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Personnel Management in Government eThem Anyone who has an iphone will appreciate the page that includes the weather updates for Cupertino New York and Hartfordshire That was only one of the instances that I literally lol d Do not read this book as anasier version of Pride and Prejudice or give it to anyone who has never read the original before While it is a fun read and actually uite humorous you do not get the full story you would from reading the original Overall it was a fun and super uick read that had me laughing throughout The humor in this would most likely be lost on someone not familiar with the characters and story already but "anyone who is a true Austen fan should njoy the silliness that "who is a true Austen fan should njoy the silliness that this version of vents Fans of the classic Pride And Prejudice Will Have Great Fun and Prejudice will have great fun this version of the story told through a series of Although some of the subplots and other family receive some small attention here it is the off again on again relationship between Darcy and independent minded Elizabeth Bennett that is at the center of the story and makes this version of the story so compelling Imagine being at a ball but spending most of your time head down texting madly and often missing chances to dance with someone Readers will get a kick out of the misunderstandings that bloom between the would be couple and all the drama created by onlookers as they work their way back to safe romantic ground Although those who haven t read the original book may be a bit clueless about the plot s intricacies this one might provide nough of a tease to ncourage them to read the Jane Austen title that inspired this book These books crack me up The whole idea of Mrs Bennet having access to social mediahahaha a v ironic five stars but u know what i had FUN HILARIOUS I think this one was 5 book in the readathon And it was so hilarious I laughed out loud so much Thank goodness no one was around to witness that or they would think I was some kind of a weird. Real life A classic is reborn in this clever adaptation of Jane Austen’.

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I will do whatever makes me happy ByeFeliciaThis book had me rolling It was funny and interesting This is definitely how you get kids was funny and interesting This is definitely how you get kids in classic novels This book is a fucking tragedy I can t ven begin to tell you how ridiculous and angry this book makes me Jane Austen would be rolling in her grave if she saw what this author did to her work and then have the audacity to put her name on the book Turning a classic book into text speak and having characters like Darcy using sly faces and STFU as a response I can t Childrens Phantasies even find the words The most bizarre part of this whole horriblexperiment is that it s still set in the original time period Jane asks for the carriage at one point and they talk about governesses If you re including phones and facebook statuses and verything WHY At the beginning and nd of the book are guides to all the The Soviet Union emojis the author used Then I discovered she has used the same treatment with other Austen and Shakespeare books I am offended over ALL OF THISI lost brain cells reading this thing Meh I love all things Pride and Prejudice but this just wasn t for me You tend to loose some depth to the characters and the plot when the whole story is told through social media I also can t imagine a Lizzy Bennett who would use the poopmoji The Jane Austen Fangirl in me 1 out of 5The Whimsical Silly Girl in me 5 out of 5Overall Rating 3 out of 5Well this "review is going to be fairly short and sweet because there isn t a whole lot to say about it xceptOMG "is going
To Be Fairly Short 
be fairly short sweet because there isn t a whole lot to say about it xceptOMG correct HA HA HA I don t Science, Technology and Culture even know what to say about this one I ve been trying to be good and not post reviews on my JAFF Jane Austen Fan Fiction Butwith this one I COULDN T HELP MYSELFPride and Prejudice toldntirely through social media and No Beast So Fierce emojis being a Noob in the social media world I actually had to highlight some of the acronyms to look up what they meantDon t hate me for not understanding these and try not to laugh when I tell you what I had to. Pride and Prejudice one of the greatest love storiesver told in texts . Look up But for all of those out there who are NOT downup with all the TermsSMH Shaking My HeadTBT Throwback ThursdayIMHO In My Humble OpinionOTP One True PairingNTM Not Too MuchAnd for those of you who decide to check out this book THERE S A LEGEND AT THE BACK THAT TELLS YOU WHAT ALL THE TERMS MEAN THAT would have been nice to know when I was Google searching all of these terms LolFor a taste of how the book reads here you go From Jane Bennet To Lizzy BennetSubject Lonely in London LizzyIt s been 4 weeks and I still haven t run into Bingley His sister waited 2 weeks to say hi When she did come over she was so incredibly rude I don t want 2 b friends w her any Maybe she s protective of Bingley But that doesn t make sense bc he s completely ghosted me anyway No no no Nothing Caroline ven said he knew I was here Maybe I ll never find Time to start collecting s Hope things are better on your nd xox Jane I thought this book
Was Very Humorous And 
very humorous and well done just because of the characters and how I could TOTALLY see them on social mediaMrs Bennet Mrs Bennet took a uiz Using one moji describe your daughtersJane Lizzy Mary Kitty Lydia Kitty likes this REPLYBut then seeing Darcy calling Elizabeth Lizzie and using things like SorryNotSorry had my Jane Austen fangirl Kitty likes this REPLYBut then seeing Darcy calling Elizabeth Lizzie and using things like SorryNotSorry had my Jane Austen fangirl breaking Lol It was definitely one of those books that I m happy I read but it also hurt to read it In this latest Pride and Prejudice knockoff the famous story by Jane Austen is told through text messages mojis Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy emails status updates and various other social media avenues If you read this you should know that it is very tongue and cheek and is meant toxplore how Elizabeth and Darcy s relationship might play out in a modern day setting Imagine veryone at the ball trying to converse court one another and dance with prospective suitors all while having their noses buried in their smartphones The only way you could interact with your dance partner would be to text. Imagine What if Lizzy Bennet and Mr Darcy had smartphones and dated IRL in. Darcy Swipes Left

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