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Writing It was far from Polished And I Spent A and I Spent A Chunk Of a chunk of diting it in my head So much inner monologue alot of inconsistency I couldn t get into the book the way I wanted to because of the writing and that made it difficult to connect with the story itself Second the characters are a hot mess This is The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) exactly the kind of storyline I typically would love but with so much over the top drama and juvenile character behavior I was annoyed than immersed There s a fine line regarding behavior that characters can come back from and believe me I m a firm believer in pushing that bar allowing characters to do the unforgivable and then allowing them to grovelnough to rebuild what s been broken But in the case of these characters I started to just wish they d go their own way and Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, end all of this toxic craziness There was no grovel There was immediate acceptance and I just didn t get it I hope with book 2 comes a lot of character growth because there wasn tnough in this one Yes there s a book 2 and if I m being honest I might actually read it But man this book could ve been so much better I m torn There s a lot I didn t like but in the nd I suppose there might just be nough to nsure I might come back for Opposites attract in this there might just be nough to Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue ensure I might come back for Opposites attract in this wrenching love story Graham feel unworthy of love and Kennedy tries to help heal him That cliffhangerOn to the next Triggers Abuse Lots of spoilers so be warned No seriously if you don t want to knowvery single detail about this book stop nowI came across this on unlimited and since it was free I decided to give it a chance The premise sounded interesting nough but boy was I wrong Let s just get straight to all of the reasons why I didn t like this book in no particular order1Harassment towards the heroine from a classmate2Hero is physically abused3Heroine is almost raped4Heroine constantly forgives hero for his fuck ups like 3 times5Hero ran over heroine with his car while drunk and driving6aHero tells heroine about his past hero gets a virgin to sleep with him then he humiliated her in front of his friends and she kills herself a month later and heroine still thinks he is a good person that made a horrible mistake ven though he hasn t changed his attitude and screwed over the heroine multiple times 6bAlso the hero s grandfather builds a whole new school to cover up the fact that the hero had something to do with the girl killing herself in the school which makes no sense because it takes months to build a school yet I m supposed to believe that this girl killed herself in the old school and no one heard about it because a new school popped up the next day7Heroine s mother let s the hero sleep in the same bed as her daughter Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) even though they re 17 or 18 years old 8After the hero sends the biggest FU to the heroine at thend of the book by cheating on her the heroine still thinks there is good in him 9Rember note 1 and 2 Well the person that was harassing the heroine Gone (Gone, ends up raping her at thend of the book anyway and this is the situation that makes the Hero realize. Of the girls at his high school With secrets no one knows he has Threads Of The Shroud every intention of running away from his hometown the minute he graduates Nothing can get in his way Until poor choices collide him into Kennedy ConradGraham Black isverything she wantsKennedy Conrad has her own set of rules Dance with your whole heart and make it through All Seated on the Ground each day without being noti. 2 StarsI tried to look past a lot of the stuff Graham did in this book but it got to the point where I couldn t Kennedy just kept forgiving him and didn t care about the stuff he did in his past I get that your past shouldn t define you but after reading about the prank he pulled I was done 25 StarsSpoilers below Let mexplain my rating first before I start my rant 25 stars is half of 5 I couldn t put this book down all because I was waiting for both Hh to GET A CLUE but there s no way I was going to say I loved it Rant starts nowThe heroine Kennedy is the BIGGEST DOORMAT EVER The author plays it off as strong but yea NO She s a fucking doormat The Hero Graham is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE What was the author thinking Graham constantly fucks up Even up until the Untitled. end he FUCKS up BIG TIME by sleeping with anx conuest all because he couldn t deal This leads to Kennedy getting attacked raped and hospitalized So instead of the groveling Hero which I love when they do she once again puts on a smiling face and tells him it s not his fault WHAT THE FUCK DOORMAT MUCH And when I go and read the synopsis for book two we re back to suare one Him as a manwhore and she just taking it FUCK THIS I m out It s not worth it Wow this book has left me in awe The tragedies dysfunctional families friends Wiring enemies bullying and justvery day life is all in Graham and Kennedy s story Kennedy is the girl with a plan Go to school get the best grades stay under veryone s radar and get into Columbia Well all that changes when she is hit by a car From that point on her she life is "flipped around for the better and worseGraham is the All American baseball player king of the "around for the better and worseGraham is the All American baseball player king of the money bails him out very time and a total man whore However he does have a tender sweet and loving side that no one sees but one person But keep in mind habits are very hard to breakThis story made me feel an array of Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage emotions and kept me wanting I hated when the storynded but I am glad for the next book be cause this means that Graham and Kennedy aren t done yet I am The DOS excited to see ifach if them heal the way they need in order to find themselves again Loved Violet and want of the badass best friend This was a really great book This story deals with lots of tragedy guilt blame and heartbreak People are always hardest on themselves and feel guilt for things that aren t always their fault Kennedy Conrad moves to town their freshman year of college Graham Black is only a freshman but he s already a star on the baseball team and people know he s going to make something of himself He s gorgeous built talented popular and at times cruel He s a player that hooks up with girl after girl and at times cruel He s a player that hooks up with girl after girl he won t allow any feelings to nter the picture Kennedy is completely different than most people their age She s uiet reserved works hard talented dancer and doesn t like people to pay her

Any Attention One Night Graham 
attention One night Graham into Kennedy and changes both of their lives forever Kennedy is xtremel I m not sure what to Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism even say about this book First off I struggled with the. Note Edited updated version uploaded 10 12 15 Kennedy Conrad isverything he needsGraham Black has two rules in life Play baseball so he can get the hell out of Tennessee and leave your shirt on when you drop your pantiesHe’s a typical all American pitcher with the world at his fingertips His devilish good looks and charm help him crawl into the beds and hearts. ,

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He should have been for the heroine and had no right to be mad at herThe hero could literally shoot her parents dead and she would still think he is the greatest thing that Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils ever walked thisarth10After getting raped and nearly beaten to death she acts perfectly fine and continues to reassure the hero that nothing was his fault This girl is so blinded by love she would walk straight into the depths of hell if the hero told her toBasically I didn t appreciate how the hero didn t learn from his mistakes and I definitely didn t like how ignorant the heroine looked when she forgave the heroDo yourself a big favor and skip this book if you yourself a big favor and skip this book if you to come across it You ve been warned Damn it this book total angst but that Payment Due end fuck This story is so addictive the two main characters were really going on my nerves with their stubbornness but I just could not put this book down Thank God the next one is out no sleep for me tonight WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I cannot believe this I finished this book at 234amI was NOT going to bed until I knew what the hell was going to happen with Graham Black Kennedy ConradI jacked myself up on caffeine just was sure that I would notven not off just to make it to the Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, endWellSeven hours later and like two real solid hours of sleep I am STILL ripped in half Mymotions are so whacked out right now mixed feelings but not in a bad way and I don t Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, even want to remember that1 I have no clue when the next installment is coming out2 This is a three book series and I m not sure my heart can take any but a HEA sooner rather than laterKennedy Conrad is our sexy nerd with sass I loved loved loved loved loved her character She was honest intelligent funny shy socially outcasted and perfectly okay with it a loyal friend and honest to goodness there was nothing about her that I didn t likeGraham Black is our oh my god he s so hot baseball player who made me cringe tsk shake me head ooh and ahh all over I hated him I loved him felt so damn bad for him then I loved THEM and then I hated him again and right now I m not sure how I truly feelKennedy and Graham meet in freshman year and don t really seeach other or speak to The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, each other until two years later as they run in different circlesGraham sees Kenny for the first time during her performance in school He finally notices her and he can t shake that That night Kennedy goes on a walk toscape her parents fightingGraham is on his way home from yet another party And ladies gentleman this is when their world collidesKennedy honest to goodness has a heart of gold view spoilerAfter being hit by Graham s car she allows him to walk away so this wouldn t hinder on his future as a baseball player She doesn t call the police she tells him to walk away and just plays pretend of not knowing who hit her hide spoiler Bloody hell This book made me cryAnd this kind of cliffhangers should be illegal Forbidden by lawI couldn t put this damned thing down I just had to know what gonna happen in the Turbulence end and I didn t see that comingGoing straight to next on. Ced She’s sweet and reservedverything Graham’s not After one fated night she can’t stop him from noticing her any She knows there’s a chance of heartache by letting him in When the unthinkable happens to Kennedy Graham realizes what he’s been fighting is what causes Kennedy to nd up hurt Can their love survive one thing that is meant to pull them apart. ,

When Our Worlds Collide
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