character I know that they don t always have to be but I was so looking forward to this book and this character I felt so let down It wasn t a bad book really It just wasn t as great as it could have been I felt Winter could have been a great character But really he was just obnoxious At least I only had to deal with one book in his point of view The series is still one of my favorites so I look forward to reading and reviewing the next book escaping peril Recommended to fans of dragons the rest of the series and next book escaping peril Recommended to fans of dragons the rest of the series and of epic fantasy Winter is proud to be an IceWing though his family is constantly disappointed in how he s not as good as his sister Icicle or his brother Hailstorm It gets even worse when Hailstorm is captured also Winter s fault Now that Winter knows Hailstorm is still alive and that there might be a chance to rescue him he ll stop at nothing to get his brother back If only he didn t have to put up with the other dragons of his winglet who insist on calling him friend I m continually impressed at how well Tui T Sutherland draws her characters This second set of dragonets is markedly different from the original five but if anything I think I like them This particular volume is told from Winter s point of view Winter is complex on the one hand he s cold and stuck up but seeing things from his point of view really highlights his insecurities and how he s starting to like the others And how much he hates liking the others because that s not a proper IceWing thing to feel And how he feels like a failure as an IceWing anyway but he s going to try his best to be a good oneI love what develops between Winter and Hailstorm particularly with how the end mirrors the beginning in some surprising ways And what happened to poor Hailstorm ouch The humor is as usual spot on Winter makes a particularly funny lead because he s so earnest in his insistence that these are NOT his friends and he does NOT like non IceWings and why won t they just let him go. Cond chance to make things right if only he can find her Winter’s new clawmates Moon ibli and Kinkajou won’t let him make this dangerous journey alone They don’t seem to understand that IceWings the most superior of all dragon tribes can fix their own pro. 35 Stars Probably my least favorite in the series so far You follow Winter who is an Ice Dragon as he s dealing with issues brought up in the 6th book of the series I s dealing with issues brought up in the 6th book of the series I him to be an annoying perspective to read from He can t like her but he does and does she feel the same is basically asked all the time throughout the whole book Not my thing That said there were some pretty cool bends minor twists that I was surprised by happily I really enjoyed the last 100ish pages and I can
t wait to 
wait to the next book when we get out of Winter s frustrating mind The book is out Thank With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you Sutherland now I can read without worrying on when it is coming out Anyways this book features Winter and Moon the main protagonists Then there is ibli Turtle and Kinkajou who are just a bundle of hilarious sidekicks that make the story not torturously boring Anyways it starts out as Winter an Icewing with a brother named Hailstorm and a fierce sister named Icicle Winter and Hailstorm gets assaulted one day by the former wicked ueen of Skywings Scarlet Hailstorm sacrificed himself resulting in a search for Winter s brother later on That s where Moon and her sidekicks come in She insists that she should help out but he refused Eventually they evened out and went together Along the way there were some few obstacles and dragon fights Icicle his sister was on a uest to find Hailstorm too but she had another way of doing it Scarlet had made a deal with her Kill ueen Glory to avenge me andour brother will be released If ou re wondering who Glory is she is ueen of the Rainwings When Scarlet was ueen of Skywings she held Glory as her prisoner Since Rainwings can spill and spit out acid she spit on the ueen s face which now is scarred The Skywings now think she is dead since she disappeared ever since so now they have a new ueen Ruby Make sense Anyways Icicle is hunting for Glory and since the sidekicks and the two protagonists are Glory s allies they have to find Hailstorm before Winter s sister does Eventually they find Hailstorm The problem is solved but then there is another one During his absence he was lowered to the lowest circlerank And he is the family of a royal bloodline He has no choice but to slowly rank up with tons of grueling work I feel like that is a bit unfair and all that trouble was for nothing To sum it up I would give this story four stars It did have some mistakes but not every book is perfect I recommend this series to everyone Good luck on reading it I hope ou have as much as a good experience I hadSorry if I have spelling or grammar mistakes I m not the best at those two subjects Not The best of the series But still uite good The writing is wonderful The world Sutherland has created is vibrant and complex and oh so amazing well thought out for a middle grade series Or frankly for ANY epic fantasy series I loved finally getting to see the icewing culture even though it was terribly depressing must be so hard on all those poor Icewing dragonets Winter s parents are shit I m loving how far the darkstalker legend has come has been expanded for the ghost stories of the terrified nig. Daring mission or deadly mistakeWinter has been a disappointment to his royal IceWing family his whole life When his sister Icicle runs away from Jade Mountain Academy fleeing terrible crimes and possibly planning to commit Winter knows that they both need a se.

Characters Winter Turning Wings of Fire #7

Winter Turning Wings of Fire #7