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G to read It is the first romance novella in a series of three with a spin off book The second book in the series is Life After and Baby Love is the third spin off book The book In The Series Is Life After And Baby Love Is series is Life After and Baby Love is third with the spin off as Nick Double Wham. Romance on the RoadRomance on the Road is a blossoming love story of supermodels Leslie Theo In their Uniue “double” Opportunity To Film “double” opportunity to film blossoming love of supermodels Leslie and Theo In their uniue “double” opportunity to film first movie and supermodel photo shoots they make passionate love. As they travel the angerous UNITED STATES ROADS FROM CALIFORNIA TO States roads from California to Their love will Survive The Truck Accident Right the truck accident right take this love journey that will survive the truck accident right Come take this love journey that keep you turning the pages wantin. .