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Sh Civil War which cost dearly or both sides the Spanish population or less accepted the authority of Franco People The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, from the losing side buried their identities and only rarely theyorm a resistance At that time a great war was engulfing Europe claiming most of the nation s attention Franco managed to navigate a delicate balance during the war not committing much to either side and led Spain relatively unscathed after World War II During his reign Spain also saw significant economic growth and stabilityHowever Franco Spain is still a dictatorship There were killings and kidnappings Oppression on the Rascal free press The dictatorship used civil and military apparatuses to maintain authority Some people were behind this oppression because there was no other choice Some willingly joined After 40 years the dictatorship died with Franco s death Miraculously Spain transitioned peacefully into democracy shortly afterward Some historians believed that the peaceful transition is possible because of restraintrom both sides The pro Franco Another Day of Life faction restrainedrom seizing power which would have What Would You Like? faced a massive opposition and the anti Franco restrainedrom heavily persecuting people who enabled the dictatorshipFor the Spanish population the period after Franco was the time Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, for reinvention People involved in the dictatorship started to tailor another historyor themselves distancing themselves Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, from Franco This is the moment that Enric Marco used to slip his self mythology Cercas posits that at that point a majority of the populationelt ashamed of themselves Friend Foe for complicity and likely to revere a heroigure that maintained clandestine resistanceMoreover the novel explains that Marco s deception was The Longevity Diet facilitatedurther by the authority underline author of the victim and witness People arguably as it should do not dare to uestion the victim We are also less likely to undermine accounts of which we know little This double blackmail Marco used effectively to his advantageAnother uality that I like about this book is the philosophical ramifications of Grassroots Innovation fiction retelling and authorship that the book explores engagingly The bookor example poses the uestion if we understand Marco would that entail that we identify with him however temporarily and through identification does it mean that we even Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh for the minutest moment lower our resista If you re into stuff like this you can read theull reviewFiction Without Fiction The Impostor by Javier CercasOriginal Review 2014 11 24 The Impostor is the story of Enric Marco a Architecture and Utopia fake holocaust survivorrom the Flossenb rg concentration camp and one time chairman of the French association Amicale de Mauthausen Cercas labels it a novel without Perfect Cities fiction presumably because literary awardsor Prometheus Wired fiction are sexier than thoseor non iction It s been done before as Cercas points out referencing Truman Capote and Emmanuel Carr re but not poor Norman Mailer To be air it s been done before by Cercas as well Ever since the success of Soldier of Salamis rescued his altering literary career back in 2002 Cercas has been grafting iction to varying degrees onto real life characters and events Utterly Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks fascinating book both as an investigative story and as a psychological profile First I must say there are definitely times where the author gets lost in the weeds with too much detail about the investigative aspect thusour instead of Scenes from a Revolution five stars but I thought the uest to understand the main character intriguing Marco lives in aantasy world one that s interesting and un than reality the author s son Raul told him after ilming several hours of interviews with Marco Yes the Microsoft Visual C father said He s like Don uixote And like that character Marco is hungryor Soulprint fame and glory anxious that his exploits should be graven in the memory of the world eager that men and women should talk about him love and admire him consider him an exceptional and heroic individual For three decades Enric Marco a Catalan mechanic was a prominent publicace of Spanish survivors of the Holocaust president of a survivors association the recipient of a number of awards and distinctions He spoke at Parliament and Blah Blah Black Sheep freuently visited schools well into his 80s to tearfully recall his time at the Flossenb rg concentration camp the torture and killings he witnessed his eight months of solitary confinementMarco was a consummate storyteller a trueabulist He made himself the hero of every story the leading man that every woman wants He would include made up details in his stories to make them sound easible such as when describing the sparse utensils in his camp cell and a comb or which I never understood the purpose And pretending to hear sea gulls and somewhat oddly children playing within earshot of his cell which he took as signs of hope that he would survive In his speeches Marco declared that a man may be humiliated brutalized treated like an animal yet in a moment of madness and supreme courage he can reclaim his dignity though it should cost him his life and such moments were within the reach of everyone He captivated his audiences often bringing many to tears The media ate it upBut the author and others investigating Marco s story would learn that Marco lied about everything his name birth date war wounds role in the Resistance against Franco It was pathological Every great lie is constructed Surrender from small truths the author explains For example Marco had been in Germany during the war but as part of a voluntary work program established by Franco and Hitler He was arrested and put in prison as a Communist spy which he was not and was eventually released But he turns this into a long stint in the Flossenb rg concentration camp that would be the basis of his biggest lie yet a hoax that would lead to his downfall If you stake too much on lies you re lies will eventually catch up to youIn 2005 Marco s personal narrative was unmasked as a hoax by an obscure Spanish historian Benito Bermejo In the national uproar thatollowed some newspapers called or Marco to take his own life To pretend to be a concentration camp survivor and over to use It For His Own for his own was too much or true survivors After the scandal broke and his deception was unmasked the author writes he did not acknowledge his mistake did not stay silent did not know or recognize himself O Regresso da Atlântida - Os guerreiros de Posídon for who he was but refused to accept his true identity and actively defended himself in the press on the radio on television and onilm He rushed to defend his imaginary I the heroi DNF at 47% I am very very bored by the story and the punctuation is driving me round the bend an excess of colons and semicolons a lot of them in the wrong place This remarkable book by one of Spain s most celebrated authors is a biography historical novel and a psychological analysis of Enric Marco 1921 a notorious Catalan narcissist and mediopath with nearly as many lives as a cat who gained ame by claiming to be a survivor of a concentration camp during World War II but was disgraced after it was discovered that he was actually a volunteer worker in Germany during that time Cercas compares Marco to Don uixote as both men reinvented themselves in middle age after leading banal lives Alonso uixanoDon uixote as a medieval nobleman and Enric Marco as a mechanic in order to become heroic courageous and admirable characters Unlike Don uixote Marco SOUGHT THE LIMELIGHT AND THE ADORATION the limelight and the adoration the public to validate his The Scarlet Ruse (Travis McGee fradulent existence which bears than a little similarity to the current President of the United States However Cercas also implies that Marco is a Spanish 20th century Everyman as his lies mirror those of nearly all Spaniards who passively accepted theascist rule under General simo Francisco Franco The White Road forour decades but rejected him after the country s rapid transition rom dictatorship to democracy after his death in 1975 Cercas spent well over a decade writing this death in 1975 Cercas spent well over a decade writing this which was based on original research along with numerous interviews with Marco in Barcelona Both men manipulate each other or personal gain Cercas does so in order to complete the book and Marco seeks to reclaim himself as a hero after his public downfall The only Mind Wide Open fictional component of the novel comes toward the end in an imagined conversation between the two men in which each describes the other s hidden motives weaknesses and desires The Impostor is an impressive multilayered work in keeping with Cercas s other novels about rebels men who stood up and said No in theace of authority or public opinion and paid a heavy price as a result I have read all of Cercas s books that have published into English and in my opinion this is his most impressive work because of the great effort he put into writing it his analysis of himself as a Dominant FUTA Collection flawed man who is not all that dissimilarrom Marco and in portraying Marco as both a sympathetic and a repulsive man. Che negli anni Settanta è stato segretario del sindacato anarchico – la CNT – e in seguito ha presieduto l’associazione spagnola dei sopravvissuti ai campi di sterminio nazisti ricevendo numerosi riconoscimenti per il coraggio dimostrato negli anni e la testimonianza degli orrori del lager In realtà è un impostore Nel 2005 la sua menzogna è stata pubblicamente smascherata Enric Marco come ha rivelato uno storico non è mai stato internato a Flossenbürg E l’intera sua vita è un racconto intessuto di inzioni dalla sua partecipazione alla guerra civile alla militanza antifranchista Dieci anni dopo la magistrale scrittura di Javier Cercas traduce in un romanzo audace che sfida le convenzioni narrative l’enigma del personaggio le sue verità e le sue bugie In ueste pagine intense si dipana un intero secolo di Storia raccontato con la passione di un sovversivo della letteratura e un’ammirevole onestà dissacrator. ,
All part explains why it lasted orty years It is that simple It is that easy This is no reason to reproach Marco no one as I have said before is obliged to be a heroAnother literary comparison that underpins the book is that of Don uixote indeed Cercas admits This one needs a big review But got headaches I need to point out one error in the book that really played on my mind This error not only appears on page 129 I am also stunned that it appears in the official blurbs A New Society for the book check Book Depository or Goodreads this is a direct uoterom the blurb By the time he is unmasked in Austria in 2005 on the eve of the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the campIn 2005 it was the SIXTEITH Anniversary of the liberation of the camp and I can assure you this is no minor error When you are reading a book that is uestioning historical truths when it talks about stories containing mistakes and inaccuracies on purpose to put you off the scent I thought Three Chinese Poets for some time that this error was put there on purpose This was playing on my mind so much I have had someone check the Spanish version to see if it said 60th or 70th and the original text says 60th anniversary so it is either a translation or editing error The Spanishor sixty Part biography part novel part memoir This is a difficult book to describe The blurb alone is mysterious and it is what initially drew me to this book when I was browsing in the bookshop a Bounty of the Blood Witch (Dragon Hero, few weeks ago A true story that is packed withiction Lestate dei giochi spezzati fiction created by its main character Enric MarcoBut who is Enric Marco A veteran of the Spanish Civil War aighter against Cooking for a Crowd fascism an impassioned campaigneror justice and a survivor of the Nazi death camps Or is he simply an old man with delusions of grandeur a charlatan who A History of the English Language in 100 Places fabricated his heroic war record who was never a prisoner in the Third Reich and never opposed Franco a charming beguiling and compulsive liar who refashioned himself as a defender of liberty and who was unmasked in 2005 at the height of his influence and renownIn this novel part narrative part history part essay part biography part autobiography Javier Cercas unravels the enigma of the man and delves with passion and honesty into the most ambiguous aspects of what makes us human our infinite capacityor self deception our need The South Beach Diet Supercharged for conformity our thirstor affection and our conflicting needs Surviving the Silence foriction and Kursk for truthFor those who are unfamiliar with the story of Enric Marco he was a manrom Barcelona who Because It Feels Good for almost 30 years had told people that he had been deported to Germany and was a survivor of Nazi camps and he held the position of president of the Spanish associationor survivors of Mauthausen Over the years he had given countless interviews spoken at many different occasions delivered lectures even addressing the Spanish Parliament on occasion Until in 2005 it was discovered that he had never been deported and neither had he been subjected to internment in a Nazi camp This was a National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) fascinating read but ultimately a difficult one to enjoy And one that I took a week to absorb Yet I still can t explain to you precisely what I read Who this character of Marco truly is I still don t know I stilleel in the dark as to what his motivation was and why exactly he wished to create this persona that was so respected within Spain There are so many threads to the tapestry of his life that his mysterious story is best exemplified by this passage This then is what Marco is the man of the majority the man of the crowd the man who despite being a loner or perhaps because of it refuses to be alone on principle who is always where everyone is who never says No because he wants to be liked to be loved and respected and accepted hence his mediopathy and his The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, fierce need to be in the spotlight the man who lies to hide what he is ashamed of of what makes him differentrom other people or what he believes makes him different And the Crooked Places Made Straight from other people the man guilty of the profound crime of always saying Yes And so the ultimate enigma of Marco is what all men are but in aorm that is larger than life bigger intense visible or perhaps he is all men or perhaps he is no one a vast container an empty set an onion whose layers have been all peddled away until there is nothing a place where all meanings converge a blind spot through which everything is visible a darkness that illuminates everything a great elouent silence a pane of glass that reflects the universe a hollow that shares our The Obliterated Man fork an enigma whose ultimate solution is that there is no ultimate solution a transparent mystery that is nonetheless impossible to solve one it is better perhaps not to solve If I am to callault to this book it is to the sometimes overbearing presence of the writer in these pages I simply elt there was too much of the author and his views #IN THE WRITING I WOULD HAVE #the writing I would have separation between his life and Marco s life But conversely that same author presence gave this book a certain charm and made it absolutely unlike anything I ve ever read before Two and a half stars The Spanish literature conceals true jewel Last year it was Confiteor of Jaume Cabre a great novel I orgot to review I don t speak spanish but this book has just been translated in Mr Majeika and the School Book Week french It is a true story Enric Marco was a star in Spain President of the Mauthausen deportees association president of the parents pupils of Catalonia anarcho syndicalist a moraligure in the post Franco Spain All is Outliving false Stupor and scandal in Spain This book is not a novel stricto sensu This is also a journalistic work Cercas met Marco 8 times But he is a novel He invented an ideal life to escape the mediocrityrom its existence Jacues Audiard made a Landscapes of Communism film on the same topic Regarde les hommes tomber In spite of that Cercas succeeds in writing a true novel a reflection on the dreamed destinies After the reading I do not manage to be in anger against Marco human too human A week after the official start of the Indonesian presidential campaign news broke that supporters of the incumbent allegedly assaulted one of the opposition s spokesperson While the public was still uestioning the verity of this allegation the opposition side held an unexpected public conference Led by the candidate himself the campaign team affirmed the accusation and vehemently criticized the governmentor allowing the assault They even published the photographs of the bruised spokesperson The news pulled the nation s attention Controversies ablaze verdicts issued and conspiracy theories were thrown aroundStrangely the voice of reason that took credence came not New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics from the realm of law or politic It wasrom the ield of cosmetic surgery that the truth unfolded A cosmetic doctor analyzed the pictures allegedly the evidence of the assault and concluded that the injuries and swellings were not rom a physical attack but rather rom cosmetic surgery He cited the symmetry of the bruises and *their similarities with the typical effects of a acelift or similar operations A urther investigation supported this theory The police did *similarities with the typical effects of a acelift or similar operations A Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation further investigation supported this theory The police didind any evidence that the spokesperson was admitted to a hospital in the area contrary to the spokesperson s account Pictures of the spokesperson being treated in a place resembling a beauty clinic emerged Confusion reigned But increasingly the the spokesperson was lying side gained Conversationally Speaking followers Ultimately both parties demanded the truth and pressed the spokesperson to hold her silence no The rest as they say is history The spokesperson s name is Ratna Sarumpaet aormer human rights activist in the 90s In a dramatic confession she ultimately refuted the assault allegation She confessed to having cosmetic surgery the aftermath of which she disguised as the result rom surgery the aftermath of which she disguised as the result rom attack Maybe because of shame possibly to avert disapproval who knows she hid the surgery Red November from heramily s knowledge thus sparking the rumor and probably the most prominent political drama of that year For almost two weeks she had deceived the nation of 250 million people a great impostorIt is probably a divine providence that in the period this incident happened I was also reading this excellent book The novel is about another even greater impostor Enric Marco who Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) fooled peoplerom Spain and abroad to believe that he was involved in an anti Franco and anti Nazi resistance as well as a victim of the Nazi concentration camp of MauthausenThroughout the novel Cercas examines the life of Enric Marco He charts Marco s life rom birth to the present Exposing the parts that are blatant lies providing theories and pieces of evidence that might explain the truth One of the ualities of this book is that the extraordinary life journey Marco claims or himself and the likely version both explain Spain s history and how its people confront the bleak history of the nation and the continentIn the aftermath of the Spani. E al romanzo su La Lettura proprio al centro del prestigioso inserto del Corriere della SeraÈ la ualità e la varietà delle reazioni che colpisce il libro scatena riflessioni sulla A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, forma del romanzo sul rapporto tra Storia e memoria tra verità e menzogna sull’ambiguità come categoria letteraria sulla manipolazione del genocidio persino sulla politica attuale e passataNelrattempo anche in Francia esce “ L’impostore” ed esplode subito il caso editoriale 2 ristampe in meno di un mese candidato a due tra i più importanti premi letterari PRIX MÉDICIS e PRIX FEMINAIn Italia “ L’impostore” viene ristampato 2 volte in meno di una settimanaUn affascinante romanzo vero ma allo stesso tempo una mirabile opera di Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit finzione Lainzione però in uesto caso non è Architecture by Birds and Insects frutto dellaantasia dell’autore ma è opera dello stesso protagonista Enric Marco Chi è Enric Marco Un novantenne di Barcellona militante antifranchista. This is the truth This is what happened or what I assume or imagine happened Javier Cercas I am an impostor but not a Beyond Carnival fraudEnric Marco after his deception was uncoveredBook 1213rom the 2018 longlist MBI book 13 not yet being published and perhaps my Microsociology favourite in many respects of them all As withellow shortlistee Munoz Molina this is my 5th Javier Cercas novel actually strictly 6th since one book was two novellas My avourite to date had been The Anatomy of a Moment Thirty Five Minutes in History and Imagination and of course his classic Soldados de Salamina The Speed of Light was also very good although The Tenant And The Motive were both rather lesser worksAnd indeed there are strong links to The Anatomy of a Moment stylistically in terms of theme particularly the transition in Spain to democracy and indeed in the history of how this book came to be writtenThe Impostor begins I did not want to write this book I did not know exactly why I did not want to write it but did not want to acknowledge it or did not dare acknowledge it or not entirely During that time I wrote two others but I never orgot this one on the contrary after my ashion while I was writing those two books I was also writing this one Or perhaps after its ashion this book was writing mea sentence that is rather reminiscent of another highly talented Spanish author called Javier Javier Mar as and The Impostor shares much of his analytical circular deliberately repetitive styleThe reason Shadow of the Vampire for Cercas s reluctance in part relates to the story he was to tell I met Enric Marco in June 2009our years after he became the great impostor and the great pariah Many people still remember his story Marco was an octogenarian Statistical Computing in C++ and R for Barcelona whoor almost three decades had passed himself off as a departado a deportee to Hitler s Germany and a survivor of the Nazi camps Human Aspects of Software Engineering for three years he had been president of the Amical de Mauthausen the principal Spanish associationor survivors of Mauthausen he had given hundreds of lectures and dozens of interviews he had received a number of significant official distinctions and had addressed the Spanish parliament on behalf of his supposed companions in misfortune until it was discovered in early May 2005 that he had not been deported and had never been a prisoner in a Nazi campAdding to the story Enric Marco under variations of his names had also risen to lead a nationwide trade union again based on deception then when that crumbled had risen to a senior position in the nationwide association of school parents here based on his ability to bluff about his abilities than any reinvention of his past he did actually have children as well as turning out to have children How to Make a Plant Love You from an earlier marriage completely unknown to his ownamilyThe unmasking just days before he was due to give a speech at the Mauthausen concentration camp and in the presence of the Spanish Prime Minister was at the hands of a relatively obscure historian Benito Bermejo The BBC take on the story it was international news is here Marco s Cities and Dialogue false claim wasn t that he was in Mauthausen but rather that he was prisoner 6448 in the much lesser known Flossenb rg camp but as Benito Bermejo explained in El Pais The real inmate 6448 at Flossenb rg was Enriue Moner Castells born in Figueras in the year 1900 Enric Marcoound that name in the Christmas Doll filesrom the camp and thought that the coincidence between their Dark Tide Rising (William Monk first names and theirst initial of their surnames would allow him to steal his identityWhen Cercas met Marco he had just published The Anatomy of a Moment in his words a curious book a strange novel without The Internet Book fiction a rigorously true story devoid of the slightest trace of invention or imagination and was initially loathe to write a similar novel withoutiction againThere was also the uestion of whether to tell Marco s story was somehow to justify it A daughter of one of the actual camp internees someone who had been taken in by Marco s story wrote to El Pais to argue against journalists pursuing it I do not think we need to understand the reasons The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, for Senor Marco s deception To spend time attempting to justify his behaviour is to disparage andail to understand the legacy of those who were deportedCercas was also reminded of Primo Levi s words Fearless Jack from If This Is a Man As Cercas explains In If This Is a Man Primo Levi had written with reference to Auschwitz or to his experience of Auschwitz Perhaps one cannot what is one must not understand what happened because to understand is almost to justify which if it didn t stop Levi writing his works certainly added to the guilt heelt as a holocaust survivor and writerLater Cercas discovered the commentary on Levi s words by Tzvetan Todorov the semiologist who also The Film Club features albeitor comic relief in the MBI longlisted The Seventh Function of Language Todorov argued that or victims Cercas argued by extension also the children of victims understanding relies on some degree of identification and so could be damaging But that otherwise understanding is a duty Understanding evil is not to justify it but the means of preventing it #From Occurring AgainTwo Prominent Authors Also Weighed In With Their #occurring againTwo prominent authors also weighed in with their on Marco at the time of his unmasking Claudio Magris wrote an article The Liar who Tells The Truth essentially supporting Marco s own line that his stories were true and needed his gift or publicity even if they strictly didn t happen to him Cercas has relatively little truck with this arguing that Marco peddled a kitsch version of history rather like The Life is Beautiful music rom which was often played to accompany his media appearances although Cercas also dismisses the view that Marco s deception played into the hands of holocaust revisionists since they need no encouragement in their delusionsMore influentially not least as he is a riend of Cercas Mario Vargas Llosa wrote an article calling Marco a monstrous genius In Cercas words Vargas Llosa proclaimed that the novelist is a liar who tells the truth and claims our man is a brilliant storyteller and welcomes him to the guild Vargas Llosa also told Cercas personally that Marco is one of your characters You have to write about him Eventually having completed the ictional novel Outlaws Cercas did return to the project interviewing Marco and his acuaintances and researching in archives and examining his own conscience as to his motivation in writing the story and this book is the resultMarco s deceptions began the day he was born or rather with the date of that day April 14th 1921 exactly ten years before the proclamation of the Second Republic he proclaimed widely almost every time he gave a speech or introduced himself the prosaic truth was that he was a speech or introduced himself the prosaic truth was that he was two days earlier on April 12th He also claimed to have ought in the Civil War on the Republican side indeed decades before his deception with the concentration camp he had used his claimed past as an anarchist and republican to work his way to the top of one of Spain s main trade unions the anarcho syndicalist CNT Confederaci *N Nacional Del Trabajo Re *Nacional del Trabajo re after Franco s deathThis was a claim after his unmasking most commentators also assumed to be Ninth Grade Slays false as he would have been officially too young to have called up his accounts of his time were very sketchy his achievements exaggerated and there was no evidence Indeed the historian who unmasked him believed he Marco may even have been an informeror the other side But during the novel Cercas eventually Murder of Crows finds to his surprise documentary proof that Marco was at least in the republican army even if the kitsch claimsor his heroic deeds in historic battles were completely exaggerated and his claims of clandestine involvement in resistance activities after the Civil War completely Work Your Wardrobe fabricatedWhen discussing why if he was there Marco s account were so lacking in detail Cercas invokes literature notably the protagonists in The Charterhouse of Parma and War and Peace whoought at the battles of Waterloo and Borodino but barely realised what was happening around them as Tolstoy says he who plays a part in an historic event never understands its significance Later Cercas returns to this argument to justify the importance of conventional history alongside the increasing veneration of witnesses memories Indeed he argues that one of the reasons Marco s deception Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, fell on suchertile ground was this veneration and the historical memory movement or collective memory as Maurice Halbwachs dubbed it that took route in Spain around the turn of the millenniumMarco he also argues was The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business farrom the exceptional heroic igure he claimed but rather guilty of the same mediocrity as everyone else Through the years of the Franco regime he continued to side with the vast majority of Spaniards who willingly or otherwise meekly accepted the dictatorship and whose deafening silence in no sm. LA CRONISTORIA DEL ROMANZO DI CUI TUTTI PARLANO3 settembre 2015 “ L’impostore” di Javier Cercas attualmente uno degli scrittori più importanti in lingua spagnola esce nelle librerie italiane dopo essere stato al vertice delle classifiche spagnole Il premio Nobel Vargas Llosa è tra i primi a sostenerne l’eccezionalitàIl tema del romanzo è la storia vera di un novantenne di Barcellona militante antifranchista che si inge sopravvissuto ai campi di sterminio La ualità della scrittura e la profondità di analisi sono così potenti che il venerdì di Repubblica gli dedica la copertina con un’illustrazione di Gipi appositamente disegnata per il libroAnche Concita De Gregorio lo recensisce su La Repubblica L’articolo è richiamato dalla prima pagina del uotidianoTutti i principali uotidiani settimanali blog testate on line cominciano a parlare del libroDue intere pagine a Icon firma di Pier Luigi Battista vengono dedicat.

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