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E I am not so sure about that although *it Help Him To Hang On To Control The Anxiety And him to hang on to control the anxiety and he feels He ives ife on *does help to hang on to control the anxiety and remorse he feels He ives Creating Lasting Value life on edge hangs on to nothing Yet he shows some caring towards others and is obviously intelligent He is a mystery man A man whoives by his own set of rules setting himself up as judge jury and jailer over his own Understanding Markets and Strategy life He s a great example of the wounded hero who eventually just might find healing As a reader I wanted him to find his way to be his best selfFoley works at theocal council and as part of her job she has been instructed to get rid of Drum from the cave he shelters in overlooking the beach on a cliff While she is partially successful in this she forms a relationship with Drum that grows into deep friendship and Montana Dreams love She is willing to go in and bat for him she wants to be with him to help him There is a passionate spark that ignites and she knows sheoves him but does he Immerwelt - Der Pakt love her or will he hurt herIt s a romance so the reader me knows it is going to be a happy ever after However Drum must make choices and really see what he values inife Perhaps homelessness is not the answer Perhaps Modern South Asia love kindness understanding forgiveness and really seeing others are what countsIoved seeing the development of the two characters and their finding of themselves and each other and sighed with deep contentment as I finished a story with characters I was invested in and desperately wanted them to find their answers to achieve their hopes and dreams Loved it A new story from Ainslie Paton Woo hoo Over the past year or so Ms Paton has uickly become one of my would read if she wrote the takeaway menus authorsInconsolable has Ms Paton back at her contemporary romance best When Foley climbs down into the cave on the cliff to move the homeless man to somewhere safer she never thought it would the one thing she did that day that would change her Picture Theory lifeOh man what a difference a day makes Drum is not what either Foley or I expected He s not your regular everyday homeless manThere was just something that I couldn t help but instantlyike about Drum I knew that there was something beneath the surface knew that whatever his secret was that he couldn t truly be that man could heOur main bad boy in Inconsolable is Foley s boss Gab She is out to cause trouble but at the end of the day she is what she is and you knew what you were getting and you hoped at the end of the day that she was going to get what was due herHowever the person that I ended up disliking than the intended bad guy was Foley s best friend Nat I know right How could I dislike the best friendNow it may just be me but I didn t feel that Nat deserved to hold the best friend card While yes I could understand some of her actions and words towards Foley I also felt that she pretty much disregarded Foley her thoughts and feelings on Drum I Ancestral Voices loved the air of secrecy that surrounds Drum Little byittle we And Bid Him Sing learned about him and my heart just melted for him and Once again Ms Paton has delivered an all encompassing story which I couldn t help butose myself in and didn t want to be foundI Aristotle Detective (Aristotle look forward to what she brings us nex. As possible Now he wakes with the sun runs on the beach does odd jobs for cash to buy food and is at peaceUntil FoleyIt’s Foley’s job to find Drum a safer place toive but the only home Drum wants is the one place he can never stay Foley’s heart. ,

Wow I ve never read an Ainslie Paton book before but that s something I m uickly going to rectify Ainslie Paton book before but that s something I m uickly going to rectify is the unlikeliest of heroes a homeless guy who ives in a cave on a cliff But Ainslie had me wanting to move in with him The emotion in this novel is so gripping and gut wrenching that at times I had to put the book aside just so I could breathe And when I wasn t reading I was thinking about the story and wondering how on earth Foley the council worker sent to evict him and Drum would get their happy ending It didn t feel Bringing the Empire Home like it glorified or glossed over homelessness and the issues surrounding it This is one book that s going to stick in my mind for a veryong time Holy crap monkeys that was incredibleLike I said in my comment here on Goodreads yesterday this runs against the grain And I oved every moment When someone creates a character that is so goddamn different from what is expected and makes you care about them and want to uncover the secrets and reasons that have ed them to this place I do thisIf you haven t read Inconsolable or Floored or any other Ainslie Paton work you are MISSING OUT There s no sugar coated fairy dusted everything *Is Awesome All The *awesome all the hers are real characters with real reactions and experiences that you can relate to or at Building the Cold War least understand I ve beenoving this author s uniue heroes For the romance genre which doesn t Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) like to stray away from the duke and billionaire playboy storyines Ms Paton s heroes stand out Drum in Inconsolable is no different For starters he s homeless by choice The first three uarters are extremely entertaining where we see the heroine get to know this eccentric homeless suatter befriend him and eventually fall in Counter-Amores love with him without even sharing a kiss The development of their friendship was my favorite part of their story The bookost steam in the Dancing at Armageddon last uarter view spoiler first with the accusation then the separation hide spoiler Foley works for the city council in suburban Sydney Her new boss wants her gone and to prove herself she takes on the impossible job to evict a homeless guy from a cave in a cliff above Bondi Beach The beach needs toook perfect in a few weeks when the city plans this outside sculpture exhibition thingDrum is NOT what Foley expected to find in that caveHe s a very HOT and intelli I approached Inconsolable with a degree of caution I Double Jeopardy like Ainslie Paton s books They re powerful with characters struggling to resolve who they are and what they re doing inife The issue I potentially had with Inconsolable was that with a homeless hero she might romanticise the issue of homelessnessHomelessness is a complicated issue one with a Composition and Literature lot of heartbreak wrapping around it Inconsolable had aot of tension between exploring the causes and conseuences of homelessness and reconciling it with the demands of the romance genre The hero has to be for Cezanne and Provence lack of a better word heroicIn the end as attractive as the hero Drum is it is the strength of the heroine Foley that makes the book work Because as a reader I could empathise with her struggles with Drum s homelessness and other non Drum issues I found the relationship. Sometimes the only way to forgiveness is throughoveFoley has a new boss she doesn’t Dark Voices like a flatmate who’s been known to wear odd shoes and a car that’s ready to pack it in She hasn’t met a guy worthipstick in forever and though she planned ,
BelievableIf you re ooking for a diferent kind of romance Inconsolable is a good choice Don t blame me if you get hooked on Ainslie s books 35 stars 45 starsI blame me if you get hooked on Ainslie s books 35 stars 45 starsI uite know what to expect with an Ainslie Paton book but this author has earned my trust What I can count on is an entertaining story with uniue characters and passages of writing that demand highlighting I got all that with this story and Drum is a hom Many times in the ast year or so I ve tried to work out why Ainslie Paton isn t one of the top selling romance authors not only in Australia but anywhere across the romance reading world Her books just resonate with me every damn timeShe writes the unpredictable hero and heroine She mixes things up She puts glass ceilings in a book and smashes them with wordsIn the Love Triumphs series she s written a hero who is a nanny Unsuitable a hero who is an IT geek Insecure and now this Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) latest Inconsolable gives us Drum the homeless heroYou can never accuse Ainslie of writing half measures or almost plots She goes there By hell or high water she goes there with contemporary realife issues and it is where so many writers would fear to treadI ve wondered if it s her writing style that might put some readers off trying her work Judging by Goodreads and reviews her books do seem to polarise people I ve said in reviews of Ainslie s other books that you have to hold on to your seat when you open an Ainslie Paton story She puts words together in ways that don t make for necessarily roll off your tongue reading These are some Creating Country Music lines from Inconsolable that I highlighted as I read She Foley didn t patronise or try to manipulate him She was straight up with a sweetening of sorry to inconvenience you She treated him with decency and respect she tried desperately to understand him and it pissed him off And another after Drum has had a huge hissy fit at Foley and scared her senseless Her shoes were off her sunglasses her hand was over her mouth and she shookike the wind was inside her This one when Drum is starting to realise what Foley means to him He d chosen deliberately not to think about her But she was there just the same under his eyelids embedded in his fingernails hidden between his ribs I find so much magic in Ainslie s *writing and I know she has a dedicated fan base that do too If you haven t ever *and I know she has a dedicated fan base that do too If you haven t ever one of Ainslie s books please give them a go She is prolific and a search for her work at your e book store will throw up a ot of possibilities I m sure there will be something that interests you and might make you a big fan too This is the third book I ve read in the Goodreads September Challenge for Australian fiction This in the contemporary section 45 starsWhenever I start An Ainslie Paton Novel It Is With Ainslie Paton novel it is with sense of anticipation I expect a good story and Inconsolable gave it to me again as I became engrossed in the characters and their story within an Australian settingIt is obvious Drum is not your average homeless person and so my uestion was who is he What has happened in his ife to bring him here He s feeling a Evolutionary Patterns load of guilt why The blurb says his homelessife brings him peac. Life Evolution As Entropy less ordinary the only thing uniue about her is a badly thought through tattooUntil DrumDrum wasn’t always the cliff guy a homeless man sheltering in a cave tucked above a popular tourist beach He wanted to get as far away from his previousife.

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