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Tales From Nature iUst another puck bunny or hockey hooker She decides to protect herself by avoiding Alex but he pulls out all the stops to win over her heart and boy did I ever swoonBut will a stupid choice Alex makes to secure a corporate sponsor threaten the relationship he and Violet are just starting to build The way that he feels for Violet and all the things he does to care for her just solidified Alex as being a member of my top ten favorite book boyfriends list If you love romances with Hockey players as much as I do you definitely need to pick this one up There are some seriously swoon worthy heroesn this series that are sure to melt your panties off One filterless girl one hot hockey player and a whole lot of ridiculousness Play ONEWTF MAKES VIOLENCE SO HOTVIOLETIt s 651 on Thursday morning and I m thirty seconds away from an amazing orgasm Women everywhere should take a page from the man manual Just because I don t sport the obvious signs men do such as morning wood doesn t mean I shouldn t take care of my personal needs before I hit the shower My day Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, is always better when I start with a shot from the orgasm bottleI m right there teetering on the brink of heaven Every nerve endings on fire Goalie Interference (1Night Stand in the best way possible My muscles are tight fingers moving at a furious pace the vibrator God bless the damn vibrators hitting the s s s spot and everything The Lights of Manchester is about to go blissfully whiteAnd that s the moment my mother s shrill voice breaks all orgasmic magic destroying my morning jill off She must have let herselfn again as The Reconstructionist is typicalHere s the thing I don t live with my mom I moved out than four years agonto the damn pool house Technically The Dollmakers Daughters it s on the same piece of property butt s supposed to be my private space My refuge from my crazy awesome albeit super Il inappropriate motherThe door to my bedroom crashes open as I shut off the vibe and pull up the covers My vaginas raging I can t even begin to explain It s the female euivalent of blue balls Mom I slump further under the comforter How many times do we need to have this talk You should be out of bed already I have something for you She waves her hands around The Missing in the air like the crazynflatable balloon guy on TV It s too much this early Health Policy Analysis in my day I literally just woke up I need five minutes before we have a conversation okay Her arms fall to her sides her shoulders dropping with her smile which would make me feel bad except she s let herselfnto my home and barged nto my bedroom unannounced So all I have s frustration Oh sure Her dejection The nexus is blissfully short lived How about I put on a pot of coffee My mom loves to be useful and while I m annoyed I don t want to hurt her feelingsn spite of the Operatie oranje woensdag inconvenientnterruption That d be great Any reason to get her out of my room The Mouse-Proof Kitchen is a good one but a fresh pot of coffees than welcomeShe backs out and closes the door leaving me Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success in peace For three seconds I contemplate finishing what I started but there s no way I m going to come with my mom tooling aroundn my kitchen Instead I toss my vibe The Prodigal Prophet into the nightstand and make a stopn the bathroom to wash my handsAt twenty two I should be able to maintain some distance from my mother However she has a great deal of difficulty with the concept of personal space In my freshman year of college I threw out the Bloody Seoul idea of movingnto space In my freshman year of college I threw out the Migritude idea of movingnto apartment close to campus My mom and Sidney my stepdad had recently tied the knot They were worse than virginal teenagers I ve had the misfortune of walking The Color Purple in on themn compromising positions than once The third time was my breaking pointGuilt ridden and embarrassed by the psychological damage he had caused Sidney offered to renovate the pool house I agreed only because Truth and Nothing But it saved me thousands on rentWhen I first scored my job several months ago I started looking for my own apartment againn part because of the freuency of my mother s unplanned visits Being the ever helpful parent she tagged along on the expedition and told me roommate horror stories la Single White Female Seeing as the only places I could reasonably afford were shared accommodations I chose to stay put Negotiate the best deal in the pool house a while longer As I no longer carry the burden of tuition revisiting that option seems like a good plan I wipe my vagina scent free hands on my T shirt as I enter the kitchen My mom sits at the table and leafs through one of the gossip rags she loves to read while she sips a cup of coffee I think they made Buck look way worse here than he reallys don t you She turns the magazine around so I can see the horrible pictures of my stepbrother I grab a mug fill t with liuid heaven and drop nto the chair across from my mom I think Buck does a decent job of making himself look bad all on his own without the help of the media My stepbrother s such a whore I m tempted to apply this label to all professional hockey players It s a "Blanket Statement An Overzealous " statement an overzealous possibly ncorrect generalization However based on personal experience I believe t s true for the most part It certainly applies to the one hockey player I dated last year I consider him to be like Voldemort he who shall not be namedThe third page of last week s entertainment section confirms this hypothesis The evidence s splashed all over the grainy two page spread of Buck with his hand up some woman s skirt In a public bathroom over the grainy two page spread of Buck with his hand up some woman s skirt In a public bathroom appears to be devouring her face while getting her naked One from None inside a stall with the door open So dirtyThe picturetself Im Afraid of Men isn t a surprise Hundreds of similarmages can be found through an Internet search Buck has shared his manstick with half the female population Reforesting Faith in the continental US and probably a few upn Canada The woman he s making out with Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor is the problem He s not macking on a random hockey hooker Oh no It s his former coach s niece Her names Fran She s adorable and now she looks like a total puck bunny thanks to BuckIn his defense he said he didn t know who she was He s not bright and he was hammered so Foursome it likely was an honest mistake not Title PuckedSeries StandaloneAuthor Helena HuntingRelease date May 3rd 2015Cliffhanger NoHEAview spoilerYes hide spoile. Gic with Alexs just that one night But Alex starts to call And text And email and send extravagant and uirky gifts Suddenly he's too difficult to Corduroys Garden ignore and nearlympossible not to like The problem s the media portrays Alex as a total player and Violet doesn't want to be part of the gam. ,

Pucked AUTHOR Helena Hunting

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Pucked My Father Left Me Ireland is a uniue deliciously hot endearingly sweet laugh out loud good time romance Already reread twice If you date a hockey player raise your glassIf you don t then raise your standards4 Dibs on the PUCKING Captain STARS Alex and Violet Cause you know I love the playersAnd you love the game HOCKEY BOOK hmm sign ME UP It s official these hockey books that I ve read lately have ruined all other sports for me APART FROM BOXING I need me a hockey player STAT The plot was not what I was expecting because I didn t read the description before divingnto Antisemitism it I was like oh great a stepbrother romance novel NOPE This one NO If anything I found Buck and Violet s relationship to be sweetn Stumbling Giants it s own strange way Continuing on with the plot I enjoyedt Sabrina Corina it wasn t too long nor short realistic and outright HILARIOUS The bloody characters were GENIUS Whatta bunch of perfectly crafted characters I REALLY HOPE TO SEE A SERIES because I would MOST definitely read So Helena Hunting please consider writing a continuation It was a first time read by this author I wouldn t consider not reading another Sign me up for Alex Waters AnonymousI m pretty fastf I m chasing after something I want Especially with that damn beardHe s all rustic and lumbersexual looking BeardAppreciation One physical feature that never fails to lure me Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella ins a freaking beard GOD DAYUM here s my mini rant wait can a rant be positive Regardless Patient Safety Ethics it s a positive rant appreciation about BEARDS It can be unkempt to a certain extent trimmed and groomed to perfection whichevert just looks so RUGGED and SEXY Hello PlayoffBeards another plus to date a hockey player I JUST WANT ALEX THOUGHHis beard Fat in the Fifties is neatly groomedunlike some of the other guyswho look like they crawled out of thealleyway and decided to play professional hockeyAt so many points I literally LOL D yes I used LOL as a verb Some of that dialogue though freaking COMICAL Especially the sht Violet says thinks I swear shes one weird as woman stated n the nicest way possible Although she s not the only character that s got jokes gotta love those players humour Buck Brides, Mourners, Bacchae included Egg whites are full of proteinSos jizzYou don t see me harvesting yours soI can drink a glass of Born to Run itThat s from a personIt smells like a rotting sweaty corpse was dragged through the hallway Beavers Tim Hortons Ice Hockey Maple Syrup EH CANADIANISM UHMMM okay Still a little offended over here A lot of those stereotypes were generalizations about Canada As a Canadiant did bother me I know After the Flood it was alln good harm and all however at points I was thinking REALLY Helena Hunting REALLY YOU RE CANADIAN TOO At points New Worlds for All it made the story less enjoyable because writing these oversimplifieddeas about Canada doesn t make The Three Coffins (Dr. Gideon Fell, it funny I could have done without them at points I was like NO how can I continue on these notions are ridiculous and I really wanted to rate this lower stars Despite the fact of the addition of these lame stereotypes I couldn t bring myself to judge the book as a whole ast was written well It could have been re read potential except those bits will aggravate me AGAIN so once Generic is enoughPucked Helena Hunting 4 stars I haven t laughed this much while listening to an audio bookn a while Granted a lot of the humor was Campus Sexual Assault immature and a little on the raunchy side but still very funny If you love sports romances and you love to laugh THISs a book you need to readViolet Hall meets Alex Waters while going to a hockey game to see her step brother "Buck Play She S Not Looking For " play She s not looking for but Alex finds her Alex s the crazy good looking playboy with a reputation and team captain Violet knows Alex finds her Alex s the crazy good looking playboy with a reputation and team captain Violet knows should steer clear of him But she can t One night though what could Bioinformatics Methods it hurt Spending one night with this hockey god changes everything for her Alexsn t exactly what she thought he was His reputation What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength isn t all true He likes Violet That muchs obvious I loved Alex and all his persistent and thoughtful gifts He made The Impossible Climb it clear he wanted Violet and only Violet The banter between these two was absolutely hilarious evenf a little juvenile at times I couldn t help but laugh out loud There was also lots and lots of sexy timesI love hockey books They are by far my favorite kind of sports romance If you re looking for a book with lots of humor tons of steam fun characters and a heartwarming story pick this one up The audio book was very entertaining I m so glad you fought for me You re the best chance I ve taken I read this hilarious book Magic in the Air in 2015 That was the same year Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant That doesn t have anything to do with this book but I watched that moment on repeat like eighteen times I didn t realise Canadian s sounded so Irish Thiss the kind of audio that I really look forward to I ve read the story know what s going to happen and I m prepared for every bump n the road to happiness I can relax sit back and enjoy the journey without stressing about background noises or my attention drifting It doesn t always happen but f there s a lot going on around me I can sometimes get distracted from the storyline In Pucked I was able to follow along well get a bunch of laughs embarassingly on the trainagain and experience the connection of the main charactersThe narrators do a good job but admit to loving the female narrator a touch She La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos is easy to listen to and jumps from a male to a female character with ease The male narrator was ok but admit to being a little distracted from the storyline by his accent I m convinced he s Irish or maybe originally bornn Ireland Lots of rolling with an almost melodic flow to his narration It was all good though I m glad I got the chance to listen to Pucked and I m keen to try a few audios of this series No change n rating as I enjoyed the audio as much as the readAll the stars planets alignedFor me a has to cross A LOT of hurdles to be a five star read The cover must be appealing both the hero and heroine have to be at least likable preferably lovable and I have to get drawn nto their world Pucked ticked all my boxes I needed a good laugh and. With a famous NHL player for a stepbrother Violet Hall The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, is well acuainted with the playboy reputation of many a hockey star So of course shesn't Remus (Marius Brothers interestedn legendary team captain Alex Waters or his pretty beat up face and rock hard six pack abs But when Alex nadvertently obliterates Vi. .
This one definitely delivered My son s aged 12 and 9 kept asking me what was so funny This s NOT one I could fudge and come up with an age appropriate explanationnormally I give a slight variation of what s really going on How do you make an age appropriate explanation of why The Secret Life of Theater it s so funny that her mum walksnto her room as she s jilling who went up the hill with Jilla thing guys like doingan action that ends with off herself AhhhI got nothing Pucked ended up being my own little giggle snort partyViolet lives n the pool house on her mum and stepdad s property Her mum Skye has a very bad habit of walking The Secret Message of Jesus in whenever she feels liket This drives Violet crazy but you can tell they have a very close relationship Violet s stepdad Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® is a hockey scout and stepbrother a professional hockey player She s a little bit of a nerd and had a nasty end to a relationship with a hockey player Both of those things and the fact that Buck the stepbrothers a manwhore makes Violet weary of hockey players Then she meets Alex and decides she might make a one time exception for himAlex The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories is the captain of the professional hockey team Buck plays for He has a reputation that he refuses to agree or deny about to sports reporters His manager Dick very appropriate thinks any reputations a good reputation but Alex Separated by Duty, United in Love is starting to get sick oft When he meets Violet he First Strike is really attracted to her Shes funny and says the most Accelerating Possession inappropriate stuff For Alext s a little bit of a shock when Violet doesn t jump at the chance to have a relationship with him He must convince her that the reputation A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers is not always earned Challenge accepted Puckeds a very funny sports romance with a spunky heroine and a hero that The Hideaway isn t as confident as he lets everyone believe There are a lot ups than downs and the sexy times were steamy with great humour as well Alex does have a brain malfunction later onn the story but I Want a Dog it wasn t bad enough to reduce my likelustlove for himIf you re looking for a very lighthearted funny romance that s a little silly and a lot goofy Puckeds perfect I was thoroughly satisfied I received an ARC via the book s publicist New Bad Girl in Town in exchange for an honest review Thank you I m so sorry readers please don t raise your pitchforks at meThere was basically no story no character personalitynkling or development and no romance growth at allI just don t get The Things We Knew it I LOVE and ADORE hockey romances but this one was painted with a male protagonist who had nothing going up there except his libido and a female whos supposed to be an Call to Action intelligent accountant but acts nothing than an obnoxious bimboadolescent teenI meanf you re Men of Sunday into hearing about asnuffieSuper MC monster c kbeaveryetiAnd CONSTANT boob and dck oogling and gropingAs well as mouth f kingA billion of times throughout the book with an overload of sex references then hey this books for youI just wish London it had actual content as I was actually enjoying the first 5% and thent turned upside down Bid My Soul Farewell (Give the Dark My Love, into a baffling circus showI m sorry I m usually lenient and not harsh and critical on my reads but this one had hit a point of no return for me 12 Pucked book 1 of 5 Steamy one night stand withce hockey manwhore turns sexy funny romance slight obsession with monster cock I can t wait to have my mouth on you again I m gonna eat you like I m on death row and you re my last goddamned meal Books Job in the Pucked series should be readn orderBook 1 Pucked Alex VioletBook 11 A Pucked Holiday EveryoneBook 2 Pucked Up Buck SunnyBook 3 Pucked Over Randy LilyBook 4 Forever Pucked Alex VioletBook 41 AREA 51 EveryoneBook 45 Pucked Under EveryoneBook 5 UntitledPucked book 1 opens up to Canadian With Passion Collection ice hockey pro and team captain Alex Waters and recent College grad and junior accountant Violet Hall embarking on a one night stand and goes on to follow themn the af FIVE STARS He s such an enigma I want these glimpses of sweetness and his awkward fumblings to be authentic not a fa ade he wears to get women Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics into bed with him I don t know why I waited so long to read this series and what possessed me to read the books out of seuential order Even though you really can read each book as a standalone except for Forever Pucked because everynstallment Lena is about a different couple but all of the characters show upn each "subseuent story I have loved every book that I have read so far I would even dare " story I have loved every book that I have read so far I would even dare say that this Leaking Laffs Between Pampers and Depends is my top fave sports romance seriesI thought that Randy Ballistic was something else until I got a good dose of Alex Waters and his SUPER MC I am completely and utterly head over heelsn love with him and I m even crushing on Violet I haven t met a likable heroine The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps in uite a while Hernappropriate ramblings and klutziness made her so endearing I laughed uite a bit while reading this and have learned a couple of terms that I won t soon forget Maigret and the Pickpocket ie Jilling and Area 51 You ll have to read this book to find out what they refer toAlex Waterss the Captain of the Chicago Hawks NHL team Violet Hall La scurit des Franais is the stepsister of Buck Butterson whos a rookie player on the team The two meet at one of the Hawks away games when Alex slams La guerre du dsert, 1940-1943 into the plexiglass barrier that Violet s seated behind Once their eyes lock on to each other they each feel a white hot attraction Later after the game they runnto each other at a celebratory party One thing leads to another and Violet ends up n Alex s hotel room She sn t the type of girl to have a meaningless one night stand with a hockey player but she can t seem to say no to Alex Alex Unicorns Are Real! is also very smitten with Violet and he honestly tries to be a gentleman that night But once the two have a serious make out session on the couch Violet s Beaver and Alex s Monster Cock have a hard time staying away from each other The steamn this book s OFF THE CHARTS SMOKIN HOT Violet s obsession away from each other The steam n this book Toy Story 4 Deluxe Step Into Reading is OFF THE CHARTS SMOKIN HOT Violet s obsession Alex s monstrous cocks beyond hilarious She even makes t a superhero costumeAlex s notorious reputation for being a ladies man haunts him and mplants serious The Night Library insecurities and doubtsnto Violet s mind She has seen his pics on gossip sites and her worst fear The Backwash of War is being thought of by him as Olet's misapprehension regarding thenferior Life and Death in Rikers Island intellect of hockey players he becomes much than just a hot body with the face to match Suffering from a complete lapsen judgment Violet discovers just how good Alex Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-Backed Terrapin is with the hockey stickn his pantsViolet believes her night of orgasmic ma. ,