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This is an amazing short story for children loved eading it as an adult though DLoved it it s a sweet story n ecommend it to all children to eadsure they will love it I enjoyed eading the whole book It eminded me of the pasttravelling with my grandmother in a bus while eading this book In my imagination the happiness
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granny seeing Grandson Clearly After Many Years Was Good It S Great clearly after many years was good It s great Mani was aised by granny since his mother died when he was one It is a simple story but made me ealize to be grateful for having a better vision than most people who are visually impaired It also made me not to give up on our loved ones until they go to hospital to diagnose for what they are suffering What a simple beautiful little storyIf you have ever been to the Himalayasthen you elive all your mountain memoriesafter eading this book Your memories become so clearthe description of the mountains by Ruskin Bond is so goodAnd every story by him teaches lifeto the eaders in such a playful wayYou begin to become compassionate againand have the soft compassion that you had forgotten somewhere in the hubbub of lifeSuch is the simple magic of Wondru Pyaaru Bond A simple heartwarming story It s beauty lies in it s simplicity Every summer we migrate north like a tiny little flock of birds We pack our bags with our baggiest pants flimsiest cottons north like a tiny little flock of birds We pack our bags with our baggiest pants flimsiest cottons bottle of sunscreen a tube of Odomos our laptops and a couple of light summer eads We landed at the Delhi airport greeted by my loving in laws Our first couple of days were spent laughing over lunches and dinners and vegetating in my father in law s TV oom When we got bored we etired to our oom to pull out our books and catch up with all the lost eading time And so on the very first night as Little P nestled into the gap between his Dadaji s back and the bed and listened to his bedtime story Big P and I pulled out our books switched on the AC gave each other a grateful happy grin and spread ourselves out on our bed eady to sink into our fictional worlds Except I had chosen wrong A book about the nature of my soul wasn t exactly what this moment needed I was dissatisfied and after a while of tossing and turning and then trying to irritate Big P I looked at a pi. Mani’s Granny is seventy and can barely see through her old scratched glasses With only a hundred and fifty upees in thei. ,
Le of books my niece had left from her last visit here This is how I came across a shiny new Ruskin Bond According to the blurb on the top of the book His stories are an essential part of any Indian childhood And Yet Somehow I Seemed To Have yet somehow I seemed to have up without this essential childhood experience In my late teens I did ead The Room on The Roof but I cannot eally emember it In fact at a writer s workshop I once attended I emember hearing a woman go on about Ruskin
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and I not understand her point of view Since then I believed him to be an oversell We tend to make much of the few international literary successes we have in our country and somehow I felt he either fell in that category of uber intellectual serious Indian writers who seem to get so touted about nowadays Or alternatively I thought he might be a Chetan Bhagat like writer who proves that success as a writer is one part skill and three parts marketing But now in this moment of craven desperation for a book fix I grabbed a tiny little book Getting Granny s Glasses that completely altered my opinion of Ruskin Bond In the short story Mani s old Granny can t see any Her scratchy old glasses simply won t do and Mani s father thinks it is time that Granny makes the two day journey down from their village to Mussorie s Eye Hospital To Get hospital to get new pair of glasses Granny can t go alone and she won t tolerate Mani being left alone at home to keep an eye on things so Mani happily volunteers to accompany his spirited Granny to Mussorie Off they go with a oll of bedding a tattered umbrella to guard them from sun and ain and a cloth shopping bag Their journey down to Mussorie is hardly uneventful They are met by boisterous mules a landslide and pouring ain but happily they each their destination and finally Granny can see Mani s cheerful blackberry eyes fuzzy hair and delight in what a good looking boy she has brought up I finished the book in about 15 minutes flat and it left me so utterly satisfied I was able to sleep a wonderful sleep as one must on a summer vacation Since then I have ead several of Bond s short stories and all of them leave me feeling warm and happy I think it is because it is such a elief to ead such gentle writing While my husband. R pockets and a thirst for adventure Mani and Granny set off to buy a new pair On the way they get drenched in the ain un. Lies beside me devouring an old AND MUCH READ COPY OF HARRY much ead copy of Harry so full of excitement and adventure Ruskin Bond shows that stories don t always need fast pace magic and spells archetypical characters like a villain or a hero and violence to hold the eader apt He makes you long for simplicity He makes you ache for a place where "you can be so in touch with nature that is merely an extension of your being as he did in "can be so in touch with nature that is merely an extension of your being as he did in short story The Blue Umbrella I am sure that there are some detractors who think Ruskin Bond is talking about an old India or an India that no longer is And perhaps that is true I don t know very much of the country I live in These holidays when we went to Vrindavan and Mathura I witnessed such extreme sualor and apathy that I understand why one would not understand Bond and his soft and loving descriptions of the hills and meadows springs streams and ivers But the truth is that India is not just one kind of place It is not just poor It is not just filthy It does have beauty It does have kindness and gentility We don t see it in our Cities So Much We so much We t imagine it when we ead about honour killings and some of the awful things that happen in our villages But it is there I have seen glimpses of it in my short myopic life Ruskin Bond does not ignore these essential problems of living in these different times He does write about deforestation conservation urban migration climate change greed poverty and all those topics which matter in the modern world Yet he is a compassionate writer and his characters always seem to emerge the victorious If a child is patient enough and sensitive enough then Ruskin Bond will transport them to this magical world of beauty and humanity where poverty is not something to curl your lip up at or feel sorry about but something you very nearly envy for its simplicitySo in the end I had to agree with that little blurb If you have an 8 or 9 year old get them eading Ruskin Bond s short stories especially before a trip to the hills I found this little anthology by Rupa on my father in law s shelf and think it is a useful and evergreen book to have on your shelf because you can ead his stories anytime anywhere no matter how old you gethttpjollylittlechatterbugsblogsp. Into mules and encounter a terrible landslide Will Granny ever be able to each the town and get herself a new pair of glass. ,