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35 Shax is an asshole starsOh manI have been loving this series This band of misfits can et into some serious trouble but they always come out on top Heckle was really the star of this one I was lad to see Mac ive him some sweet loving he deserved and for him to find his place

come into his own I looking forw There will be 45 stars Despite an it was dark and stormy night opening which surprised a wtf moment out of me yet amused Shax the book is just as ood as the previous ones A new character is introduced to motley crew of Brimstone Maximilian my favorite name a brave introduced to motley crew of Brimstone Maximilian my favorite name a brave bugger uite literally and a singer He saves another stormy night the day and all of Brimstone crew with Heck s help AND I hope I am not mistaken here becomes Leopold s partner and Shax s son in law Tho for the life of me I can t figure out how things can work between a hedgehog and a millipede This installment is an opening to many rand and not so Constantly Craving grand but I am sure just as humorous adventures Do not miss it D Mac came up with the bestame for Heckle with that what color does this touch make you see melted my little heart all to oo I need of this crew Yep rollicking fun Another frolicsome adventure with the Brimstone crewWith many nods to Mr Poe Shax and company decide to steal an entire abandoned house which is sold to him as being an experimental holo suite designed to rant people s fantasies sort of place In reality as you might uess it is most definitely something else Shax s arrogance whilst befitting demonic royalty is oing to et him and his crew in trouble they can t et out of someday But Heckle and ANOTHER new crewmate Bourdieus Secret Admirer in the Caucasus get to save the day Annnnnd Julian is back Hurrah Ness is not as happy as I am What a crazy rideEach book in this seriesot wilder and wilder I can only hope that there is a Brimstone 5 in the making at some future timeThis one has the ever expanding crew of the Brimstone stopping for supplies and some fun on a planet At the ballet Shax meets an old friend who brings When Shax stumbles across rumors of an experimental house that responds to the occupant’s brain functions creating scenarios to please and delight naturally he wants to steal it While stealing an entire ho. ,
Beside a Black Tarn

Angel Martinez é 3 review

Some drama for the whole team Leopold the hedgehog also comes in to his own a bit especially with the help of his new petit s the help of his new petIt s bizarre story makes no sense when *I Try To Explain It Or Really * try to explain it or really I was reading it But you have to follow along through the twists and turns of Angel s mind and by the end it all fits together This is part of a series I m pretty sure it wouldn t make sense if you haven t read the other books first I did start to read this one realize I didn t remember enough of the last one to know who Heckle and Mac were read it first then went straight in to this one That was a Something in Return great plan I also recently listened to the first in the series as it was released in audio not too long ago It was fun to revisit the Brimstone boys and makes me want to read the other couple again This is just a fun series of books they are short with uick creative plots cool characters occasional bits of drama and angst a little sex and fantastic writing Angel Martinez is myo to Byzantium girl for sci fi and urban fantasy books I absolutely love her books I ve really been enjoying this series It isn t perfect but it s exactly what I wanted to read right now I think I used this comparison about another of this author s books but it reminds me a lot of Futurama in style It has emotional depth but about the same amount of over the top sillinessThis book focuses a lot on Heckle the imp who was introduced in book three He s a lovable character and I enjoyed reading his point of view view spoilerI also like that Julian is back but I am not a fan of the love triangle and jealousy plot I hope the next book includes a new love interest for him somehow hide spoiler This is the fifth in a series of six books Each story is an episode in the life of the 2 space pirates Each book adds a character or two to thisrowing crew of lovers children and pets Add in a few aliens and a thug kingpin and you have 6 wonderful stories that will keep you interested in what s happening next and asking How will they Contacts Desired get out of this on. To battle a new emotion – raging jealousy With nefarious plots in the background and an overabundance of Poe references even Shax’s scheming may not be enough toet the Brimstone crew out alive this tim. .

Ess jealousy to the surface Talk about ruffling *feathersWho is this mysterious Julian Why is Shax soooooo friendly with him You will I promise want to * is this mysterious Julian Why is Shax soooooo friendly with him You will I promise want to and punch Shax i surely did DemonsAlthough we et the POV of "Every Character From The Ship "character from the ship mai Rating 4 starsAnother ood installment in the Brimstone series I really love all the characters in this series and I m The Oracles Golem (The Oracle glad that weot to see the story through each of their perspectives This was and I m Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations glad that weot to see the story through each of their perspectives This was really Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, good book that I felt was a bit too short and I really hope the author writes in the series A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review The review was written for and originally posted at wwwlovebytesreviewscomThese books are just so much fun This is the latest installment of the fantastically creative Brimstone series following the trials and tribulations of Shax the demon captain of a space ship called Brimstone Shax along with his fallen angel lover Ness fellow demon Verin Verin s human lover Corny and their latest crew members Mac Leopold and Heckle traipse around space working as pirates We have seen them through stories involving floating cows frogs bugs and now a mystery house First it was just Shax and Verin we watched as they found their lovers then accumulated the other members of their crew Leopold theiant pink hedgehog appeared as a byproduct of Ness s imagination and some DNA Mac and Heckle were rescued during the last book We also have the return of the mysterious Julian from the Brimstone preuelSo this story contains two mystery houses a confused wizard ballet Edgar Allen Poe a pink millipede and some emotional torture Heckle is really the star of this one though he is a little lost imp Shax offered him a job at the end of the last book but Heckle wasn t sure he had much to offer the captain Turns out in this story he really does He ets a little loving from a certain big mechanic and maybe some confidence in his own abilities Julian pops up to cause trouble between Shax and Ness and cause. Use sounds impossible the demon prince has a cunning planBut a night at the ballet heralds the return of a troubled and hunted Julian Parallax He brings ominous news to whisper in Shax's ear and forces Ness. ,

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