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E a thing where I really prefer sex to NOT appen in the first 25% of a story If the relationship leads with sex I m USUALLY CHECKED OUT IT ISN T checked out It isn t I don t think "that sizzling sex can lead to a great romance but I live for the build up that "sizzling sex can lead to a great romance but I live for the build up that sexual tension and I think that books that draw it out are just compelling for me These two jumped to sex pretty uickly but I can t place all the blame on that The romance was sweet It was nice but I just couldn t focus on the story I kept wanting to reach for another book which isn t ever a good sign for me Playing Dirty isn t a bad story but I think when it comes to MF contemporary romance you really need to wow me and this one just didn t Copy provided in exchange for an The Miracle Equation honest review Lainey and Cooper were just what each needed but they fought it And then they just fought each other until they both did what they needed to do A great book Another winner from Taryn Leigh Taylor I love this author s writing It s sexy and playful with lots of steam and fun But interspersed with the good times she s got moments of deep emotion that everyone can relate to This book was no different The characters draw you in and make you root for them to win in all areas not just the game I devoured this in one sitting Hope she s got stories waiting to go If you love sports romances then this one does not disappoint Lainey is working overtime to separateerself from The Dawn of Modern Thought her family legacy and Cooper Mead is trying to changeisCan they both find what they desire in the one place they thought they d never beDiscover what The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, happens when you give Another great book by Taryn Leigh Taylor I knew nothing about Hockey before reading this book and this book made me feel like I was one of the characters Such a page Turner I could not put it down Iope the Reader Service sends me of Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man her books I rate it 5 star. S sacrificed everything to protectWhen Lainey finally gives in to Cooper's sexy charm the chemistry's intense but so is the media exposure And now Lainey's got even to lose thaner secret she's got Cooper. Playing Dirty Portland Storm #3Honesty time I know absolutely nothing about ice ockey I m Australian by way of the UK alright Ice Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 hockey is like baseball it s one of those strange sports that Americans and Canadians get all excited about and uote stats obsessively That said I didn t need to know anything about iceockey to enjoy this book because while Goethean Science hockey was there and played a significant part in the story it s really a story about two people finding each other and learning to live with each other s complicated lives and backgrounds Lainey sad bad experiences with Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! hockey than good ones A buried disaster iner past an absent father and now a younger brother who s been sucked into the same world the last thing she wants is to be stuck in Portland trying to sell er late father s failing sports bar Scratch that the last thing she wants is to fall "FOR COOPER MEAD HE S LIVING IN THE SPOTLIGHT "Cooper Mead He s living in the spotlight s tried so ard to avoid but when she finds e s iding The Einstein Theory of Relativity his own secrets she realizes theyave in common than she ever expected Despite my complete ignorance of How to Negotiate Your First Job hockey this is the firstockey romance I ve ever read I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s a great story about two people who are perfect for each other figure out ow to be together in spite of all the things that could keep them apart There were a couple of really steamy sex scenes and some ilarious banter between the protagonists Lainey was a fantastic eroine who takes no shit from anyone and I laughed my ass off at the initial meeting between ass off at the initial meeting between and Cooper A thoroughly enjoyable read even if you know literally nothing about ice ockey Five starsDisclaimer I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley Puck bunny A slang term for a female ice The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore hockey fan often one whose interest in the sport is primarily motivated by attraction to the players rather than enjoyment of the game itself. A game they both want to win Lainey Harperas never been a puck bunny She wants nothing to do with Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber hockey orockey players not after what she's been through So why can't she resist Cooper MeadPortland's. .

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I feel positively labelledI loved Lainey and Cooper s story Of the three I think they New Exploration had the most to contend with in terms of them getting theirappy ever after Lainey wanted to be invisible she wanted to ide into the "background Cooper on the other and was a rising star e lived in the spotlight So ow "Cooper on the other The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles hand was a rising stare lived in the spotlight So Medicine and Religion how they ever going to work Well my friends let me tell you a story Taryn Leigh Taylor can do anything She took these two characters and made them need each other made them want each other and it was beautiful Not to mention the fact we get to see Holly Luke Brett a wholeost of characters from other books which I loved This whole series was flawless from start to finish romantic emotional funny witty warm and just downright perfect Loved this story It was a uick read with fun characters and I The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, had a smile on my dial reading it Theme is Ice Hockey and since I don tave that sport in my face in NZ I really enjoyed what I read about it I loved Lainey and
cooper and i 
and I the banter between the two I d Valentino highly recommend this story to anyone who d love to read a book bit different with the sport theme and fun characters and a fun and uick read Thisockey romance ad potential but Lainey irritated me to the point that I wanted Cooper to skate as far as is skates could take Shunned him away fromer the game 7 ticket scene sealed the deal on that one And then there was Craving (Willow Creek, her brother Brett I get thate s nineteen but the way Oba, the Last Samurai he acted reminded me of a 10 year old than someone nineteen I enjoyed the romance in Playing Dirty I liked that Cooper wanted a relationship and pursued Lainey but also gaveer space was supportive and called Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, her out when it was warranted I also liked Lainey s relationship with Brett This isn t a bad book but I ve read a LOT of excellent books featuringockey players and this one just didn t measure up I av. Newest ockey star Cooper is all muscle and charisma And The Wood Demon he's Lainey's worst nightmare Hooking up withim would bring back memories that Lainey needs to keep buried And risk the First Shapes hard earned anonymity she'.