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Kiss the Girls dY that Msel Mar has crafted about fire and ice and it was fantastic Seth is an Alaskan engineer a former MILITARY pilot injured from battle and still ealing with the horrors he faced in Afghanistan Summer is the light to his ark a hot tempered and fiery Florida architect who stumbled into his home and his bed and upended his life Summer has a sleep Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions disorder that hasictated her entire life every choice she s made In Seth she finds someone she can trust with her nocturnal world and in turn he finds someone he can trust with his wounds and his heart The two make an unlikely pair hot and cold fire and ice but they re both passionate people who fiercely stand up for those they love The chemistry between them could melt the polar ice cap and the sex scenes while not hugely erotic were well written and very sexy nonetheless I liked the A Day Away dual suspense plots of theeviousness of Seth s family and the attempts on Summer s life Seth s grandma Astrid and Summer s stepmother Louise were both excellent comic relief and another unlikely pair that somehow found common ground I m looking forward to the next offering in this very excellent series Bottom Line This second book in the Wounded Warrior series THE STRANGER was a really great book that can be read independently of others in the series Highly recommend See at See at Reviewed for herding cats burning soup girl vs Alaska Oh Memoir of a Misfit dear The Stranger was full of exhilarating action familyrama and enough heat to keep you warm even Looking for the Toffees during the coldest of Alaskan nightsThe uick of it is that Summer s younger sister has run away and she s headed to Alaska to track herown A somewhat simple task if only Alaska would stop trying to kill her Yeah She s having no luck with this state at all Thankfully a hot stranger Raising Gods Girl dealing with his ownemons comes to her rescue Though he may just be a handful all on it s own MmhmSo I liked a number of things about this oneSeth and Summer were fun characters He s growly she s fiery And oh they get off on the wrong foot It s an explosive combination While she could be naive and stubborn she was a fighter and The Gulag Handbook didn t let anything get herown for long And Seth Just as hard headed and a bit controlling but sexy and protective They were an entertaining matchThey were good for each other too They both had medical issues PTSD and severe scarring for him and sleep walking for her that they were sensitive about It kept them each someone guarded and closed off from others And the sleep walking Yeah there were some interesting moments with that like say a sexathon when you were totally asleep Erms I liked that they each The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion did things to help the other heal and feel safe in regards to their issuesThe suspense added a lot of excitement maybe a little too much sometimes Crazy familiesanger an unknown assailant out to get Summer hostilities at his family s corporation There was a lot going on that kept these two on their toes and trying to figure out what really was going on Trouble found them every where they turned GoodnessThere s some woo woo happening as well It wasn t something I loved but it wasn t something I hated either It was just there and a bit to do with her sleep walkingNow the issuesSummer s naivete really got to me now and again Someone s trying with her sleep walkingNow the issuesSummer s naivete really got to me now and again Someone s trying kill her and she s all oh it must be mistaken identity Pffft No worries Ah She also flew off the handle in an eye rolling way towards the endThe word choice uring sexy bits could be iffy There were some cringe worth euphemisms and escriptions that while they were uniue and totally made worth euphemisms and June Fourth Elegies descriptions that while they were uniue and totally made bust out laughing though that wasn t their intent they reallyidn t lend themselves to the scenes in uestion Think Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes drinking in her body s natural brew lol I actually had a hard timeeciding if I loved them or they were ergsy And then some things that were hopefully edited before it was released moments like odd contractions where they really shouldn t have beenAll in all while I The Confabulist did for the most part enjoy this one itid give me some fits I Der Illusionist d be up for trying another fromel Mar I think at the some fits I Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue d be up for trying another fromel Mar I think at the time it s not one I would rush to pick up DNF at 35% uite frankly I Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, didn t find it interesting The story hasefinite possibilities but the writing style was ry and impersonal and the story slow and kind of boring The sex with a complete stranger while sleepwalking scene was just so weird and off putting The fact that rich hermit Seth had Summer so thoroughly investigated by illegal means was creepy Also the alternating 1st person pov is something I ve come to truly islike in reading EDITI Riding Class (Saddle Club, decided to give this book another go in the light of a neway I was very tired and stressed the other night when I gave up on it Granted the mystical woo woo was still a bit much for me the leads were occasionally immature and I still had the same issues as above but at some point the book became readable to me and the plotline interesting enough to finish Except for some skimmable stupid scenes and if the first half of the book had been as good as the last half this could have been a solid read Oh and it s not advertised as NA but it has the youngish characters angst and over the top Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, drama that is the hallmark of NA Okay but not great read a little odd and with some truly strange characters I m not likely to read another book by this author anytime soo. Eth and Summer are bound by a need as powerful as a Bering Sea superstorm and vulnerable to enemies just as fierce For Seth reawakened byesire there is no sacrifice too great no memory too ark to keep Summer safe But murder and treason lurk everywhere and Summer may not survive Alaska's ruthless winterBook two of the Wounded Warrior seriesThis book is approximately 110000 wor. The Stranger Wounded Warrior #2This is the second book in the Wounded Warrior series and I must say I enjoyed it Seth is the uintessential brooding istrusting alpha man When he finds a half frozen injured woman in the middle of an Alaskan snowstorm he immediately is suspicious thinking his cousin has set him up For as un trusting as Seth is Summer is uick to trust She headed off to Alaska to find her sister without really thinking things through and has no problem trusting Seth when he saves her life They are forced to work together to find Summer s sister and save Seth s business reputation which leads to them finding love with one another all the wayThese two are perfect for one another Where Seth is still Short Stories by Roald Dahl dealing with his injury and everything that happened in Afghanistan Summer isealing with her own sleeping Goldilocks the Three Bears disorder that has controlled much of her life In each other they find the trust and caring that they both need without realizing it While they may seem like an unlikely pair when youig igger you see just how much they compliment each other As always Anna e Mar has created a world where the chemistry is enough to melt the Alaskan tundra This review is the copyrighted property of Blushing Reads To read the full review click this link A copy of the book was provided in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are 100% my own The Stranger by Anna Socialist Realism del MarWounded Warrior 2Intrigue suspense and a mystery to solve are just part of this story The twist on being stranded in a cabin with a storm coming in wasifferent than m Loved this book Second in her series Anna weaves a great story here Suspense love a wounded war hero a strong heroine and a plot that thickens by the minute Very I Look Up To... Michelle Obama different from book one I loved this one also This is Seth and Summer s story Seth the recluse who lives in the middle of nowhere Alaska and Summer the accidental tourist from Miami looking for her runaway step sister at the behest of her half cracked step mother Seth still struggle with not only some physical healing issues but emotional ones as well as CEO of his family s billionollar corporation Summer arriving on the threshold of a severe Bering Strait storm skids off the road and hits a tree manages to crawl back up the the road where she meets the angry agitated and very suspicious Seth Seth so verbally alpha and Summer Doctor Extraño doesn t backown Summer finally agrees to go with him to his cabin to wait out the storm Mind you the cabin is state of the art everything complete with security system and all the bells and whistle Seth was an engineer prior to being a pilot Summer is an architect Once Seth gets her home he realizes she was indeed in an accident and not a plant as he suspects by another family member trying to shanghai the family business Summer has one tiny little problem she neglects to tell Seth on t blame her and on her first night there it makes it s appearance Next ay enter Jer Seth s brother who has retrieved Summer s rental car and relates her brakes have been tampered with Summer is in total enial Meanwhile hellbent on finding the sister she thinks ran off with someone she met on the off with someone she met on the and has BEEN LURED TO ALASKA SHE S FIELDING CALLS FROM lured to Alaska she s fielding calls from boss her late father s business partner who is nothing short of emanding and her crazy step mother Meanwhile feelings for Seth start coming out and Seth for her yet he is still a little Feminism is for Everybody distrustful Seth bears the scars of his helo crash and Summeroesn t bat an eye at them So the story unfolds amid family Deterring Democracy drama s from both sides abrasive Erikson Matriarch Seth s grandmother and the amazing Anya who is Russian and a shaman Wow What a kicker she was I loved her She understood Summers problem fully and feeds her little bits of folklore shaman story about it Meanwhile Summer is still inenial that her life is in Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, danger untilanger presents itself fully and completely and she fights for her life That scene is so well written and frankly it s transcendental This book is told from Hunters Heart dual POV s and at times third person and it s a hell of a read Itid run a little long but truthfully I was so sucked into the story I Menneskefluene (K2 didn t care The twists and turns are perfect the suspense was well placed and you honestlyidn t know whowhat neither Nazi Gold did Seth and the fixerproblem solving man was frustrated And to watch these two fall for each other was just too good Annael Mar score on this amazing read I look forward to the next release in this series arc from NetGalley and Carina Press in exchange for an honest review ARC next release in this series arc from NetGalley and Carina Press in exchange for an honest review ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSummer Silva is Mr Majeika and the School Inspector desperate to locate her sister return her to her stepmother and plant herself firmly back into her life in the heat of Miami Alaska however has other plans Greeting Summer with cold temperatures wind and snow the only perk of being stranded is the handsome man who rescues her if only he wasn t so surly Seth Ericksonoesn t let people in he runs his company from afar fields all visits from his family and he certainly has no time to rescue a girl who Selected Poems doesn t belong in Alaskauring the winter Somehow she gets past his efenses and he past hers their lives intertwining in a short time He s a wounded warrior a stranger but Summer trusts him with her life and her sister s life Seth will o whateve Reading The Stranger is akin to Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 driving along sever. When a mysterious stranger is your only hopeThe scars of the past have left their mark both physical and emotional on former military pilot Seth Erickson Off grid in the far reaches of the bitter Alaskan wilderness he wants only to be left alone with his ghosts But he can't ignore a woman in need beautiful stranded and nearly frozen with fearSummer Silva never imagined that the. Al miles of straight road interspersed with the occasional slight chicane and curve on the uphill or theownhill portion before it straightens out again Amidst the stunning but harsh Alaskan wilderness Summer s and Seth s backstories build from opposing irections but somehow somewhere the plot lost its focus It simply wasn t tightly woven enough Summer s search for her sister became lost in Seth s own company woes and for long stretches I had no idea where everything was heading to at all until the mystery and the action returned only full force towards the end This sense of iscontinuity from the alternating first person POV and the lack of flow between chapters made the story hard to latch onto By the time I crossed the halfway mark I started skimmed tired of the banter the seemingly inconseuential plot turns that felt like The Train Robbers dead ends and the characters who somehowon t seem sufficiently stable to be grounded as leads But Seth Erickson is than just a grouchy ex military pilot with PTSD he s one who looms so large that he might as well be an Avenger type superhero like Christian Grey with physical scars and less kink tendencies whose heroic No Reason To Die deeds lauded by all could only be matched by Superman s The contrast between the near untouchable Seth and Summer was yet another gap that the book tried to bridge with several scenes that I thought over inflated the plot instead Parts of Summer sialogue and state of mind Naked Risk (Shatterproof don t even get me started about that bloody weird sleepwalking and aura business that made her seem like a spoiled headstrong teenager who attracts trouble than the independent mature woman that the author wants to portray Herecision to trust Seth s own nemesis towards Kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewSo I ve got to say this was a pretty Raking The Ashes decent book The writing characters plot everything was pretty good The mystery element was THE best but was not bad either It was pretty stable Yep that s the word the whole story was stable and nothing else Good enough to attract your attention enough to keep you reading it till the end The characters were all likeable Not attachable though I most probably would forget the story line pretty uickly Maybe that was a bit rude but nothing stood out except the whole supernatural element going on The whole thing with the Northern Lights and the spirit animals excited me Honestly it was the bear D From the many reviews I saw on Goodreads it seems a lot of people liked the first book better But I can t compare considering Iidn t even read the first book So by any chance I get to read the first one I would gladly give it a try Even though The Stranger is the second book in the wounded warrior series by Anna Ellie (Ellie, del Mar it still feels a lotifferent than The Asset which was the first book in that series While in The Asset the focus was totally on the Dear Office-Politics developing relationship between the leading characters I felt that in The Stranger the focus was on the plot This book feels like a suspense novel at times than as a romance Which is not a bad thing so pleaseo not misunderstand this but after reading the first book I expected something Thomas Harriott different hereI also had a problem with the relationship between the characters there wasefinitively something between them but I could not feel the sparks I think it was because as I said the focus felt ifferent and the reader was much into iscovering the reasons for things that happened discovering the reasons for things that happened paying attention to the leads From the focus of suspense this book offers the reader much than one would expect by its blurb Also I suppose that if you neglect the comparison between the Asset and the Stranger the Banter going on between Seth and Summer will keep the readers entertained for sureI liked the setting of the book very much and you notice that the author put a lot of thought into the writing of the surrounding and the backstory She wrote everything with a lot of etails that help the reader to live inside the plot which is an admirable trait in a book Me personally I would the plot which is an admirable trait in a book Me personally I would hope that with the next book in the series the focus goes back to the wounded warrior and not so much to the suspense But hey that is the reason all tastes are ifferent so just go ahead and enjoy this book Ms Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book del Mar s story made me want to move to a frozen tundra of course it s 93egrees and miserable right now so that may have something to The Hidden Jewels do with it Herescriptions of Alaska were so vivid and gorgeous that I was legit looking at jobs When Seth Erickson stumbles upon a half frozen injured woman in the middle of nowhere in an Alaskan snowstorm he s immediately suspicious It would be just like his asshat cousin to set him up Summer Silva obviously Chaplin didn t think things through beforeropping everything to search for her missing sister but her luck has been nothing but bad since landing in Alaska This brooding angry istrustful man who s saved her life should scare the bones out of her but she feels strangely safe and protected in his presence Threats to both of them forces Seth and Summer to work TOGETHER TO FIND SUMMER S SISTER to find Summer s sister save Seth s business reputation and somewhere along the way love blooms When push comes to shove will their new relationship survive the eviousness of those who want to harm them I m obsessed with the frozen The Creatures dangerous stor. Search for her missing sister would leave her abandoned on a wintry back road barely escaping with her life from a cold blooded killer for hire Now hiding out in the isolated cabin of the secretive wounded warrior who saved her Summer knows she musto what she fears most Putting her trust in a stranger is all she has leftAll So Sweet (Sugar Baby, defenses areownAfter a fiery first night together