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a young lady 
young lady is hired at A Travel Agency And travel agency and access to her supervisor s company credit cards and uses them to her benefit It shows how a person can eally get caught up with money It was okay At age 25 Anita Bell aka Trudy has suffered enough loss and loneliness that could fill three lifetimes Her White mother a flight attendant was tragically taken from her in the much publicized airline terrorist attack over Lockerbie Scotland in 1988 and her older brother was killed in a car accident two years later Largely abandoned by her mother s family because they disapproved of their daughter s choice of a black man for a husband Trudy and her father were left on their own to grieve and support each other Considered a plain Jane Trudy has since lived a sheltered conservative life in south bay california sheltered conservative life in South Bay California in the family business when in between jobs She is engaged to James Long a hen pecked chauvinistic mama s boy who she has dated exclusively for the past ten years When her father s store is obbed and Trudy is sexually assaulted during the burglary she is determined to find and keep a job that will allow her to escape the ever increasing crime filled neighborhood She lands a secretarial position at Bon Voyage Travel Agen. At 28 years old Trudy Bell has never been outside her home never worked anywhere except the family

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Ver things uickly spiral out of control Monroe s latest offering is entertaining enough albeit a tad predictable As with her previous novels the characters are wonderfully imagined everyday people with vibrant personalities She aptly taps into the modern problem of identity theft and hypothesizes how an innocent like Trudy could easily succumb to the temptation and how simple it is to accomplish in the InformationDigital Age Monroe weaves a fairly believable tale via Trudy and leaves the eader with two adages to ponder Be careful for what you wish you may just get it and Nothing is free everything costs Loved loved loved it Mary Monroe is one of free everything costs Loved loved loved it Mary Monroe is one of favorite authors I have ead over half of all of her books *and will continue eading until I ve conuered them all *will continue eading until I ve conuered them all This storylines not consistent and unrealistic I keep wanting to find out how Tracy would get caught with the credit cards From the way she kelp using them it was only a matter of time the law would come knocking at her door I felt compelled to finish this book and desperately wanted to like it but the plot dragged on longer than necessary Several aspects of the novel were disjointed as some details weren t as well explored as others I was sorely disappointed with the predictable outcom. Ture of cooking cleaning and unsatisfying sex Trudy decides to make some changes while she still can. In Sheep's ClothingCy where she meets a group of eccentric travel epresentatives and a couple of busybody administrative assistants Ann Oliver a headstrong no group of eccentric travel epresentatives and a couple of busybody administrative assistants Ann Oliver a headstrong no office manager is the most enigmatic of the group She outinely praises and demeans Trudy so much so that Trudy cannot determine if she is friend or foe causing her to struggle with feelings of admiration and loathing toward Ann In an act of etribution Trudy justifies small charges on Ann s corporate account as compensation for ill treatment Initially Trudy has no worries of
getting caught despite 
caught despite best friend s warnings Knowing her job entails paying the corporate accounts coupled with a Striking Physical Resemblance To Ann There Is physical esemblance to Ann there is one to challenge her spending However exposure to beautiful people who travel to exotic places with marvelous jobs and wonderful love lives sprouts a bout of depression and second thoughts concerning her passionless The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party relationship with James listless life and modest appearance She taps into aesurrecting cure from childhood to energize herself elaborate shopping sprees and makeovers funded on Ann s credit So begins the lies to cover the expensive dinners parties trips couture clothing etc She becomes addicted to the lifestyle and when she finally admits to being the Ann Oli. Tore and never been with anyone other than James Young her boyfriend for the past decade Facing a fu. .

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