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Member this IS an erotic romance and ou should be expecting this The sexlove scenes were many and VERY KINKYWe learned a lot of the day to day life about being a biker in a club What jobs they do and also what each type of woman that plays a role in their life s from sweet butts to old ladies and even sheep s We are introduced to many of the men and the woman of this MC club They all added their own flare some good and some bad but nevertheless really good secondary characters that added a lot to the overall story I ve read many of MC romances that include lots of illegal behavior and lots of violence This one was a bit different The violence was not too high basically just men beating men up No guns no knives no motorcycle chase scenes These men just basically did their jobs had sex and drank alcohol like fishThen there was the drama Things between Dare and Red were not simple It took a bit of time for them to open up and truly trust each other with their dark pasts especially DareOverall I really liked Enough and I m very much looking forwards to reading book 2 Released when it becomes available this fall I received an ARC from Carina Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review No rating Unfortunately I couldn t get into the book I know it s time to drop it when I start skimming at 15% in I m sure there is a plot to the book and some steamy scenes but the writing style wasn t for me My biggest problem was that often than not the book read like someone s journal What I mean by that is that a lot of info was dumped on me but not in a very engaging way I would have preferred to learn that information through character interaction would have loved some banter I love when the two main characters get to know bits and pieces about each other before they jump into bed These two here were not very exciting for me He was determined to have her and she just avoided him And there wasn t much dialogue in between The writing went something like this this is not a uote I went to she shop and found that she was gone I hung around with the guys and then went to her apartment and waited on the steps Then she came home and saw me She stood there with shopping bags so I took them It just felt like someone was writing about their day in a journal I woke up brushed my teeth The book is told from dual POV and there was an instance of the same scene being told from both POVs I find that totally unnecessary It just slows the pace of the book down and in this case it felt like word filler And then I stumbled upon the sexual daydream fantasy the heroine was having about the hero Personally I don t like that If The Janitor (The Contenders, you are building anticipation this is kinda ruining it I skipped it because it was paragraph after paragraph of explicit sex which I wanted to be real I guess I mean I m all for them dreaming sure drop a line or two here and there but multiple paragraphs Why wait for the mcs to even get together ifou can just read their fantasies and be done with it Anyways that s around the time I stopped And perhaps I should add that I am not a big lover of motorcycle novels I have only tried the Motorcycle man by KA and I didn t like it at all It might be the whole let me push Night Without Stars you around some pinou choke Lamore tra i polli you doou love me The Indispensable Faulkner yet baby that turns me off The hero in this book left me unimpressed from what I ve read about him anyway Tonight she ll be under me in bed that wasn t optional Like hell it wasn t I don t know this just isn t a book for me I suppose I want to say I enjoyed this book and I did but I found myself skimming a lot which is not a good signI liked the set up and the characters for the most part the MC itself has potential for future booksLila arrives in town to work as office manager at the Marked Man tattoo shop which is owned and run by the local MC Lila carries a lot of baggage and I do mean a lot but she s here for a fresh start and trying to avoid men for awhile Only problem is the first time she meets her new boss Dare she s gone the attraction she feels they both feel is instant and the kindou can only fight for so longDare has a reputation he s a love em and leave em type which is exactly what Lila thinks she s looking forDare is hot smoking hot but he also comes with his own baggage and issues still they both agree to give it a goNow Lila is perfect Old Lady material I mean seriously she couldn t be perfect if she tried and she does try she does everything including cooking and baking for themProblemsThe story to sex ratio was outI know what Pack Up the Moon you re thinking is it possible to have too much sex in a bookIt depends on the book and in this case I d have to sayes I just got sick of reading about it and started skimmingThere s a lot here to like but I m undecided on continuing on if I m being honest if the next book turns up free or on KU then I ll probably read it but if not then no 45 Delicious Dare StarsHeads up fellow MC Biker book junkiesthere s a new Brotherhood in town Dog Love - An Unbreakable Bond you need to braceourselves for one deep intense hot angsty and slam our Kindle heart up against the wall ride Helmet onit s a bumpy ride on this Harley Lila Red has had a grim life If physical domestic abuse is a trigger be aware it is referenced to in this novel But this girl is resilient and despite it all she is a glass half full girl I liked her kindness and the way she got herself back up each time life kicked her down Dare is one badass biker He s broody He s deep He s surprisingly mischievous and sweet with a hot streak in him that burns bright The man is HOT Lila falls hard for Dare and he falls hard if not harder for her They both went in not wanting an emotional attachment but this is a romance after all so attached they become She gets Him like no one else I loved their intensity and watching them fall in love The secondary characters

Are Intriguing Zayn And Rock 
intriguing Zayn and Rock entertaining I wanted to junk punch Jericho uite frankly and I m a non violence girl Just sayin So why not 5 stars It took me a while to warm up to Lila but I really liked her at the end The story is dual pov but mainly Lila s I wanted in Dare s viewpoint And there was a bit too much back and forth will they won t they towards the end but for those readers who like a lot of angst it will be perfect I Have To Say have to say the end I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes Dare fractured my Kindle heart and no matter what I thought of him I would have flung my arms round him too I am really keen to read the next book about two of the other characters This MC Club has me hooked. Enough bourbon in the world to help me forget the love we shared But to get her back to prove she's to me then a uick lay I'll have to tell her the secret I've been hiding from everyoneBefore she’s gone foreverBook one of The Jericho BrotherhoodThis book is approximately 99000 wordsEdited by Angela James. S the first book from this author NO WAY This was amazing I m seriously going to have to stalk this author now that I ve read this one Let me start off my saying that I don t hand out 5 stars often Even if I really like the book I m of a 4 star gal But this has just about every little thing ou could possibly want in a MC Erotic slightly dark book I say slightly because I ve read darker and although something happens to the lead female it s not by the lead male and isn t excessive Let s begin shall weLila s a runner In fact that s how she ends up working at a tattoo shop run by the Jericho Brotherhood After being cheated on by her ex boyfriend and owner of the last tattoo shop she was the manager of she uickly packed her bags and left him and the shop behind without looking back Wanting to start over and find herself again she s trying really hard to keep her sexual appetite in check But her new boss Dare is a walking sex god and isn t helping by flirting and propositioning her left and right This is becoming harder and harder every dayDare is the main man of the tattoo shop Marked Men Although he s not the leader of the Brotherhood he s pretty well up in rankings and everyone pretty much does whatever he says So when Lila is thrown into his shop looking all sexy with her red hair and smokin body he s completely taken aback that she turns him down for a roll in the hay with no commitment I mean no one turns down Dare But after getting to know each other and seriously wondering if it was ever going to happen Lila aka Red finally agrees to some benefitsThe chemistry between these two is electric Dare pushes Red s limits both in and out of the bedroom While the benefits are good Red is still trying to get her feet settled in a new town with a new job but most importantly trying to figure out what the deal is with the Brotherhood and where she fits in The flow of this book is perfect The timeline progresses seamlessly and with just the right information to keep Dry Skull Dreams you engaged Is there drama Helleah there is But I m not ruining that for My Names Friday you It s part of being engaged in the story and finding out whileou read Are there hot and steamy scenes Oh The Gate of Heaven yeah don tou worry about that Is there a HEA Now would I have given it a 5 star rating if there wasn tI CAN NOT wait for the next installment to this series Why Because this author created and introduced us to so many wonderful characters both in and out of the Brotherhood that anything can happen And I m beyond excited to learn about these gentle giants of the BrotherhoodPick up this book You won t be disappointedI received this book from the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion NOW LIVE US UKBarnes Noble Enough is Jade Chandler s debut novel but it s not something ou would be able to tell from the writing I didn t really know what to expect going into the book but I was excited to find out about Dare the rough biker and Lila his sweet challenge I mean when a blurb has the words Tied up moaning my name and begging for there s no way I can pass that up so I just had to read this Lila the aforementioned sweet challenge is going through the motions of life but not really living One bad boyfriend after another has kept her on the move constantly escaping whatever bad situation she got herself into Her current move brings her to Dare s tattoo shop as the front desk manager She determined that this move will be the end to her bad decisions which means there s no Falling For The Boss No for the boss No how pushy he is s no falling for the boss No matter how pushy he is he sets his sights on her I really enjoyed these characters they had a fierce kind of chemistry between them and it made the story very intriguing I m a sucker for a well written tough heroine and that s just what Lila was Sure she had her weaknesses her taste in men but she never just gave up on life and I liked that about her No matter what happened in her life it never beat her and that right there is true strengthDare was our typical badass biker with a flare his penchant for ropes I loved the intensity that he just seemed to radiate no matter what he was doing And he may have been this big bad tattoo artist biker but when he showed his emotions lawd my ovaries melted right then and there Now lets talk about the heat I don t care if ou don t like tattoo artist books or biker books or just looked at this and said nah read this book Even for just the sexiness alone and ou will not be disappointed Dare and Lila together were amazing and and when the ropes got pulled out hello orgasm Overall Enough is a book that I highly recommend for everyone There was a good amount of the MC featured in this book but it didn t take a over the story of Dare and Lila so I think it s worth the read even for those that aren t fans of MC reads ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Release Date July 11th 2016 by Carina PressStory Rating 4 StarsHero Rating 4 StarsHeroine Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 45 StarsAction Level 3 StarsEnding 35 StarsOverall Rating 4 It s Never Enough StarsThis was my first read by Jade Chandler and I m glad I gave Enough a try I really liked this read and YES I will definitely be reading of her books in the futureThis story revolves around an MC motorcycle club with tons of sexy alpha men The back story for both Dare and LilaRed as Dare nicknamed her was kind of dark I thought it was well done and it tugged on my heartstrings for the both of them I cried a few times while reading Enough so es I was invested in the story line and with both Lila and Dare s charactersDare never spends much time with the women he has taken to his bed he never wanted a full relationship and he definitely has his reasons why When he walked into The Marked Man which is a tattoo parlor that he ran and worked at and saw the new book keeper he was immediately attracted to her He knew he would have her in his bed so he went about trying to do just thatLila just arrived in a small town in Oklahoma running after she found her X boyfriendboss had been cheating on her She s been through a lot of bad relationships and swears this time she will not fall for another man especially if it s her boss She has a new job she s a book keeper in a tattoo shop named The Marked Man Then Dare showed up and OH MY he was all kinds of sexy bad ass biker Her mind kept telling her NO but her body was telling her YES For an erotic romance this one does have a story line Also be prepared for LOTS of sexual content Once these two got it on they were insatiable and they had almost nonstop sex Just re. Er past was a nightmare and I couldn’t guarantee her a future But I could promise her a good timeI didn't know what we would turn into let alone how hard it’d be to stay away after my selfish ass sent her packingProblem is my girl is hot so the same men I call brothers tried to claim her There’s not. Totally enjoyed this sexy ride with Dare and Lila Lila starts to work at a tattoo shop where Dare is manager There is definitely a spark but she is hesitant to let it ignite because of a difficult past being in relationships with men she works with Of course resistance to Dare is futile and they begin a no strings deal with rules to keep them in line Rules were made to be broken and before they know it Lila starts becoming a part of his MC life That world is in a class of its own and what starts off great is soured by a really bad experience with one of the members The experience that se 25 Stars His gaze bore into me for a long moment and I read an entire love story in mere seconds The fiery attraction all consuming lust and eventual heartbreak always my love story Lila Bartham is used to men treating her like crap Add to that fact that some of the men in her past have even seen fit to use her as a punching bag and it s no surprise she s developed a coping techniue she runs She packs up gets the hell out of dodge and starts over somewhere new When hot bikers in the form of the Jericho Brotherhood offer her a job in their tattoo parlor Lila jumps at the chance and makes the move to small town Oklahoma Who knows If she guards her heart and stays away from the men she works with maybe things will be different this time rightAfter a crappy start to life Dare just Dare has finally found a home with the Jericho Brotherhood His brothers may have his back but the women that come into his life are temporary and only there for one thing From the moment Lila enters his tattoo parlor Dare knows he has to have her Too bad she s given up sleeping with men she works withThe bones of this story are great and the potential is there for a truly awesome MC story I enjoyed reading Enough but I did have some major issues with the book which come down to personal preference than anything else As good as the writing is it read as a tell don t show kind of story and unfortunately those rarely work for me Something major would take place between characters and I was often left with a wait did that just happen feeling There s an abundant amount of sex and I definitely felt the chemistry between Lila and Dare That helped to cement their bond for me but as far as actual emotions go not so much Other than the sex and some deep insecurity on Lila s part I was never really sure why these two stuck it out for as long as they did No one ever rescued me because I wasn t a fucking heroine just a girl to slap around I needed to rememberNo sweetie You don t Let Betty teach ou the way of the badass chickSo it may not come as a surprise that my other issue and it s a completely personal one is Lila I need to relate in some way to the heroine of the book I m reading and I never really got there with Lila What I ve always loved about the MC books I ve read in the past is the fact that the women are strong and usually give as good as they get Yes that s a big tough biker but he s not going to intimidate me kind of dealio Lila was a serious doormat for the majority of the book And when I say doormat I mean laying down and taking whatever these men dished What else does she expect after all I completely get why she felt that way given her history but I needed to see her finally realize she was worth something At one point she actually does stand up for herself and I was so relieved I could finally respect her but just as uickly she s willing to give that up if only her man will come back to her On the other hand I thoroughly enjoyed Dare s character He was sexy and sweet as hell with Lila for most of the book and when shit finally hit the fan I didn t put the blame suarely on his shoulders That s a new one as far as my MC reading history goes so Dare ended up being a pleasant surprise for me All in all I didn t love Enough but I certainly didn t hate it Some interesting side characters are introduced and I have a feeling the series will only get stronger in the future ARC provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 4 Enough is Enough starsLila has never expected much out of life with her past being a constant reminder Surviving her most recent mistake she lands a job under the sinful eyes of Dare Reminding herself she can t afford to screw this job up finally standing on her own two feet she can t afford to fall for the bosssilly of her to underestimate his charm I d never had someone tell me to fly with them Every Good Girl yet protected me too Dare is the sexy biker bad boy whose skilled in pain pleasure and ropes Wanting to be the one to show Lila a good time he tempts her any way he can Luckily for him he s hard to resists shocked as shit he just never expected her to give as good as she got I wantou I want to do all sorts of wicked things to A Sixpenny Christmas you in bed but I never want or need to hurtou or any woman And control is overrated I like my women wild When emotions replace the rope that tie them together they have to navigate their way through their internal demons but how can ou fight when one foot is already out the door I m just enjoying the ride because it s my first and probably last moment of happy I d be stupid not to take all I can before it s gone Enough is enoughto get our blood pumping and our gone Enough is enoughto get our blood
Pumping And Your Going Never 
and our going Never Jade Chandler delivers the chase the fun the heat and the realities of their life all painting a picture into their world Dare and Lila were a match made each filling that one piece that was missing in each other making it impossible to just be all good fun Did I want to knock some sense into them sure but that just means I care lol The pace was nice and steady and never boring it flowed from one page to another leaving nothing out When I first read the description I was kind of worried it would be a love triangle or some sort of angsty attention grabbing stealing but there is no cheating or straying it s all done in good fun and teasing What else can I say this had everything I liked rolled into one and I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication ARC kindly provided by the publisher Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review There are a few types of book I prefer MC tattoo shops kinky And guess what This book is about a sexy kinky tattoo artist biker YayEnough is the first book in the Jericho Brotherhood series 5 Stars 4 flames Waitjust wait a darn minute Is thi. She wanted nothing to do with me Well that’s too fcking badMy MC brothers call me Dare for a reason I never back down from a challenge And Lila was the sweetest challenge I ever facedFrom the moment she walked into my tattoo shop she was going to end up in my bed Tied up moaning my name and begging for

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