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Frozen Man A Redfeather BookI like this book because it support every idea and detailed that is written in it Not enough information on the science of the ice man along with too many sidebars which is written in it Not enough information on the science of the ice man along with too many sidebars which from the main topic made it hard for me to stay interested Mythology has no Craft Notes for Animators place in a science book The book i read was frozen man this book is about 2 adults find a skeleton in the alp mountains that died over 5000 years ago This book starts off with the two adults that were coming back from their hiking trip in the alp mountains but the come across something in theond when they get closer they then find out it was a human skeleton coming out of the Perception and the External World pond lying on its stomach They immediately call for someeople to come and take a look at it When Popular Representations of Development people come they get the body out of the ice andond and archaeologists examine the body and look over to find that the body was in Sister for Sale perfect condition with no cracks bends or broken bones They try to come up with theories about the body how it stayed inerfect condition After they examined the body they find many facts and many theories about what the man looked like and other things like when they think he died ad how he died and what his job was if he even had a job The archaeologists were also able to dig up all of the humans tools and stuff he brought on his journey the archaeologists were then able to answer many uestions about the human and many uestions how like how those The Blue Door (Threshold people live 5000 years ago and what it was likeI would give this book a four and one half because i really liked and enjoyed this book it was very fascinating about how they found a body from 5000 years ago I thought this book was a way to learn about the times back then but also learn in a fun way I also like how they described all the tools and how they found the body with details to theoint where i could imagine it in my head They even added maps and ictures to show what he looked like and where everything was found I would recommend this book to anyone who likes learning about the stone age and Reuired for Children s Lit A very interesting NF book This anyone who likes learning about the stone age and Reuired for Children s Lit A very interesting NF book This is about the how the frozen man was found This skeleton was found by two adults They found the skeleton because they were traveling in the Alps mountains This change everyone erspectives on things Everyone was trying to figure out why he was there and why he was there Scientist are tying to figure out why this happened Also eople admire this situation People still don t know the full story of the frozen manI enjoyed this book because it was very interesting I loved reading about the frozen man I also enjoyed learning about the skeleton and. Getz explains the incredible story of the Iceman clearly ,

How he was found I recommend this book to someone who enjoys history and mystery Overall I enjoyed this book This story is about a man someone who enjoys history and mystery Overall I enjoyed this book This story Is About A Man Died about a man died 5000 years ago in the alps mountains underneath a glacier He died in late august early September They found this out because of the berries he was carrying in his kind of fanny Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience pack but a littlerimitive item the berries grew in that specific time He died due to cold since he was higher up in the mountains he had to start a fire but he didn t have any wood Because wood grew lower at the mountains they also figured out he was a Shepard because the specific location he was founded in that is where Shepard still go to this day also while they were digging up his corps they found over 200 The War to End All Wars pieces of artifacts like the bronze ax he was carrying a uiver a couple of arrows somearts of his cape that was made of grass and many What he wore all together archaeologists believe that he had over 49 different types of grassI like this story its one of my favorites because the author tells you and about this mysterious man as the story goes on I like this story because its informative i would change nothing about this story the only Death Comes for the Archbishop part i don t like is the fact that hes a Shepherd i was really disappointing i thought he would be something interesting This is very fascinating it s all in the story of a dead body something very extraordinary Clothes and tools were beside the body There is something very interesting about this body something extraordinary One man dead for over than 50 centuries This dead man may have a big story behind his death read to find out Very interesting I would recommend this book for anyone who likes DEATH This was aretty interesting book and hope that many Mostly Mama people read it I hope that manyeople were to read this book because that way they can learn about the story behind this man that once died This was very intruiguing and I hope to have many The Naked Man people reading this book that way they may also learn about the archiologist who studied this man s who once lived body This is a recommendation forretty much anyone who is reading this review Please read this book and learn about this man who died and I hope you enjoy the book if you do read it Gives uick easy info on the Iceman Easy enough for children to understand interesting enough to keep an adults attention Only giving 3 stars because recent studies have Damias Children provenarts of this book false This book is about a frozen body that two German hiker had found It goes through the rocess the scientists took to discovered how he died when he died and what he looked like It gives you great information. Nd concisely simply enough for a child to understand but .
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On how he was found It also tells you like in those mountains 8 climbers died in one day This also tells you like in those mountains 8 climbers died in one day This show you ictures of his tools a map of where all of his tool and clothes were found and how the scientists think he looked like when he was alive This book also tells you that the mountain was on the border of Italy and Austria and how the Italian olice didn t care about the discovery of the bodyI think this book is a great source of information on how they take care of certain tools and how they can only have his body out of a freezer for only 30 minutes so it doesn t start to decompose This book would be great for someone that is interested in life in the stone age but also being a scientist This book is literary non fiction which means it is told like a story but is non fiction This book was ublished only 3 years after the body was found in 1991 I would read this book for a short read but I can still fill up note book Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie pages with it Frozen Man is about a 5000 year old body found in the alps The body was found by a couple of hikers that took an unmarkedath back to their lodge They told the authorities and the olice came out and tried to drill it out but it destroyed some of the remanences of the body This limited the number of details the scientist could have done to tell us what he could have been wearing what he could have looked like and what he may have given us evidence on how he died When the body was transferred to the lab where he would be studied and scientists found That Most Of His most of his was still intact They used evidence from other bodies from around the world to help find out how old he was and what age he era he lived in From evidence from background knowledge and artifacts found around the body to help find what he was doing before he died After hundreds of hours of studying and research they found out that he was a shepherd that was transporting a flock of sheep when his bow broke When he went back down the mountain to get wood for his bow he laid down and died of the cold The snow covered him up which ended up turning into a glacier that reserved his body and kept it safe from scavengers
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bugs for years I gave this book a 5 out of 5 because it gave straight forward details This book gave really good background knowledge so you know what will what the book is about They give statistics for you to know what was happening in the time that the iceman lived The book had Predator pictures to show you what you were reading about and what the iceman looked like and what it might have looked like where he lived I liked that the book showed where the body was found and where they studied it. N enough depth to satisfy a curious lay adult Kirkus Revie.

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