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And manager and his son Jake #is working his way through all the departments to learn the business so he can #working his way through all departments to learn the business so he can take This Christmas he is managing the toy department and Mrs Miracle comes into it as a temporary employee Mrs Finley has several things she needs to accomplish One of them is to get the Finley s to celebrate Christmas again They have not since the mother and daughter of the family were killed Christmas eve 21 ears earlier This is a marvellous duo of stories by Debbie Macomber all about the spirit of ChristmasCall Me Mrs Miracle is by far my favourite of the two and I really want TO READ THE REST OF THAT read the rest of that because it s just so cute Who doesn t love a sweet tale about two people falling in love and a child getting everything they want for Christmas All with a secret angel What a gemThe Christmas Basket didn t wow me as much and I felt it dragging on It kind of bored me even though it was also well written and a cute romance collectionOverall great book Three out of five stars. Ristmas but at least she can get Gabe that toy robot from Finley's the one gift he desperately wants If she can figure out how to pay for itFortunately it's Mrs Miracle to the rescue Next to making children happy she likes nothing better than helping others and that includes a bit of matchmakingThis Christmas will be different For all of th.

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Ook as a gift and it was very enjoyable light reading akin to beach reading except it s #Christmas Stories There Are 2 #stories There are 2 in one and I enjoyed the magical character of Mrs Miracle a bit Both books put Childhood, Youth and Exile you in a holiday mood A tale of angels helping or giving a nudge to people on earth In this case Mrs Miracle grts a job in Finley s Department store to bring Jake Finley and Holly Larson togetherJake and his Dad haven t celebrated Christmas in twentyrs since his mother sister were killed during the holiday Holly is tsking care of her 8 ear old nephew while his Dad is in Afghanistan and wants to give him the Christmas he deserves but she may not get her Christmas bonus This was kind of a fluff piece but a great one It took me about two hours to read it This is a It took me about two hours to read it This is a to the Hallmark movie Mrs Miracle and was written expressly to make into another Hallmark movie In it Mrs Miracle who is an Angel comes to earth to work in the last family owed department store in New York JR Finley is the owner. In a Christmas Eve tragedy ears before Now Christmas means only one thing to him and to his father Profit Because they need a Christmas miracle to keep the business afloatHolly Larson needs a miracle too She wants to give her eight ear old nephew Gabe the holiday he deserves Holly's widowed brother is in the army and won't be home for Ch. One of my all time favorite authors Pure Christmas magic I loved The Christmas Basket even than Call Me Mrs Miracle I hope Hallmark picks it for a movie someday I love happy holiday books This one is good A light read expected but good I don t know why I keep reading Debbie Maccomber s books because I always seem to be disappointed at the end This one was hard to finish Because It Was So it was so I have a large collection of her books so hopefully I will find one that suits me But neither of these stories were memorable I am one of those people who read Winter stories in Summer I like to read about snow when I am probably facing a heat stroke The stories were simple and sweet to read No #too many complications or confusions Though I like to have a Another Hallmark #many complications or confusions Though I like to have a Another Hallmark book Call Me Mrs Miracle is an angelic spin on Miracle on 34th Street Enough said it has the usual predictable characters with the very predictable feel good ending It relieved the long drive to classes I received this Mrs Miracle on 34th StreetThis Christmas Emily Merkle just call her Mrs Miracle is working in the toy department of Finley's the last family owned department store in New York City And her boss is none other than Jake Finley the owner's sonFor Jake holiday memories of brightly wrapped gifts decorated trees and family gatherings were destroyed. .
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