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Glishwoman to secure his freedom Jacobite James MacLonan has spent the years since Culloden in xile fighting in France wandering the continent and

dreaming of his 
of his in Scotland that he thought he would never see again Now he has been granted a pardon but the terms rankle Not only must he honor an oath to King George and steer clear of the Pretender to Not only must he honor an oath to King George and steer clear of the Pretender to throne he must also marry within four months of his return And marry Englishwoman with strong family ties to the Whigs at that Despite his fierce longing for the Highlands he is not sure he can fulfill this last stipulation of his pardon until he meets Theadora Tilton Daughter o Pretenders GameI was Cannibal enthralled by this story and it s take on the politics of thera I bought all three books in this series So far I haven t been disappointed PRETENDERS GAMES is as much a history story as a romance Political opponents our hero and heroine learn to love Mastered (The Enforcers, each other The story is interesting however the romance is lacking Former Scottish Rebel marries an English ladyAfter Cullenden and after a forced absence in France of several years James McLonan returns to Scotland by a pardon that reuires him to marry an English woman He meets Theodora Tilton and theirs becomes a great love story Trying to get through my kindle and finally got to this one I didnjoy the story it was pretty good read and I liked how the couple had to learn to love ach other The only thing I didn t like was the guys one track mind on revenge It drove me craz. Nd leave you satisfied long after the last page Kayla Perrin USA Today bestselling author HEARTS OF REBELLION SERIES in order Pretender's Game Lover's Knot Dangerous Desires ABOUT LOUISE CLARK Louise Clark is the author of both contemporary and historical romance novels and holds BA in History from ueens University wwwlouiseclarkauthorc. Ok Fantastic historical story I was #IN A EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER RIDE #a motional roller coaster ride did not if I wanted to cry or laugh It had lots of adventure in this wonderful story received a copy of this book from Alter Ego eBook Discovery inxchange for my honest review Pretender s Games by Louise ClarkThis was a good storyThe description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story A PERFECT WIFEJames MacLoran was in desperate need of a wife Recently pardoned the charming Scotsman had to prove his loyalty to the king by Marrying A Woman With Proper a woman with proper to the English throne Given only four months to complete the task James hardly thought the terms of his pardon feasible until he met the captivating Theadora Tilton Thea was the perfect wife beautiful witty and the daughter of an English general And while she could be as prickly as thistle when it came to her undying loyalty to King George James found himself longing for her passionate kisses and sweet mbrace A ROGUE HUSBANDThea never thought she would marry a Scot let alone a Jacobite renegade who had just returned from his years of xile on the Continent But the lovely alone a Jacobite renegade who had just returned from his years of Uncommon Wisdom exile on the Continent But the lovely found herself drawn to James MacLonan the handsome Highlander who was the catch of the Edinburgh season despite his scandalous past Convinced she couldn t lose her heart to a traitor of the crown Thea nevertheless found herself swept into his strong arms wondering To be pardoned for the crime of joining the Jacobite Rebellion James MacLonan must marry a woman who supports the Hanoverian dynasty Theadora Tilton fits the bill perfectly But invery other way Thea is his nemy Thea has her own reasons for agreeing to the uick marriage to James but none included his sudden decision to move her to his. ,

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F indeed her rogue husband had truly abandoned his rebellious ways for a life filled with love Pretender s Games gefiel mir Sehr Weil Es Nicht Nur weil s nicht nur letztlich romantische Liebesgeschichte mit H hen und Tiefen bietet sondern auch Art ein ziemlich drastisches Bild des Lebens in Schottland nach Culloden zeigt Vor dem Hintergrund der Willk r der Engl nder und den Konseuenzen die diese f r die Jakobiten und deren Familien hattentfaltet sich die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Theadora Tilton und James McLonan Aus God Is in the Crowd einer reinen Vernunftehentsteht ganz langsam Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ein wenig mehr und alss hart auf hart kommt und James Leben in Gefahr ist wird deutlich wieviel die Beiden The Matriarchs (The Family einander bedeuten Ich fands wieder Notes for the Everlost einmal hart vor Augen gef hrt zu bekommen wie wenig das Leben der Schotten damals wert war und wie schwers war sich gegen die Engl nder zu behaupten selbst wenn man unschuldig war Die wackelige Rechtslage die allgemeine Stimmung und auch die Abgeschiedenheit des Hochlands trugen viel dazu bei dass das Milit r viel zu oft frei schalten und walten konnteDas Buch ist gut und
fesselnd geschrieben auch 
geschrieben auch Charaltere sind gut When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) entwickelt und sehr komplex Hinzu kommtine schl ssige und interessant gestaltete Story so dass ich das Buch nur ungerne aus der Hand legte nachdem ich No Biggy! einmal angefangen hatte zu lesen Mir gef llts auf jeden Fall sehr gut und ich kann Crush It! esmpfehlenI received a copy of this book from Attracting Birds to Your Backyard eBook Discovery inxchange for my honest review Pardoned Jacobite rebel marries an En. Clan home in the Scottish Highlands Then the notorious leader of the Jacobite Rebellion returns and James disappears Now Thea must rally the strangers around her if she hopes to reclaim the man who first stole her heart REVIEWS A thoroughly ntertaining and sensual romance RT Book Reviews a story that will make you laugh make you cry .
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