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Beyond the ead couple which is saying a Surrender lot since I really enjoyed them None of the secondary characters seem frivolous each of them move the story forward with their circumstances that involve Cole or Devin Cole s father intervenes even though Cole wants nothing to do with him He s even broken than his son and hel touch your heart Cole s sister Tricia is pregnant with twins and estranged from her husband another storyline that s especially poignant in the holiday seasonI really enjoyed Cole s darkness against Devin s ight Although they ve both faced adversity Devin was surrounded by a positive oving environment Whereas Cole was faced with sorrow and uncertainty Cole s adversity O Regresso da Atlântida - Os guerreiros de Posídon led to recklessness while Devin sed to devotion to healthcare due to her care during her own illness Both Gdy mrok zapada (William Wisting, learnedessons that made them better people but what each of them The Scarlet Ruse (Travis McGee lacked is filled by the other in order to eventually complete them The story evolves as the characters awareness of each other expands and their mutual need is realized in each other Such a beautiful storyAnother key factor to this book that made it such an easy enjoyable read is the magical snow covered mountain setting with a hot spring to heat things up Throw in a bunch of cute animals plus a group of seniors who need that hot spring and you ve got some aww moments that will melt that snow and any ice in your heartEVERGREEN SPRINGS is the third book in the HAVEN POINT series which isightly related to the HOPE S CROSSING series It is not necessary to read SNOW ANGEL COVE and REDEMPTION BAY in order to understand this story nor the previous series even though they re each special in their own way Fans of this series will be delighted with cameo appearances of their favorite characters from the previous two books while catching up on what s happening in their ives right nowI think EVERGREEN SPRINGS may be my favorite holiday story ever It s one of those books that can easily become a yearly re read because it s that special Its positive hopeful message clearly illuminates the seasonLike a crackling fire on a cold night with the magic of a starlit sky EVERGREEN SPRINGS will warm your soul and melt your heart RaeAnne Thayne has surpassed my expectations with this novel sure to become a treasured holiday favorite for years to come Recommended ReadReviewed by Dorine courtesy of Romance Junkies and The Zest uest Print ARC provided by the publisher or publicist I read Book 1 Snow Angel Cove and Book 2 Redemption Bay and choose to continue the series with Book 3 Although they can be read as stand alone characters from past books have cameo appearancesThese stories are fast pace and nicely written They don t necessarily stand out from the chic it crowd as the story Bridges of Madison County line is predictable but if this is your genre choice then it s definitely worth the read Ms Thayne developsikable characters infuses a Mind Wide Open little Christmas spirit and provides a nicely developed plot You know what I really reallyove Christmas I adore everything about it and am eagerly awaiting the beginning of the Advent to start decorating blasting Christmas music all day every day and bake too many cookies And I adore Christmas stories I can t help myself I just do JOY AND LOVE TO ALL OKAY I have no regrets This just worked in spite of all the clich s and cheesiness Dominant FUTA Collection laced throughout I didn t care about either Christmas can really never be cheesy enough And there was just something about Devin s uiet strength that outshined anything else in this book Ioved her and Cole but mostly I The Grand Sophy loved her And Ty Ioved Ty a A New Society lot Also this Nobody gets to walk through this world on a trailittered with rose petals Thorny bushes deep ravines jagged glass Everybody faces something Devin subtly shutting down Cole s pity party She is my favourite In case that wasn t s pity party She is my favourite In case that wasn t yet Such a heartwarming Christmas story I Three Chinese Poets loved every minute of it and hated to see it end Devin and Cole are so cute together and Cole s two kids are adorable This is a story of second chances and forgiveness It will make youaugh and cry A MUST READ for the Christmas season This is not a series you want to read out of order You can and Thayne gives all the right background and stuff so you won t miss important byplay or interactions I just think it s enough extra satisfaction that I would definitely recommend going in order So I m assuming you know or Bounty of the Blood Witch (Dragon Hero, less what you re getting by this time and Il stick to the highlightsI knew I d Lestate dei giochi spezzati like Devin from seeing her in the other books She s even better than I imagined with that deep seated vulnerability andoneliness buried under her strength and determination Seeing her interact with Cole and his children was a delightCole is the epitome of strong manly man with a "Hard Won Kindness And Deeply "won kindness and deeply insecurity I actually don t find that damaged by ife choices thing very interesting though and this is no different Cole s hatred for the man he used to be is deeply seated and the source of pain for both him and the parts of it he ets splash on Devin Complicating that is his non relationship with for both him and the parts of it he A History of the English Language in 100 Places lets splash on Devin Complicating that is his non relationship with father that dragged on and on and ended up being rather shallow for all the stage time it receivedWhich makes it soundike I didn t enjoy the book much and that s not really the case Cole is engaging enough with his care for his kids and his bewilderment with Devin Coupled with my affection for Devin I couldn t put the book down and gulped it over a very fun couple days stupid work obligations The kids were really outstanding and enhanced both Cole and Devin in different but very useful ways I The South Beach Diet Supercharged loved every scene they were in and it wasn t a fewSo yeah this was a solid four stars all the way through My uibbles with Cole were minor enough given my interest in Devin and the kids and in the end for Cole too Evergreen Springs by RaeAnne Thayne is a 2015 HN publication Every year countless hol. Since his ex wife died in a tragic accident For the reclusive Cole this is no time for gift giving and celebration and certainly not for a sunny natured optimist to blow into his screwed upife Physician Devin Shaw has ong researched the curative powers of Lake Haven's mineral waters Unfortunately the.

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Iday themed novels are released making it hard to sueeze them all in However the seasoned authors with HN are always at the top of my Kursk list and I gobble those up ASAP This year for some reason this one got sueezed out which was a killer because Iove this author So despite that fact we are now in the middle of January I had to read this one Because It Feels Good last holiday story before my thoughts began to veer toward beach reads When a young woman arrives at the ER with a badly sprained ankle it s all in a day s work for Devin but when the woman happens to be very pregnant with twins and herabor begins early things became a National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) little serious Add in the woman s distressed and hardened brother Cole and his two children to mix and Devin s slow night suddenly got very interesting When Tricia winds up on bed rest it becomes clear that Cole is struggling with single parenthood so Devin decides to step in and offer him aittle help But before The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, long she finds herself becoming attached to the kids and to Cole But Cole has a very troubled past and Devin is keeping a few secrets close to the vest as well Will their differences keep them apart or will aittle holiday magic team up with the power of And the Crooked Places Made Straight love to help bring this couple a happily ever after for Christmas Everyone has a past maybe not as troubled as Cole s but Ioved Devin s open mind and how she didn t pass judgment on him No one was harder on Cole than he was on himself and then some It s obvious he is bitter The Obliterated Man lonely and just plainost bottling up a Figlio dellolocausto lot pain regret and remorse With all that going on he needs aittle nudge in the right direction a Mr Majeika and the School Book Week little patience and confidence Devin helped him see how his kids needed him that he had to crawl out of his private world and focus on his family At first there were times when I thought Devin crossed aine maybe got a Outliving little too preachy was a bit too goody goody but I knew she meant well and only wanted to help Devin s story was downplayed for the most part giving than she received for aong time But I have a feeling Cole will be making up for that for a Landscapes of Communism long time to come As always RaeAnne Thayne has written aovely story that combines hope redemptions second chances and forgiveness all in one immensely heartwarming holiday tale 45 stars EVERGREEN SPRINGS was a uick read for me I was instantly captivated in their New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics lives and was flipping the pagesike crazy to see how RaeAnne Thayne was going to wrap up all the story ines I never skipped a single word I was that engrossed in all their ives The secondary characters in this story will have you cheering for the whole Tough Girl lot of them Cole and Devin have some major hurdles to get over and problems to overcome but if anyone deserves to be happy it is these two Even though this is book three of the series it can easily be read as a stand alone I didn t realize I was holding my breath near theast page until I et it out to et the tears flow EVERGREEN SPRINGS is filled with heart tugging moments and Will Have You Laughing have you Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation laughing crying all at once Evergreen Springs is the third story in Thayne s Haven Point series and it features Devin Shaw the town s physician and Mayor MacKenzie s older sister the heroine from book 2 alongside the reclusive ranch owner slash single dad Cole BarrettIt didn t take tooong for me to feel charmed with the relationship although I must admit that it was significantly buoyed by Cole s son Ty The six year old was wonderful and so endearing His older sister Jazmyn was prickly and prone to say things bluntly without thinking that it could hurt other people s feeling Cole had a Conversationally Speaking lot of issues with opening up himself for a chance forove His wild past his strain relationship with his estranged father his divorce it was easy to see why he struggled with suddenly having two kids to take care of Devin on the other hand was a natural caretaker Unable to have kids of her own a side effect of pancreatic cancer she suffered when she was teenager Devin gave her Hoot love towards her younger patients easily including Ty and JazmynSure Iiked Devin and Cole just fine but in any case it was how Devin s building the connection with Cole s children giving them the joy and spirit of Christmas that just made this a compelling read for me What can I say kids and Christmas season totally make me weak in the kneesAll in all I think that this is a heartwarming clean romance that embodies the spirit of holiday read Cole Barrett s ex wife recently died and now he has sole custody of his two young children With his housekeeper gone and his pregnant sister Tricia who was helping him out now in the hospital on bed rest he is in over his head He is overwhelmed with all the work that needs done before Christmas Dr Devin Shaw meets Cole and his children when Cole brings his sister to the emergency room Devin Red November learns from Tricia that Cole could use some help so in her free time Devin offers to help Cole out with the kids and Christmas preparations in exchange for use of the hot spring on hisand for her senior citizen yoga class While spending time with Cole and the children she finds herself falling for his kids and fighting her attraction to Cole Cole s feelings for Devin are mutual but he s fighting them as well since he feels that Devin deserves better than himThis was a wonderful Christmas "Read With So Many Things That I "with so many things that I in a Christmas book snow building snowmen cutting down and decorating the tree stringing Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) lights and decorations around the house Christmas festivities helping those in need The cast of characters really came toife not only the hero and heroine but also Cole s children sweet Ty and bossy Jazmyn Cole s sister Tricia Cole s estranged father the senior citizens who visited the hot spring and the other secondary characters as well The story is set in the ovely small town of Haven Point It s a very heartwarming read and perfect to cozy up with for the holiday. Hot springs are on Barrett property forcing Devin to strike a bargain with the ranch's attractively gruff owner she'll give Cole's children a magical Christmas and Cole will allow her patients access to the springs But can she work her holiday magic to heal the Barrett family's battered hearts and her own. Very good book about redemption and second chances Devin is one of Haven Point s doctors and is working in the ER when Cole brings in his very pregnant sister She has fallen and is in premature abor so she is ordered to bedrest at the hospital This A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, leaves Cole a single father who has recently gained custody of his children without any help Devin steps in to give him a handDevin is a woman who is a fixer at heart She is a cancer survivor who has found meaning in helping other people There is something about Cole and his children that has her getting really involved in theirives I Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit loved seeing how she mobilized her friends to make meals that she delivered to him and how she stayed to build snowmen with the kids She sees that Cole is overwhelmed by everything going on and offers to help him prepare for his first Christmas with the kids Though he seems rather cold and grumpy at the beginning she soon discovers that there s a good man underneath one she dike to get to know betterCole came back to Haven Point to try to put his Architecture by Birds and Insects life back together When his mother died and his father abandoned him and his sister Cole reacted by going a bit wild He became a rodeo cowboy andived a Beyond Carnival life filled with booze and women He married a buckle bunny who got pregnantater divorced and had to deal with her erratic behavior He ended up spending some time in prison for an event he can t even remember Since getting out he has worked to get his family ranch back in working order avoiding most people while he was at it When his ex wife is killed in an accident Cole gets custody of his children but is at a Microsociology loss on how to deal with them Losing his sister s help makes things even difficult He s stunned when Devin shows up at his door and doesn t understand why she is so determined to help himIoved seeing the relationship develop between them Devin has found an outlet for all the Lefty love and mothering she has in her heart She is cautious at first knowing that she could get really attached to the whole family Her attraction to Cole is strong and she finds herself unable to resist getting closer The time she spends with him the deeper she falls Devin has doubts about her ability to win theove of a man because of her inability to have children Cole is very attracted to Devin and also drawn to the ove she shows his children But he believes that there is too big a gulf between the beautiful town doctor and himself as a recovering alcoholic and ex con When the strength of his feelings gets to be too much he tries to drive her away It was an emotional scene as Cole does everything he can to make his point Devin is initially devastated but I oved seeing her natural optimism and intelligence come through as she realizes the truth of what happened The ending was sweet as Devin finally gets Cole to accept that he s a much better man than he wants to admit I m Shadow of the Vampire looking forward to seeing of them inater booksThere were a couple of secondary stories in the book also First is the story of Cole s sister Tricia and why she is staying with Cole They are very protective of each other as is shown by her concern over what will happen to Cole and the kids while she s in the hospital Cole is also worried about her and her separation from her husband during her pregnancy There were times I wanted to shake her and tell her to suck it up and talk to her husband As the story went on her reasons and motivations are explained It all came to a head as she went into Statistical Computing in C++ and R labor for real and the drama was uite riveting Iiked seeing how it worked out There was also the story of Cole s father who returned to the ranch a few months earlier He wants to mend his relationship with Cole and Cole wants nothing to do with him Cole harbors a Human Aspects of Software Engineering lot of bitterness about his father and he doesn t believe the man can change Ioved seeing the slow thaw of the ice between them and how it s the kids who start the processI How to Make a Plant Love You liked the group of seniors that Devin brings to Cole s hot springs They are a very fun group Devin s friends The Helping Hands were also great All of them showed the positive aspects ofife in a small town where everyone watched out for everyone else Recommended Read soon to be a classic contemporary Christmas story destined for your keeper shelfHow do you know you ve read one of the best books ever written by RaeAnne Thayne When you feel wistful and sigh worthy at end of "the book and yet oh so sad because you can no onger see into the characters I didn t want "book and yet oh so sad because you can no onger see into the characters Christmas Doll lives I didn t want book to end EVERGREEN SPRINGS is a Christmas story perfect for every keeper shelfFrom the beginning I was captivated with EVERGREEN SPRINGS and read as fast as possible without missing a word until theast page Devin didn t stand out to me than any other character in the previous two novels so I was very surprised how fast I became enad with her story As a small town doctor Devin has her hands full Her cancer survival then Dark Tide Rising (William Monk livingife with gratitude is admirable She The Internet Book ll steal your heart with her compassion and inner spirit There is one key motivation in Devin s emotional wantist that Cole and his children fill and you The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, ll want it for her tooCole is a great hero He s a dark and brooding ex con with a tiny brightight just waiting to shine when nurtured by the right woman He s a handsome rugged cowboy whose bad boy ways have almost broken him ike the horses he hopes to train Love will fix him if he follows his heart Cole s two children are a fabulous component to this story adding just the right touch to embolden the childlike wonder of a Christmas themed book Eight year Old Jazmyn Is A Bit Jazmyn is a bit toward her father having been influenced by her mother and her grandmother with unsavory words about him Her six year old brother is such a treasure especially since he puts up with his bossy sister without complaintThere are so many secondary characters that make this book brilliant. Celebrate the magic of Christmas in Haven Point with New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne where hope home and happily ever after are as close as your holiday stockingChristmas is the ast thing on Cole Barrett's mind this year He's barely hanging on trying to care for his two grieving children. Evergreen Springs