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E death of a close Friend No Blood Relations Ren No blood relations Ren Cilla have been brother and sister but now their feelings for each other have changed Could they ever find happiness togetherWith lots of Hollywood nostalgia this book was a light fun read A novella my coy had 160 pages So it was short but it workedCilla and Ren are not siblings but grew p at the same place Their fathers are rockstars asshole rockstars who just left their kids at the ranch And there were lots of kids So they both have issuesCilla is frigid and asks Ren to help Ok so I get why there had to be a lot of smexing But eh for a novella like this it felt like it was too much They just smexed around and suddenly after no time at all they were in love and fighting it So it was good justI am a smex scene skimmer these daysSo if you want a passionate couple that are too headstrong to realise that they are in love then read this one Really good book The hero and heroine are the children of two different members of a wild and crazy rock band who sort of grew Programming in Objective C up together on the same compound in LA He left early and now has come back to look at a box left to him on the death of the woman who was the closest thing all these rock star kids had to a mom And he discovers that the youngest of the batch of kids has grownp into a beautiful young woman The heroine had a crush on the hero years ago but thought she had outgrown it Until he shows p in the middle of the night The story is mostly about the rock band s kids and how they relate to each other as adults and about the growing romance between Ren and Cilla I liked it a lot and will be reading in the series. And too many faceless womenOne night will change her worldCilla Maddox not once imagined she’d see the bad boy of her dreams again But then he’s sharing her air her home her bed Though he claims he has no heart she wants it to be hers Can she convince him that the flames that leap between them might signify forever. I sed to read Christie Ridgway novels years ago and still have them in paperback on my bookcase My tastes changed and I moved on to other authors but when I saw this and book 2 in the free downloads I downloaded them instantly because I had always enjoyed her writing styleUnfortunately I ended p disappointed I didn t recognise her writing style in this one at all Perhaps because her earlier books are about mature characters This book felt very YANA even though Cilla is about mature characters This book felt very YANA even though Cilla is twenties and Ren Is Early 30 S early 30 s just felt immature to meI liked the sound of the series but then started reading and didn t like the fact it s about a band consisting of three male rockstars who all had 3 children each with different women presumably groupies none of whom stuck around to bring p their children They all lived on a compound together but 35 starsI am a longtime Christie Ridgway fan Her Beach House 9 series is probably one of my all time favorites series written When I got the email to review her latest book being published I pounced on the opportunity I was even excited to find out this is in the category of NA the heroine s 24This story follows Cilla and Ren both of their fathers are Rock Legends from the band Velvet Lemons Terrible name I know We basically get to see what their life was like growing p with famous dads and no moms This is true for all 7 of the other kids as well The one woman who held the children together and helped them through their adolescence has recently passed away In her will she has asked that Ren come back to the compound and get his inheritance Little did Ren know this would mean sharing Gwen. Years ago Rolling Stone magazine dubbed the nine collective children of the most famous band in the world “Rock Royalty” Now all grown p the princes and princesses are coming back to LA’s Laurel Canyon to discover if love can be found among the ruins of a childhood steeped in sex drugs and rock ‘n’ rollOne

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Light My Fire Rock Royalty #1S The woman who passed away cottage with the all grown p and beautiful CillaIn true Ridgway style you have a stubborn as a bull hero and a sweet and nderstanding heroine I will admit at times both characters really got on my nerves Prissy or Priscilla or Cilla whatever you want to call her came off weak and at times desperate I wasn t a fan but she did end p redeeming herself and I enjoyed her character a lot in the end Ren I wanted to punch him I do not like a male lead who likes to feel sorry for himself and being in a characters head like that can get annoying ickly I also didn t like how he would tell Cilla HE DIDN T WANT HER BUT didn t want her but moment she had male attention he got super possessive and protective Whiplash much then he gets pset when Cilla does get attached to him Way to send mixed signals buddyI enjoyed a lot of the secondary characters and would have liked from them But She Is Writing she is writing on each of the children from the compound so I can t wait for that I m particularly excited for Cami s storyIf your in the mood for a ick romance with some steamy scenes then I definitely think this book is for you I will add that there isn t anything too original about this story I feel like I have read it many times before hence the 35 stars It is well written the characters are likable and the romance is sweet Light My Fire is book one of the Rock Royalty series of contemporary romancesThis book is set in LA and is about the children of the members of a Rock Band The children all grew Scary Stories 3 up together but drifted apart in adulthood This story is about Ren and Cilla drawn back to their childhood homes after th. Ouch will start a fireWorld weary band tour manager Ren Colson leaves his London business behind for a stay in Southern California never expecting to wakep beside Cilla Maddox Cilla Maddox who in the years since their last meeting has turned sexy as hell But she deserves than a man hardened by long nights dark roads.