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Sive and you won t just sit back and let everything pass you by I want TO BE SURE WE DON T HAVE A SINGLE be sure we don t have a single when we get old ZeroFine I promise to be crazy and not settle down ntil I m at least a hundred years oldAnd have no regrets Julie said in her most serious tone And have no regretsCami before some years had promise to her best friend that she will live her life to the fullest with no regrets and since now is her first year in college and since Julie is not around any she wants to keep that promise So that s why she is acting a little bit wild and many times she is drowning with her Annie too Her only soft spot in her plan is Ryan s roommate Liam But Cami is determined to win him overBut there are complication with that goal She liked him too much for him to fit in her plans But she wants to have a night with him After all he is a manwhore It can t be so difficult You have a manwhore It can t be so difficult You have list and i have mineAnnie s eyebrows shot p What s on your listLiam Liam as i told you before was sexy funny with British accent Just wow And yep he liked women and he liked Cami a lot Even though she wow And yep he liked women and he liked Cami a lot Even though she bubbling all the time and she was acting a little bit crazy But she is her mate s cousin so he had to keep his distance But he can t really do it and that is changing Cami s plan Why is happening that Liam is trying to change He want to be committed to Cami and to be with her for realBut that is not even possible to Cami s plans So what will happen nextWill Cami change her crazy plans And if she is not she will end p to have any regrets for letting Liam leave Or if she will be with him she will feel like she was betraying her friend s wishes As i told you before i liked Cami very much but because of the promise to her friend who wasn t around any she was doing crazy reckless dangerous and idiotic things and i didn t enjoyed her attitude at all I A Time to Heal understand that she felt guilty about Julie and that she wanted to do something that would keep her connected with Julie but all this things were almost stupid and at the end they were mistakes that only regrets could bring And she really liked Liam but she was pulling him away for the wrong reasonsI really liked Liam and i liked that he was so stable and so real But Cami pissed me off and i need some time to get over it And i m so sorry about that And now i really want to read Chris s book but god i hope we don t follow the same timeline I don t thing that i will survive it I need to move forward and i need to see Ryan and Chris to rebuilt their lost friendship ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review. Ommate Hookingp with a hot British dude seems like the perfect way to start off the school year but the time she spends with him the she finds herself actually liking the guy Which totally screws p her plans to live life with no regret. ,

N exchange for an honest review This was a profound heart wrenching story that takes you into the intimate world of innocence betrayal guilt first love and profound loss Cami is starting college without the one person who has been her other half for most of her life She is bound and determine to live the college experience with complete abandon for both of them Her plan soon nravels when she becomes acuainted with a sexy Brit named Liam who has her wanting to settle down before college even gets started She is at odds with what she wants and promises made between two 15 year old girls Can she have the best of both worldsAs soon as I started reading I did not care for Cami She was selfish conceited and extremely self involved Even as the story progressed I felt that my assessment of this character was spot on I felt sympathy for what she had gone through although I still found myself feeling for Liam than Cami Liam was sexy in a tousled little boy way and I immediately fell in love It wasn t ntil towards the end that I was cheering for Cami and Liam The author did an amazing job of writing a story that tugs at my heart strings even if you do not bond with all the characters This was the first book that I have read by Kate L Mary and I enjoyed this book so much that I plan on reading List the first one in the series They are stand alone novels but this author is so good that I do the first one in the series They are stand alone novels but this author is so good that I do want to miss out I highly recommend ARC kindly provided from the publisher via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review 275 angry full of REGRETS stars from me I have to admit that i have higher expactations about this book since Annie s book and the love triangle in there frustrated me as hell but i was waiting with so much agony Cami s turnCami who was always crazy and so funny and i wanted so badly to see her with that British sexy mate LiamI could swear to you that in my mind the complications would be from Liam s womanizer ways But noCami put all the blame pon her own shoulders and at the end i really didn t know if i liked her any and i m really sorry about that First of all i didn t like the fact that this book was following the same storylinetimeline with the previous book Most of the time i thought that i was reading the same book but from different POV and i didn t like it at was reading the same book but from different POV and i didn t like it at God that Cami was so caught p in her own drama that she didn t realize what was happening around her with Annie Ryan and Chris so we didn t have to witness everything from the beginning But let me tell you some things for her own dramaPromise me you ll be crazy and wild and impul. Ident an accident Cami feels responsible for Since then she’s made it her personal mission to experience everything life has to offer both for herself and for Julie who will never have fun againThen she meets Liam her cousin’s sexy ro. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So AnonymousNote This ARC was provided by Kensington Books in exchange for an honest reviewNo Regrets is the second book in the new adult NA series from author Kate L Mary entitled College of Charleston and is told along the same timeline as the first book The List Cami Summers is an eighteen year old college freshman who is p for almost anything and everything and does it all without regret or so she promised her best friend who lies motionless in a hospital bed after being in a car accident When Cami meets Liam whose last name I tried looking for in both books but couldn t find what begins as a mutually physical attraction develops over the next few weeks and months into something for bothI really enjoyed the first book in the series so my expectations for this one were rather high While I did like finally learning about Cami and whether or not she and Liam would end Mediterranean Men Bundle up together I found myself becoming increasingly irked by her behavior in the book Inderstand that she made this promise to her best friend and that this was her reasoning behind all the reckless stuff she did and pulled but I couldn t help but wonder how true that really was or if she was merely sing her best friend couldn t help but wonder how true that really was or if she was merely sing her best friend her scapegoat Her treatment of Liam and her roommate Annie Roth was disappointing and made her look so self centeredCami had some good moments especially when it came to trying to help Annie out of her shell and the closeness she had with her cousin Ryan Cole She also seemed perfectly at ease with Mike the guy she met at the bar but she seemed too into being with a guy and we all know the kind of reputation a girl can get from being that way While I wasn t too fond of Cami I did love Liam who was sweet and funny and who seemed to truly want to treat Cami differently from how he treated girls before And of course I liked revisiting Annie and Ryan
s love story 
love story well No Regrets gets four stars and I can t wait for Moving On For the longest time this was my least favorite book that I d written but Holding Tight (Five in a Bed Book 3) upon getting my rights back I picked itp and read it again I was pleasantly surprised I think the stress of writing The Mistress of Pemberley: An Erotic Pride Prejudice Sequel (Secrets of Pemberley Book 1) under a deadline for the first time warped my opinion of this book because I really enjoyed it No it isn t where my passion lies I prefer writing apocalyptic fiction but I still loved the characters and the problems surrounding them and their imperfect sometimes near disastrous ways of trying to resolve them New perspective of this book combined with an amazing new cover What could be better I received an ARC via Net Galley College is supposed to be funGo to partiesPickp guysMaybe get in a little trouble On the surface Cami is your average wild teenager out to have a good time but inside she’s struggling Almost a year ago her best friend was in a car acc. ,

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No Regrets College of Charleston #2