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Black Boy eS tight and the romance feels complete I would highly recommend this little story for those who have beennjoying the Scandalous series the 50 Ways to Sin pamphlet of course makes an appearance For those new to Linden this could still be read as a stand alone but I think you will enjoy it if you have read the other books in this series which it if you have read the other books in this series which should do anyway because they are greatThis novella had a fairy tale like uality to it and after learning about the darkness in Samantha s life it was the perfect happy Nighttime Sweethearts ending for her Linden just keeps getting better and better I cannot recommend this Scandalous seriesnough It has been wonderful 5 starsuI received a complimentary copy to read and review How wonderful and so sweet I loved this novellaReview posted on The Eater of Books blogA Study in Scandal by Caroline LindenBook 35 of the Scandalous seriesPublication Date February 17 2016Rating And the cutest couple award goes toSo this is where I am supposed to say I received this free and blah blah blah But here s the deal yea it was free for review But here s the bigger deal doesn t matter if you give me something free or not I am highly opinionated and you re going to get my real thoughts and feelings So suck it That being said I seriously adored this wee book A few short pages A couple of hours And usually I am not of the novella type Just not Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire enough character development In this case it was just fine It was actually rather superb I mean I would love some after story A nice novellapilogue but that s cool if I do not get it This is the story of Gray and Samantha who were mentioned in Love in the Time of Scandal a couple of times In fact you get to meet them As a side note I did venture back and reread those parts with the help of a friend Thanks Becca You do not have to but you should buy the book anyway It s worth it The story starts with Samantha s oh most horrible of fathers I mean this guy out villains the villain trope And if you have read previous books you would know how awful he is He literally turned my stomach But his awfulness was perfect It set the stage and it reminded me how terrible it must have been to be a woman in regency times #You are owned by your father husband or whatever male held your papers as it were #are owned by your father husband or whatever male held your papers as it were applaud Caroline Linden for bringing this struggle to the forefront Samantha runs from her father s Safe in My Arms evil clutches and you need to read the book for the rest of the story Samantha Tough Honest Open Sweet She was perfect in this story Ok she did a few dumb things previously seearlier *books in the series and you might want to throat punch her once or twice for it but *in the series and you might want to throat punch her once or twice for it but get over it Gray Tender Talented Kind Heroic Awesome And I totally dig his skunk Read the book I m glad I had the opportunity to read the book It made me smile And it made me appreciate skunk. T mind if she repaid him by modeling for his latest painting He’s Presunta colpevole enchanted by her face her smile all of her really But withvery study he sketches he falls a little in love with her and Samantha begins to suspect her scandalous actions might lead to the sort of love she never thought to fi. A Study in Scandal Scandalous #25

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being a Bit In Love With You His Eye Opened Gleaming #bit in love with you His ye opened gleaming her like a cat s I lied Samantha whispered touching the corner of his mouth I m than a little bit in love with you Good he murmured back Because I m utterly mad about you my dar Even though I feel like this should have been before the previous book because I already knew Samantha and Grey were together This a great addition to the scandalous series Samantha is a kind and independent and she makes such a good match with George He is sweet to her and just wants to keep her safe A great little adventure and a few moments that have you hoping that there will that happy His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, ever after Isn t this cover beautiful Sometimes it s hard to give a novella 5 stars but not this time I loved Samantha and Gray s story which is part of Caroline Linden s wonderful Scandalous series This book can be read as a stand alone bookSamantha is Benedict Lennox s sister If you ve read Ben s story in Love in the Time of Scandal you will know how truly horrible their father was This story takes place right before Ben s Samanthascapes her father s plans for her by going to London where she meets Gray Gray is an artist but also the son of a Duke He gives her a safe place to stay and they fall in love That s all I m saying as you should read this story for the details and the HEAI received an ARC of this novella which comes out February 16th You will also want to read the final book in this series Six Degrees of Scandal 32916 to find out who has been writing the pamphlet 50 Ways to Sin I can t wait to see if my guess is correct Trying to right a wrong she made several years ago Lady Samantha Lenox s confession to her strict father backfires when he sets out to punish her by arranging a marriage to a man Samantha cannot abide by Desperation has her on the run to find her brother in London but traveling alone puts her in danger than she can possibly imagine when she is accosted and almost kidnapped by some shady characters on the streets When Lord George Churchill Grey sees the young lady in trouble the artist springs into action to save the young miss after she is pushed into the river After fishing the young lady out of the water he takes her to his lodgings to figure it all out Samantha has never been in *a situation like this but being with the talented artist is a welcome sojourn to the upheaval her life has * situation like this but being with the talented artist is a welcome sojourn to the upheaval her life has When she becomes a willing model for George the contentment she feels and The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, ease with which the two slip into a budding friendship sparks something that neither is willing tond A STUDY IN SCANDAL by Caroline Linden is a short but well written tale of two people who are destined to be together I felt so much for both George s and Samantha s precarious circumstances and was drawn in immediately This. After a youthful infatuation went terribly wrong Lady Samantha Lennox gave up all thought of suitors and happily Pursuit of Justice ever after But when she angers her strict and demanding father the Earl of Stratford he retaliates by arranging a marriage for her to a man she could never admire much less love In. Story is actually my first foray into Caroline Linden s books and I amager to read by this talented author Loved it I wanted to read Samantha s story so bad Caroline Linden created another romantic sweet and passionate story in a short novella that you can read in one day I am not usually fond of the novella but I loved this one verything about this short story is perfect Caroline had Gray and Samantha in #Love in the Time of Scandal as secondary characters I was #in the Time of Scandal as secondary characters I was curious how they met and fell in loveSamantha is a sweet and beautiful girl with a horrible father She made a mistake few years ago and now she is being punished by her cruel father so how can she save herself from this dire situation Gray is the son of the Duke and his passion is painting but when the fate brings Samantha in his life he will do anything to save herThis is an amazing novella with great plot Thank you Caroline Linden This novella falls between books two and three It Takes a Scandal and Love in the Time of Scandal in Caroline Linden s Scandalous series and tells the story of Lady Samantha Lennox the A Study in Scandal is a sweet little novella that can be read any time after the second book in Caroline Linden s delightful Scandalous series This story is about Samantha key secondary character in Book 2 younger sister of Benedict the hero of Book 3 Up to secondary character in Book 2 and younger of Benedict the hero of Book 3 Up to point we have seen a sad withdrawn Samantha who has been made into a uiet shell of herself due to the harsh motional abuse of her father the Earl of Stratford In this novella all of that finally changesIn a fit of terror after Samantha s father threatens to betroth her to a man known throughout the ton for his temper and violence she flees to London to find her brother and ask him for advice Being a sheltered woman with no knowledge of the dangers of London she uickly finds herself in trouble George Churchill Gray is the younger son of a duke a very talented artist and an all around lovely person When he senses Samantha s predicament in London he immediately goes to her rescue Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude even providing her with shelter at the flat he is currently renting from the voluble and sometimes money grabbing landlady Mrs Willis This sets up a sweet romantic journey as Gray discovers his muse and Samantha learns tombrace the knowledge she has gathered about art and to Rodeo Daughter enjoy life for the first timeAs always with Linden s stories there are some twists and turns that propelled me through pages and had me sighing happily at thend After two rather angsty tales in Book 2 and Book 3 of the series this was a nice break and a welcome happy My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze ending for a secondary character who has had a rough life up to this point For many novellas are always a risk but I can assure you that the story does not suffer due to fewer pages here The characters are fleshed out nicely the plot A panic Samantha flees to London only to find herself lost alone and nearly kidnapped until an unlikely hero saves her Lord George Churchill Gray is an artist not a knight in shining armor but he doesn’t hesitate to rescue Samantha from disaster and offer her temporary sanctuary He wouldn’.

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