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Finding Lauren kBefore but their parents have history with her Ain t only sins of the father that come to visit in these parts friend The sins of the mother will get you just the same Theids end up running for their lives after being cursed by Alvaretta Upon their return to Crow Hollow their curses have come true and it sets off a panic in town return to Crow Hollow their curses have come true and it sets off a panic in town starts to simmer under the towns peoples lives to a boiling point where you The Marriage Clock know that people are going to end up deadIs there a demon helping out Alvaretta Is this just the result of mass hysteria Those uestionsept me turning these pagesBut thenThis book is so very good in parts and deliciously creepy it does tend to drag in so many places I think if the books many pages were cut in two it would make a better story There was just too much telling that went into the story Some places have a feel to them like there s a heaviness to the air You can t see it with your eyes but you now it in your gut and what your gut says is those places are not made for humans at all but for things best left alone Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review Free audio this week SYNC 35 rounded down A great witch story especially if Free audio this week SYNC 35 rounded down A great witch story especially if read in during October and like your spooky tales with a lot of blood and human angst Writing style Great old folksy sit down stranger take a load off narrative Scene Small town with not much going for it Characters Ah Way too manyas in the Entire Town With All The with all the stories included Even during the Big Climax I didn t remember half of who was who Pace A little on the slow side mostly because see above all the back stories Frankly I like my hollows named Skunk not Crow Review THE CURSE OF CROW HOLLOW by Billy CoffeyAuthor Billy Coffey possesses a multidimensional talent for eliciting a variety of genres faith mystery horror history marital literary familial occult and so much He also continuously demonstrates an in depth comprehension of Appalachian mountain culture and its people I am determined to read everything he publishes THE CURSE OF CROW HOLLOW is an unforgettable magnificently conceptualized tale of a tiny community in Appalachia and its microcosm of the wider universal human condition I read this nearly 400 page novel in a single afternoon and evening and at the end I counted myself astounded at the author s reach a vastness at which he constantly succeedsRelease August 4 2015. Ople of Crow Hollow are left to confront not only the darkness that lives on the mountain but the darkness that lives within themselves“Coffey spins a wicked tale The Curse of Crow Hollow blends folklore superstition and subconscious dread in the vein of Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’” Kirkus Revie. 35 375 starsFirst off I want TO SAY THAT I REALLY LIKED say that I really liked premise of a stranger accidentally finding himself in this small town and being told the Read my full review here This is a combined review of The Night Sister and The Curse of Crow HollowI loved both of these novels They were each so creepy and put me in the mood for the upcoming fall season I was surprised that they weren t releasing in October because they seem like they would be perfect for readers looking for a spooky seasonal read I will admit that I thought oh this isn t that scary with The Night Sister until the last 100 pages then I had the heeby jeebies and could not turn the pages fast enough The Curse of Crow Hollow had me worried for a bit that it would turn out like The Returned or Under the Dome which were both huge let downs for me I was also concerned that it would take a severe religious bend due to the Christian publisher I was wrong on both counts It was like nothing I ve ever read and wait until you get a load of the narrator So if you are looking for some spine tingly skin crawly reads this fall check out both of these releases I love to be told a story and that s exactly how this book feels Told by a narrator that speaks in an old southern voice I had thought when starting the book that I would get irritated by it It ended up being oddly addictive and it fit this book perfectly The voice used is telling the story about what happened to an outsider You will want to pull up a chair and listen it to it Set in Crow Hollow A Small Hollow a small in the Appalachian mountains the story starts with a group of teenagers going somewhere that is not allowed because it s one of the girls birthday and she wants a special night to impress a boy I d like to tell you about Scarlett Bickford s eighteenth birthday how her and her friends somehow managed to salvage things and have the night they d all wanted But I can t do that friend because that s not how it went They ended up with teenage drama causing them to have a bad night where a diamond bracelet stolen from a parent gets lost in the night Waking up the next morning they now they have to get that bracelet back They find burned tracks that are bigger than any footprints that they have seen before and follow them They end up at Alvaretta Graves s small cabin The local witch Alvaretta is not someone these ids have met up with. Rs whisper she’s insane Everyone agrees the vengeance Alvaretta swore at her husband’s death hovers over them all That vengeance awakens when teenagers stumble upon Alvaretta’s cabin incurring her curse Now a sickness moves through the Hollow Rumors swirl that Stu Graves has risen for revenge And the pe. ,

The Curse of Crow Hollow

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