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The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, gCtation the following charactersMAL short for Malcolm a kind of fat boy urban soldier of fortune on speed who pops mom one or two actually in the head with his22 before setting off for the mall with his real arsenal for further andamesDONNA a pleasingly plump bored housewife who has a argantuan appetite for all things has argantuan appetite for all things and a whole bunch of things sex the kind of extreme darling that empties a half Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy gallon of ice cream while watching the first ten minutes of Jerry Springer She wanders over to the mall to try on some threads and provide a peep show forDANNY a sexually confused uptight yuppie who hasn t been in marital bliss for awhile actually he hasn t been in marital bliss for so long that his doctor recommendswell com has a taboo against what he recommends but perhaps you canuessJEFF a counter cultural mall The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, groupie on an acid trip who s read Steppenwolf the book not the band duh and imagines he will be areat writer some day but right now he hasn t the time to actually DO any writing since he is finding himself and pursuing his need to hang withADELLE a sweet young underprivileged thing with the pure heart of a sadist who shows DANNY what it s like to feel helpless in handcuffsEtcThe plot revolves around the central deed performed by MAL just DANNY what it s like to feel helpless in handcuffsEtcThe plot revolves around the central deed performed by MAL just he can REALLY FEEL ALIVE All the characters are like spokes in the wheel to this center that leads to the mall The prose is sound bite smart and the chapters are short Bogosian s average word length is. Ny a voyeuristic businessman with a fetish for young underwear models is caught by mall security peeking into dressing rooms at JCPenney Jeff a teenager with existential troubles drops acid and departs on a philosophical nightmare Donna a hungry unsettled housewife is on the lookout for a one night stand Michel a Haitian immigrant and mall security uard seeks salvation All long for a kind of sat. Found this book in the parking lot at Joauin Miller Park Needed a and literally light book to take lot at Joauin Miller Park Needed Miller Park Needed a and literally light book to take a backpack trip The book tells the stories of five people who experience a series of difficult events in and around a suburban mall Characters overlap but only one connects with all of the core characters The book strives to make a lot of social commentary about the suburban way of life However the characters remain character types pushed through a story rather than characters interacting and actively affecting a chain of events It would have taken a lot pages to draw the actual characters out but I don t think this story would have benefited from pagesWriting was fine but seemed to try hard to shock at times Basically it was okay for a short uick read that I didn t have to ive a lot of my brain space The end is better than I expected because the author leaves room for the reader to tease out what might happen next Bogosian Eric Mall 2000 A The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife grunge movie in the makingAlienation frustration self loathing and other afflictions of the mall crowd are celebrated here in a kind of David Lynchuentin Tarantino movie made into a novel Well actually what wordsmith and cultural shock artist Eric Bogosian who indeed does weld a mean pen has in mind is something the other way around His novel first a six figure option next and then the screen play at tenrand per week and finally an exploitive cinematic production for the runge crowdHe has served up for our dele. From the award winning avatar of contemporary urban theater and author of such modern classics as Talk Radio and subUrbia comes this outrageous novel about five suburbanites whose lives intersect in one violent and life altering night at the local mall Mal a thirtysomething speed freak shoots his mother torches his house and heads to the local mall with a sack of weapons and a plan for mayhem Dan. ,

Little than four letters while the pages practically turn themselvesIt would seem that there is little redemption here but it all depends on who s doing the reading Bogosian does serve up some adolescent Zen like philosophy that is sure to please any thirteen year old In fact I feel compelled to pan this opus it will undoubtedly become cult classic and the defining of a enerationWell not Anyway JEFF is the character Bogosian identifies with and he ets all the philosophic lines For exampleWhat difference does it make if I think or I don t think We re just these bags of flesh with sensors designed to make us think we re so precious p 150This is a place I cannot escape myself I cannot escape myselfI am locked into this moment this self this locked into this moment this self this forever How did I et here Why here and not someplace else p 199Jeff was infected with a brain disease that forced him to try to make sense of his life p 244Bottom line this is an X rated novel for young urbanphilosophers a review by Dennis Littrell Brilliant amazing dark hilarious all those words that describe a book you need to read right nowA detailed review of mine would not ive it justice Twelve stars I ve been intrigued by Bogosian as a sort of renaissance man so I ve wanted to read this novel of his for awhile now It predates a bunch of real life American mass killing sprees although it was written after Columbine so for better of for worse it now seems a bit naive in its treatment of Isfaction and this longing leads them to the modern plaza of possibility the shopping mall where their appetites converge in explosive ways Satirical and provocative Mall is an eye opening look at suburban life and the idea of normalcy In this his first novel Eric Bogosian delivers a dark hilarious and biting commentary on an American culture fraught with sex drugs violence and congested thinking. Mall AUTHOR Eric Bogosian