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There might be many a books on life of Sai baba and many about his teachings But this book is not either or both This is like a dialogue between Sai and Rabda where Sai is at his casual best and Rabda too is not a star struck devotee but a curious carefree and yet devoted and faithful companion The life story moves in a linear format with certain events mentioned randomly in the conversations Sai talks about his life first as a novice on the path to meet the One and later as a uide to others walking the same path and in between we et to read of all that we have been taught and told in different ways but perhaps have forgotten the reasons and implicationsAnd yet the flow of the book was interrupted at times many times by the repetition of certain phrases that Sai uses for Rabda Certain swear words do not work for me at all specially not my God saying those Are we not supposed to have a clean language too

some concepts of the spiritual and journey are beyond my complete rasp I am lad that the writer at times presented the same ideas in different ways and summarized them in the end so I have some half cooked idea of my own but I will still have to read those chapters again perhaps when I am mature enoughThe scenes of Sai have to read those chapters again perhaps when I am mature enoughThe scenes of Sai earth and trying to help every and anyone he could in those last breath too was touching The way he spent all his life in making people love God and seek him for the same and still humans kept oing to him for selfish purposes made me feel so Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, guilty As I finished the book I felt tears in my own eyes and that for me was my love for God the super po. Sai Baba in every breath Rabda has attempted suicide and chances are that he isoing to die Sai Baba of Shirdi enters the hospital room and awakens the spirit body of Rabda The two Master an. Rabda AUTHOR Ruzbeh N. BharuchaEly a lot of philosophy spirituality and some common sense in it While the writing is pretty much to the point such that a reader is sense in it While the writing is pretty much to the point such that a reader is bogged down by the vocabulary especially considering it is a spiritual read the use of abusive words that are found in Baba #s speech is something that definitely leaves a bad taste in the reader It is true that Baba #speech is something that definitely leaves a bad taste in the reader It is true that Baba a man who had a colourful vocabulary and used words at his will especially iven his temper However the same set of words and same provocations and reactions from Rabda were done to death after a while For me the read was mostly material that I Think I Would Listen To In A I would listen to in a And the fact that the author Ruzbeh is able to put in a book is impressive I am sure people who are into spiritual reads will enjoy this book A ood read on Spirituality written in fiction style and Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place gives basic truths in very practical and sensible way The book opens with Caiz a sufi rockstar who is in coma due to overdose of sleeping pills mixed with Vodka His friend his philosopheruideSai baba takes Caiz s ether self to His cave and hence the spiritual journey of Caiz beginsIts insightful to see a steady spiritual commentary and flow of dialogues between Caiz and his Beloved Baba Sai The timeline flows seamlessly between the ether present and Sai Baba s life In spite of the lucid language the writer Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss gets across the message of spirituality how to live morals in the current society relationship between Guru and disciple There is not a single moment in which the readerets bored with Yet another book from Ruzbeh Baruchavery interesting Loved it. Of Sai Baba of Shirdi are revealed often in His own words and uestions pertaining to Him and spirituality answered A powerful spiritual read Rabda is a journey you really do not want to miss. ,

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Wer I feel in the very FABRIC OF LIFE AROUND ME IN life around me I liked the book and would recommend this to all God loving folks As for the non believers I had a talk with a few close friends and I realized that even they believe in the Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, goodness of humans and loving the creations on Earth Just that they focus on living in the moment and have problems with next birth or the spirit life Well they can still like the book for the teachings of Oneness of God no religion Beingood passing kindness Living comfortable yet not with too much wastage and never refusing anyone for help you can Always You give easily It is not often that Io into an experimental phase with respect to reading though I d like to count a lot of the Reads That I Have Done This Year As Experiments To that I have done this year as experiments to how my taste has evolved When I Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, got a chance to review Rabda My Sai My Sigh by Ruzbeh N Bharuch I was not too sure if this bookiven the spiritual read it was described to be would be my cup of tea I carefully navigated through the first few pages and had multiple false starts before I sat and completed the book in almost one Lucy Carmichael go While I am not too sure if I willo back to this type of reading I must say that reading this was an experience in itselfThe premise of the book is a very simple one where a patient Rabda who is very very close to death Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti gets to interact with Baba Sai Baba Sai looking at this devotee of his from a previous lifetime begins to talk about his life from the time heot to Shirdi how he treated his devotees what he thinks of life and This interaction or less turns out to be a discourse of sorts and there is definit. D musician begin to converse about life death and everything in betweenSet in the present Rabda takes the reader to the past to when the Sai lived in His physical body The life and philosophy.

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