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E when Max gets stuck in his locker right before school begins he pretty much can before school begins he pretty much can get out He is in the middle of the period so he really can t do anything No one s walking around waiting for him so he is stuck But then Erin Madison a smart and cute girl And did I mention that she s Max s crush stops by and gets him out But his troubles don t nd there He gets locked in his lockerAGAIN by yep Thug Fine whatever Doug Thurston And this time since it s after school he actually doesn t get out Everyone Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas else is gone and the janitor doesn t hear him because he s listening to some song through hisarbuds ARGH and Max is stuck in his tiny suishy locker for a THREE DAY Wellll this was totally not what I had The Magic Rolling Pin expected What I hadxpected stuff about Middle School about Max about the girl he likes Erin is such a sweet girl about this bully he is trying to avoid bleh to that guy but instead about 180 pages of this book are about Max in a locker and oh yes burglars Yes 180 pages of absolute boring stuff that is probably supposed to be all xciting but that didn t fit with the book at all It did start pretty decent sure I wasn t all too happy with all the superhero stuff but later I got used to it and it was uite a bit fun To See It Happen see it happen again I can t really imagine a guy his age acting like that From what I remember from my school years boys generally were interested in superhero stuff but weren t so into it that they wanted to actually wear an outfit and become one Well if it fitted For instance it totally was bleh during the burglar stuff and it looked really out of placeThe bullying stuff was a bit meh specially since it happened because of a small unfortunate accident and I kept hoping that Max would find the guts to just tell someone about it and no not Erin but instead he keeps it to himself and why Because he is afraid his parents will pull him from school Really Ever heard of talking maybe Not Without a Fight even with a counsellor of school present to help out But I guess talking is for old people And yes that was also my problem with Max he was an interesting character but I just got tired of him whining about his family about his life all the time Heven mentioned putting them in the garbage or punching them What Why I know I didn t always like my parents back when I was that age but to throw them away Hit them No Just noI am also wondering why his parents don t keep a better Garden Bouquets and Beyond eye out on the little brother There were just various things that didn t make sense and just screamed bad parentingAlso really your comic book is important to you tha. Ere’s a lot that’s great about his new school but there’s also one big problem Doug the school bully whose hobby is stuffing Max in his locker If only Max could be like the hero in his favorite comics Unfo. This book is good book to read when you need a break and just to distract yourself fromveryday activities It is very funny and although there are many similar book to this book I liked this one specifically becuase it sort of connects with another book series that I really like this one specifically becuase it sort of connects with another book series that I really like uses references and ven some characters from that book series Dork Diaries in this one I like how it shows a diffe Oh man I really NEED the seuel the cliffhanger Is Unbearable It Even Warned unbearable it ven warned at the start of the book I love how it links up with the original series Awesome I was intrigued as to how Rachel would work a boy themed book and it S Good In A Bit But I good in a bit but I t love it as much as Dork Diaries That s not just because it s about a boy as I ve read some other books recently which I adores Maybe it was because it kept a similar styleformat with illustrations as Dork Diaries I missed all of Nicki s The Management Bible exclamation marks Max had some but not as many He didn t have a sidekick friendither Erin doesn t feature for a lot of the story the character rather than Rachel s daughter However there is a lot of serious danger as well as the usual humour which comes with Rachel s work It s that danger which had me hooked and the cliffhanger Zu schnell ending is absolutely EVIL It means I definitely will be reading book 2 that s for sure On to what I love about the book I love the illustrations which have a uniue style which I love thanks to Dork Diaries I do love the reality feel of Max s adventure which gets scary rather fast I love how Brandon from Dork Diaries is worked into Max s life having a slight crossover for the wellknown series adds a sense of familiarityven though it s a totally different school Technology is used well as plot points there s some ridiculous scenarios for humour and some heart in mouth moments which I think are greater than similar plot points in Dork Diaries Please be careful if you Sleepless (Bird of Stone, eat or drink while reading this book there s one part where you may be put off your food I thankfully wasn tating at the time of the part where poor Max suffers Overall it s a great read and I can see potential for all readers to njoy it for different reasons I received a copy from the publisher in xchange for an honest review on my blog Nayu s Reading Corner Max Crumbly was introduced in the 10th Dork Diaries book and this is his very own series Max consideres his school to be the scariest place his ver been due to a school bully Doug Thurston otherwise known as Thug Thurston Thug likes to stuff Max into his locker and then get him basically stuck in ther. A brand new series from #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries author Rachel Renee Russell Introducing Max CrumblyMax Crumbly is about to face the scariest place he’s ver been South Ridge Middle School Th. ,

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N to call the police Whut I know that comic book is expensive and all but aren t you in danger Urgh Oh and and all but aren t you in danger Urgh Oh and course he doesn t want to call the police and why Well Invisible (The Curse of Avalon easy reason his parents rollsyesOh and to top it off the story nds with a cliffhanger so that means we will HAVE MANY PAGES ABOUT THIS BURGLARY TO GO IN many pages about this burglary to go in next book Yay There were also references to Dork Diaries Brandon is Max s friend there is mention of Nikki I uite like that the author added this to the mix Max is a new character but veryone is apparently living in the same cityplaceSo yeah I but veryone is apparently living in the same cityplaceSo yeah I not impressed with this book and very disappointed I had hoped for a new series to njoy as I didn t njoy the other series by this author any it just kept being the same story over and over again with meh characters Wouldn t recommend this bookReview first posted at It started as a book about preteen life and a story about bullying which was a pretty strong one and then suddenly turned to a Die Hard for kids seemed like somebody stitched two different books together which was uite disappointing I mean the action wasn t bad it was silly and surreal sometimes but it completely changed the tone of the book from dealing with a serious problem in a comprehensible way it should be dealt with to some Kick AssFrozenHome Alone homage Despite the cliffhanger I probably won t read the seuel me 35 starsson age 10 35 starsdaughter age 5 5 starsMy son really njoyed this one and I also thought it was one of the better recent audio book choices for listening to with the kids There was a lot of middle school social angst infused with humor and awkward situations And the raps the MC thinks up were pretty funny Although the MC s catchphrase which was wrong on SO many levels got our yes rolling halfway through the book because he used it so much it became funny by the ndETA My kid s personal ratings Apparently my daughter loved it because the MC mentioned almost pooping his pants a co This was not what I was Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature expecting It was so action packed I couldn t believe it It also had the worst cliffhangerver I m dying to find out what happens next 55 stars I can t stand the cliffhangerAnyway I love RRR s books I think they re fun ven if some might argue I m way too old for them and I surprisingly found Max to be uite relatable with his panic attacks and anxious behavior I can t wait until the next one As well as the next Dork Diaries My son and I raced through from start to finish 9 and significantly than 9 both loved it right to the you gotta be kidding me cliffhanger nding Gah Fun. Rtunately Max’s uncanny almost superhuman ability to smell pizza from a block away won’t xactly save any lives or foil bad guys But that doesn’t mean Max won’t do his best to be the hero his school need. .
The Misadventures of Max Crumbly Locker Hero The Misadventures of Max Crumbly #1

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