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Notes for the Everlost eForveryone s safety he "doesn t doubt her ABILITIES OR ANYTHING HE JUST WANTS HER SAFE DAMN or anything he just wants her safe damn lady "t doubt her abilities or anything he just wants her safe damn stubborn lady seems a little aloof at first it took some time before he let loose This book is about the investigation and Molly s headstrong personality less so on the romantic side I felt that the When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) ending was a tad rushed and things are left opennded and unsaid view spoilerLike how did Gloria get involved with the diamond smuggling operation "How long has this being going on How long has Stan been stealing Why isn t anyone confronting Pierce about his "long has this being going on How long has Stan been stealing Why isn t anyone confronting Pierce about his hide spoiler. D to partner with the infuriatingly handsome Adam the one man who could keep her alive But surrounded by danger and desire would Molly and Adam's fiery Rocky Mountain maneuvers lead them to the love of a lifetim. Need to find Book 2 in the First off I have to "Say Amelia Adam "that Amelia adorable little niece is too cute I just wish we got of her in the story as she definitely made Adam approachable and paternal instead of being so aloof and marine like What started off as a simple petty theft investigation for Molly she wants to transition from being a personal assistant to investigator so basically this is her first face and it was also at the personal reuest of her friend Pierce the wedding planner turns deadly than anyone could have thought Now people are actually gett. Rocky Mountain WeddingMolly Griffith was determined to prove she was a capable field investigator and no one specially her by the book boss Adam Briggs was going to stop her Only going undercover as a blushing. ,

Ing hurt and attacked Adam cannot stand by and watch Molly get hurt and involved Yet Molly is stubborn and is determined to continue her investigations Molly is uite headstrong about her methods when it comes to the investigation and non too subtle about it Although she does a decent good cop bad cop thing with Adam I wasn t a fan of Molly when Adam told her to back off and let the officials handle things as
They Are Dealing With Very 
are dealing with very people yet what does she do she plunges in head first and ven uestions "Adam S View Of "s view of as an ual hello he just said back off. Bride to be posed some challengesSuddenly what had started as a simple investigation involving a string of wedding related thefts turned deadly And now giving new meaning to till death do us part Molly was force. Rocky Mountain Maneuvers