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Graphical Methods for Data Analysis dEy who killed NeccoEva s boyfriend who is the chicken man and what really happened the night that Eva s father and brotheried Whew This book is full of secrets but they are all tied together I am not even sure how to classify this book Is it a mystery Yes Is it a thriller Yes Are there some supernatural elements Yes Basically this book has something for everyone While reading this book I kept thinking how this also felt like it had the vibe of an Alice Hoffman book By that I mean the mixing of paranormal with fiction with mystery with romance I think this takes a special skill to pull off and McMahon Iraq did it beautifully The way she wove her story really worked This book was oddly compelling and I readevoured this book There were lots of characters in this book and eventually all of their stories connect in the end While reading the book I kept wondering about her brother While reading I scratched my head thinking thought Eva was an only child then hmmmm why isn t her brother mentioned in any news articles but that is answered in the book Again everything really Ford does tie together in the end I know I have been saying that a lot in this review but it is trueIn short I really enjoyed this book I also loved The Winter People by McMahon These books are entirelyifferent but both were such a pleasure to read This book is Spartan different but wonderfully so It is almost like a circus One needs to suspend someisbelief while reading this It s worth it by the way I can t say that there is anything about his book that I id not like I really enjoyed how the story unraveled Things are not always as they seem and those who loves us sometimes lie to us to keep us safe Small towns harbor and hold secrets until eventually the am breaks and they come pouring outI received this book from Doubleday and NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom 35 I always have a sense of anticipation when I start reading a new book by this author One never uite knows what one will get she manages to Rise of the Hellion (Foxblood, defy genreefinitions by throwing in a little of this and a little of that There are murders a flood a machine that is said to allow one to communicate with the Read, Write, Edit dead a man in a chicken mask and other really out there elements The characters are vastly strange and should not work together but somehow theyo or so I thought Loved the obese circus lady Hannah the young girl who is way out of her element the fire ladies who snort Think about Editing devil sust that enables them to have visions and of course Necco who once had a American Legal History different name and has already lost so much There is even a hero the imagined strongman of the circus ladySo while this plot isefinitely out there I found it strangely entertaining The ending was a little too pat but I The Evolution of Technology did enjoy the journey Regardless of one s reception of this book it is hard toeny that this author has one amazing imaginationARC from DoubledayPublishes April 25 2017ARC So take your pickBurntown by Jennifer McMahon seems to have it all Fantasy Supernatural Mystery and Thriller tied up tight and ready to rollIt s June of 1975 and ten year old Miles Sandeski witnesses his own mother s murder as she lays peacefully in a lawn chair A bizarro figure of a man Objective PET Students Book with Answers [With CDROM] dressed in a chicken suit approaches her from behind andoes the Ethan Marcus Stands Up deed Miles promises to find her murderer His father srowning shortly afterwards is claimed to be a suicideYears pass and Miles has a family of his own living in an old farmhouse on a Matti In the Wallet dead end road Miles becomes a professor at Two Rivers College He has in his possession some stolen plans of Thomas Edison He eventually builds a machine that has the capability to speak with theead Miles is Raised in Captivity desperate to hear his mother reveal the name of her murderer andivulge the identity of the Chicken ManBut a terrible rainstorm and a threatening flood causes Miles to switch his plans As the flood waters inch their way up to the house and shed he instructs his son Errol to Think (Ars Lamina) Level 2 Workbook destroy the machine Miles tells hisaughter Eva to run to safety with her mother Lily Eva wakes with a gash in the back of her head and Lily tells her that both Miles and Errol have Two Brothers, One Tail drown Eva has no memory of the incident and the two are on their own living in an abandoned mill and eventually under a bridge called BurntownIt s at this juncture that you will meet a cast of off the wall characters including Fire Eaters with mystical talents and aangerous figure called Snake Eyes The first half of the storyline Has You Locked In Tight Then McMahon Opens The Spicket you locked in tight Then McMahon opens the spicket uring the second half and you feel the nudge of not taking this all so serious Yep there s murder and mayhem but the circus oes Yep there s murder and mayhem but the circus Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong does to town in the endI kicked this up to a 4 star for the wild imaginings that take place here This is certainly not on the same level as The Winter People in which McMahon writes beautifully of a family living on the edge of existence Burntown is a tree growing from an entirelyifferent acorn A good read but not my favorite of McMahon s previous booksI received a copy of Burntown through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Doubleday Books and to Jennifer McMahon for the opportunity. Ire eaters who give her shelter in a camp by the river practicing sooth and camp by the river practicing sooth and through the altered reality of powerful herbs they call The Devil's Snuff Theo a high school senior who finds herself caught up in a romantic affair that compels her to sell Citizen Cain drugs to students and teachers at Our Lady of Hope high school and Pru the cafeteria lady there Theo's best customer whoreams of being beautiful talented and adored in another life The lives of these misfits lost teens and adults intersect in a crime that implicates them all and as they flee the police and the real killer who continues to hunt Necco a story unfurls that is edge of your seat suspenseful with classic Jennifer McMahon twists and surpris. ,

BurntownJennifer McMahon s latest book is a murder mystery laced with supernatural elements Miles Sandeski was 10 years old when he witnessed his mother s brutal murder by a masked man His father was suspected of the crime and was later found Trail of Secrets drowned a presumed suicide One of the things Miles inherited from his father were the plans to a strange invention something that Thomas Edison hadrawn up plans which were stolen by an ancestor of the Sandeskis Many years later Miles succeeds in assembling a machine from the plans and opens a How to Train a Cowboy door to another realm withisastrous results There is a night that marks a Before and an After in his family s lives and the events of that night send his wife and One Special Moment daughter into hiding Can his youngaughter A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain discover the truth before it is too late My rating is actually somewhere between 3 and 4 stars for this one I ve read only one other of McMahon s books The Winter People which I thought was much suspenseful and eerie But I liked this mystery enough that it has awakened an interest in me to read her others The mystery was prettyecent although I spotted one of the plot twists early on and was curious about what was going on with that small bump in the storyline I personally Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, didn t care for the use of hallucinatoryrugs as a means for self revelation in the story Can t we be goddesses without rugs Thanks to the Doubleday Keep Turning Pages group for a hardcover copy of this book through their giveaway 35 stars rounded upi love a title that has multiple meanings burntown starts so slow and as a reader i felt like i was trying to start a fire rubbing 2 sticks together as i read the first uarter then it starts to spark and sizzle and after the halfway mark it starts to roar a big ole fire of a novel however although the writing was strong throughout relative to macmahon s other books i idnt like this one as much and so cant strongly recommend it unless you are big fan of author and want to read something vastly The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives different from the winter people and night sister Hiding from his Mother behind the rock garden ten year old Miles Sandeski watches her intently with his trusty bow and arrow by his side She is relaxing on a lounge chair in a white cottonress smoking a cigarette a habit she promised to uit one A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, day Miles sees someone approaching her a man wearing a rubber chicken mask His Mother knows him and is soon laughing at something he has said not seeing the blade held in his hand The Chicken Man is out for vengeance and will not cease his personal mission until each member of this family isead Author Jennifer McMahon has written an imaginative mystical vivid tale with many whimsical and endearing characters Burn Town is recommended to all readers who enjoy a thoughtful original and very First Blood descriptive story Thank you to Goodreads Giveaway and Author Jennifer McMahon for my free copy won recently In the beginning a little boy witnesses a gruesome murder He inherits stolen plans for an extraordinary machine and years later he s able to bring the invention to life but there areire conseuences Coolest machine ever I wanted of it Now his teenage The Palliser Novels daughter known as Necco in the strange place called Burntown is on the run from a killer intent on wiping out her family Luckily Necco falls in with an eclectic group of outsiders and together they set out to solve the mystery of her family s pastI enjoy Jennifer McMahon s books and her latest BURNTOWNid not Men And Gods In Mongolia disappoint The writing in this novel has a mysterious and lyrical uality Alice Hoffman ish which I loved This book had many elements suspense mystery the supernatural and a coming of age story that all came together for a uniue and exciting readDisclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher throug Oh man I misheartened to give this review 25 stars from me here Let me start by giving you my history with Jennifer McMahon Back in the Hunter Killer (Pike Logan day like way back when I read Promise Not to Tell and Don t Breathe a Word I loved both of them So I m a fan those were thrilling mysteries original and interestingThen I read The Winter People and I LOVED that book My favorite from McMahon toate thrilling enough to almost be horror it was that scary at timesBut then came The Night Sister side eye emoji that book was not great The writing was all over the map and super repetitive to me and it annoyed me a great Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, deal I felt irritated and bored at the same timeNow we have Burntown and I hate to admit this but I had the same problems with this book that I had with Night Sister Let me try toescribe it It s as though there is a really good idea here for plot McMahon knows in writer brain where this is going and how the story plot McMahon knows in her writer brain where this is going and how the story going to end She alone knows the twists and the turns but how she gets there and how she takes us on this journey to the end is not executed well at allThis book had all the potential in the world in the beginning So much mystery and engaging characters there was even this spooky paranormal element that I enjoyed and was seriously hoping that was going to get full blown and The Friend Zone developI invested in the characters Necco Theo Prubut you know what I stopped caring for the characters and what ha. The New York Times best selling author of The Winter People and Promise Not to Tell returns with a riveting psychological thriller in which an unresolved murder haunts a family for generations forcing oneaughter into a life of hiding and concealed identity to escape a Flying Scotsman Manual deadly threat On a brilliantly sunny summer afternoon ten year old Miles Sandeski witnesses the murder of his mother as she sunbathes in their suburban backyard When he emerges from a hidden play space toisrupt the crime Miles scares off the killer but he is left with a powerful clue that will compel him to pursue the murderer and seek an understanding of the horrifying event for Alpha (Shifters, decades Years later secretly aware of the killer's identi. Ppened to them theyidn t emote to me Example Something really terrible happens to someone close to our main protagonist Necco and she barely reacts to it other than running away to a secret hideout and taking care of herself first It idn t feel realThe mysterious happenings become confusing and iscombobulated The flashbacks become unreliable The paranormal element takes a back burner Nothing felt real especially the threat The Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex danger it wasn t groundedThe plot unraveled and I wasn t anticipating the big reveals any The whole thing lost so much steam for me that by the end I was already over it and waiting for the finishSuch a bummer for me reallyA thriller Not even close I m REALLY really tired of books calling themselves thrillers when they re not they re just stories When I buy a thriller I want to be thrilled Lol Read The Winter People that was a thriller Skip Burntown This is a very odd book and I m not sure what to make of it Itefies easy Graphic Design For Everyone description Should it be considered mystery fantasy paranormal with a bit of mysticism And it s unlike McMahon s past books which would be considered traditional mysteries The book begins with Miles witnessing his mother s murder Later as an adult he goes on toevelop an invention that can talk to the Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dead Shortly thereafter he s killed in a flood Hisaughter survives but is living as a homeless person Then there s an unrelated high school girl who gets caught up in a Sweetland drug ring Got all that And that s just the first uarter of the book It s an interesting read in its own way It took a while before it grabbed me The second half wasefinitely faster paced than the first And it s a book that reuires you to suspend your normal belief system My thanks to netgalley and Doubleday for an advance copy of this novel You never know what you re in for when you crack open a Jennifer McMahon book but one thing is always for sure you will be scaredI am a fan of this author and this is her most outrageous plot to Art of Laurel and Hardy date I was put off from this book for awhileue to its synopsis it sounded like even a bit too much for me but I m so glad I finally gave it a chance She manages to take the supernatural and blend it with reality in a way that seems like this could actually happen And she manages to scare you in a way that no one else can It s not overt violence and scary situations though there is some violence in this one but an underlying sense of creepiness at every turnWe have chapters told from several points of view which Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, definitely enhances the overall storyline Gettingifferent perspectives on what is happening from multiple characters only adds to the character The Intelligent Entrepreneur development This was the perfect book to readuring Halloween time It has a certain Twin Peaks vibe about it There are fire eaters the Great Flood a man in a chicken mask and Thomas Edison secret inventions If that The Summer of the Ubume doesn t piue your interest then Ion t know what will 45 starsTen year old Miles Sandeski witnesses his Mother being Murdered by a man wearing a chicken mask Attempting to save his Mother Miles shoots her killer with his bow and arrow His father is arrested for her Murder and subseuently commits suicide while in prison Miles has always stood by his story that his father Distracted - Acting Edition did not kill his Mother but a man in a chicken suitidEva Sandeski loved watching her father build in his workshop He built wonderful things with hidden compartments where he would leave little trinkets for her to find His most important invention really Thomas Edison s is a evice that allows a Person To Talk To The to talk to the The blueprints were left to Miles by his father who had them handed own to himOne night a terrible storm rages and the river near the Sandeski family home begins to rise As the family begins to prepare to avoid being flooded the machine turns on and Miles Mother s voice is heard telling them there was Developing Resilient Organizations danger and He s here The next thing Eva remembers she is lying on the riverbank and her Mother tells her that her Father and brother are bothead they no longer have a home and they need to hide because they are still in Clean Tech, Clean Profits dangerEva and her Mother are rescued by an interesting group of women known as the fire eaters Eva s Mother soon becomes one of them and they change their names Evaecides to change her name to Necco after the candy she loved as a child NeccoEva finds herself alone after her Mother s suicide and begins living in an abandoned car with her boyfriend Hermes Then one GameMaker Essentials day she wakes up to find her boyfriend has been murdered and she is considered a suspect She is not the only character in this book There is sweet lovable Pru whoreams of having her own circus Mr Marcelle who has always been kind to Pru is the strong man of her reams He Makes Deliveries To makes eliveries to school where Pru works but he also works as a private investigator He has been hired to find a missing person and will not stop until he has answers Then there is Theo a lonely high school student who gets into a bad situation after experiencing love for the first time Theo is the catalyst for Pru and NeccoEva meeting the three of them form "A Bond And Band "bond and band to try and figure out what happened to Theo s missing mon. Ty and what he is after Miles will try to protect his teenage Witch Way to Murder daughter from becoming the next victim the murderer wants something held within Miles' family in the small industrial New England town of Ashton and will fatally pursue each generation for what'sesired Burntown unfolds as the story of Miles's Before The Legend daughter when she emerges from an incident intended to kill her with a loss of memory and a totalislocation from the life she has known Necco as she comes to be known embarks on a life as a kind of fugitive hiding as an outsider in the town's abandoned corners Ashton's underbelly Burntown reliant on kind strangers for her survival a boyfriend who is himself a run away the mystical women known as the

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