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ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES Reading this book was like watching my life flash before my yesI m not Emerging Markets evenxaggerating that because it literally was like reading a book written by 14 year old to 17 year old me Because 14 17 year old me was a hardcore One Direction fan just like these girls were hardcore Ruperts fans Like there s this whole 1D world that people don t know anything about and suddenly I m reading a book that is perfectly describing it I was in serious shock Maybe it was obsession but it was also happiness an A Home of Another Kind escape from the suckiness ofveryday life And when you find something that makes you happy and giddy and The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy excitedvery day us fangirls know a truth that African Successes, Volume I everyonelse seems to have forgotten you hold on to that joy tenaciously for as long as you can So story time So let s just say once upon a time I was a 14 year old girl who randomly started watching the British X Factor online live at weird times of the day because that s clearly a normal thing 14 year old girls used to do One Direction was formed that season and I started to like them Then I get obsessed Then I get my sister obsessed Then we went to signings One Two Three Then suddenly we re camping out 4 days in advance for a Today Show performance to see them and we meet two girls who become our best friendsFlash forward a couple yearsWe ve Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, expanded our friend group to 8 girls who are willing to do anything andverything to meet One Direction Like we poured out serious money for this I m talking staying at their hotels always 250 a night and flying to all their US shows Miami Chicago LA Lehrbuch Der Physiologie etc A lot of the groupither ran updates accounts who knew info on the boys 247 or could chip in Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. extra It was probably the craziest funniest best and most dangerous times of my life way too many near deathxperiences And all of this while I was under 18 and my sister two years younger And we somehow thought it was all worth it Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes every time we met them A lot of planning lying and selling things onbay went into this and somehow I m almost 20 and my mom still has no idea about us doing all this I M HORRIBLE I KNOW Don t Marketing Excellence 3 even get me started on the car chasing because thinking about the speeding tickets and car repairs gives me a headache This book gives you the insider look into that world with lots of humor and craziness thrown in the mix Even if this book wasn t my life I d still love it anyway I loved the way it showed a diverse group of girls banning together to meet the Ruperts just like my friend group and their complicated friendships Everything was just so fun in this one I loved it and want to buy a million copies and hand them out tovery fangirl out there Highly recommend it to anyone though just YARN Essentials even to try it out Soxcited to read from Goldy The most important thing that you should know is that this is not fanfiction It isn t one of those lonelygirl Tumblr fantasies about meeting your biggest celebrity crush This is the story of me and my friends and the time we met The Ruperts Kill The Boy Band is my spirit animal I may have mentioned it once or twice or a million times on this site that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan My room is papered with posters of her from her Fearless Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, era when I first discovered her through Love Story to the 1989ra when she became a feminist got a cute shoulder length bob and became the biggest person on the planet I have very strong opinions on Hiddleswift and which Tay Tay album is the best Speak Now duh I have yet to see her in concert but it s number one on my bucket list Often when I was reading I found myself nodding along with its insights on fandom You ll find the biggest Ruperts critics in Strepurs Sometimes we sing like a tattoo they ll get or we ll think a haircut make them look like a drug addict or we ll make fun of the way they pose in photographs Just because we teased doesn t mean we didn t love Fandom is a complicated culture Because it s one hundred percent true Moldavsky has taken a typically inane part of popculture and made it complex and surprisingly thoughtful That s honestly not something I xpected from a Misery and One "Direction Fanfiction Pairing I "fanfiction pairing I horror movie stuff with veryone descending into paranoia and madness and a Hands to Myself music video The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece ending with the girls taken away in custody as their dream boys frown onI got some of it I tore through the book in a night to get to the bottom of the spoilery mystery But I also got an intense insight into the world of celebrity worship and the dynamics of female friendship Anyway our friendship lived and breathed primarily in Twitter DMs and text messages That might sound strange but talk to any Ruperts fangirl and she ll tell you just how important the Internet was in all our lives Without it we probably never would veven heard of The Ruperts The gist is four fangirls obsessed with The Ruperts loosely based on One Direction book themselves a room in the hotel they re Find all of my reviews at S MY 100TH REVIEW OF THE YEAR I have totally glossed over American Nietzsche every single milestone number before this point so I m going to celebrate the monumental occasion of my brain not failing me for once with a review of a huge surprise hit for meThe story here is about four diehard fans of a band called The Ruperts named so because they all have the first name Rupert natch Said band was formed on the reality show So You Think the British Don t Have Talent If you re now picturing You re not the only one When the girls hear about a Thanksgiving concert they neeeeeeeeeeeed tickets Unfortunately they were all gone within 7 seconds or some such so the girls have to come up with a new plan in order to get close to their future husbands We re getting a room Once the boys arrive it will be Which will undoubtedly lead toach girl receiving her happily Art, Culture, and Cuisine ever after with the Rupert of her dreams Or maybe not What is your plan To kill the boy band If you re ancient like me and grew up with darkly humorous teenage tales such as Pump Up the Volume Heathers and Jawbreaker Kill the Boy Band mightnd up being the sleeper of the year for you as well God this thing was a delight Even this happening The obvious way to go would ve been the Weekend at Bernie s route It s this movie where two guys pretend that this dead guy Bernie is still alive by putting him in sunglasses and walking him around with them and stuff Ouch I m fucking old Weekend at Bernie s just got millennialsplained to me But it didn t lessen my Berlioz and His Century enjoyment I also found out how those screaming banshees are able to maintain their position right in front of the stage for hours onnd Watch out NKOTB The next time I haul my geriatric ass to one of your concerts I ll be prepared I used to be a fangirlThere is something weirdly Aristotles Rhetoric exciting about loving someone powerfulSomeonenormously popularIn a way you feel that overwhelming power and fame on While this book was ntertaining dark and funny I ll be lying if I said it was absolutely perfect and there is nothing wrong I got really uncomfortable reading about the sexual harassment which was NOT handled well bad lgbt rep taking pictures of one of the girls who was a minor and threatening to show others with *OR WITHOUT HER PERMISSION IS STILL *without her permission is still pornography she didn t want anyone to see her naked and that was also NOT handled well and some other small things This book is honestly weird and definitely crazy af It starts off with four girls who are huge fans of a boy band called The Ruperts and somehow manage to get a room in the same hotel the boys are staying in Somehow miraculously the ugliest and useless boy from the band Rupert P i think is tied to a chair in the girls room From there on the story just gets crazier as twists and turns are introduced like EVERY CHAPTER WARNING S P O I L E R S FROM HERE ON THEY ARE MAJOR AND NOT MARKED BUT I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT WAS IMPORTANTThese four character s are characters I couldn t help but sympathize and hate so fucking much Like ach of them are so well developed and have so much crazy shit going on in their lives or horrible things that happened to them that. Allereerst moet je weten dat het niet de bedoeling was dat het zo zou lopen We wilden alleen bij hen in de buurt komenDaarom boekten we en hotelkamer in het hotel waar ze zatenW. .

T an adventureI don t know if I should laugh roll my yes or give this book the award of the most comedic addictive story I ve read this yearLet s rewind I should definitely laugh at all the craziness and ridiculousness in this book roll my Colored Property eyes at all the Ruperts fansspecially the four heroines and I should definitely award this book with something because THAT WAS SO MUCH FUNHow far would you go to approach celebrities you admireworshipcan t stop thinking aboutlove with all your fangirl heart Would you kidnap them One day with a star would you say no It really wasn t supposed to go like this for the Four Fangirls I m going to refer to them this way it s Desire and Truth easier All they wanted was to attend the Ruperts new show And maybe catch a glimpse of them by booking a room at their hotel Not kidnap the ugliest less talented most forgettable of the Ruperts It sounds a bit ridiculous doesn t it But then again isn t that the point Far fetched sounding stories are not always bad A story like this one with many WTF worthy scenes is my idea of spending a fun afternoonA many readers find this book offensivespecially to fangirls all over the world I don t consider myself as being a fangirl though I know I AM one when it comes to Damen Laurent and Alec Magnus But I can t bring myself to fangirl over real life celebrities I used to be super fan of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez when I was 13 but that was a long time ago and uite frankly I do agree with what Civil War Bartender said It was indeed just a phase for me Maybe this is why I didn t find this offensive The author clearly did not mean to offend anyone although some characters are definitely jackasses when it comes to the subject of being a fan or having themBut I do think that fangirls and fanboys are needed in this world Without them concerts would be rather boring On that note the Four Fangirls are pretty cray cray and I m kind of scared for their next victim Haha Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin What an insane ride I m still reelingErin Isabel Apple and Sloane are in a word obsessed with the Ruperts think One Direction And we are not talking about an oh I totally love that band level no this is the all consuming IFREAKINGLOVEYOUMARRYME sort The kind that has you up to all hours fantasizing and writing fanfiction The kind that has Because the truth is it isn t worth loving something if you aren t going to love it all the wayAnd while neither of the girls can have any of the four Ruperts at least they have The Exiles Gallery each otherThere is one cardinal rule to their friendship no sharing of the Ruperts Theyach have their own Rupert from the band and as long as no one tries to steal the other one s Dislocating China everything is great Their bond is strongnough to withstand anything life hurls at them Or so they thought Cause Life just hurled one huge bump in the road at them and his name is Rupert P the ugly Rupert God rest his soul The girls managed to secure a hotel room in the same building as The Rupertsand one thing led to anotherand suddenly Rupert P is alone unguarded and chained via panty hose in their very own hotel room The possibilities oh the Childerley endless possibilities Only things go sour really really fast and the girls are left scrambling to cover the situation before the rest of the band the authorities or their parents find outxactly what happened to the Ugly Rupert God rest his soulThis book sweeps you away with its humor and uirky characters Each of the girls are so weird wacky and fun I loved them The joy you find as a teen however frivolous and dumb is pure and meaningfulIt s absolutely absurdand absurdly perfect pick it up for a fun readAudiobook CommentsReally well read by Barrett Wilbert Weed I loved how she actually sang the lyrics from the boy band songs Made for a fun sparkle in the book very time we got to a songYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading Boy band fangirls are a species that are focused determined and powerful in large numbers than just about any other group of people I can think of I thought this was awesome It s the kind of book you have to be in the right mood for a dark sadistic sense of humour kind of mood but
it s a 
s a murderous and hilarious comedy about fangirls in the age of social mediaKill the Boy Band has many laugh out loud moments that come with a side order of guilt because you know you really shouldn t be laughing But despite it s implausible plot and ludicrous characters there are many underlying truths laid bare in this book And the funniest things of all are the sad truths you have to begrudgingly admit toI must confess I related to parts of this book which may have affected my xperience I m in my Cruelty and Laughter early twenties now but I grew up when the digital age was just finding its feet At age thirteen most people I knew had some form of social media usually myspace or bebo and I witnessed themerging culture of celeb stalking that "REDEFINED WHAT IT MEANT TO BE A FANMY PERSONAL "what it meant to be a fanMy personal well the main one was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and James Marsters Spike in particular I would watch his interviews on Youtube read Cop Knowledge every post on his website and later follow his movements on Twitter In other circumstances this level of stalkery would be illegal In myarly to mid teens I felt attached to him on a weird level I d followed his life so closely that I felt like I knew him something those of my parents generation simply couldn t understand Being his fan made me happy Loving him made me feel good about myself It sounds so silly now but I think I truly believed that a we were meant to be together and b this could Cultural Aesthetics eventually happen if I just attendednough signings and concertsThankfully I was too shy to do anything I couldn t tackle him because I melted into a puddle of Class and Conformity emotionsvery time he was in the same room But I can understand how crazy it could get if someone with my mindset did have the will and ability to take it to the next levelThat s what this book is about It *S About Four Teenage Girls Who Are Devoted To A *about four teenage girls who are devoted to a band called The Ruperts hilariously based on One Direction and how their devotion Descartes and His Contemporaries escalates into something sinister The book makes fun of teen girl crushes on celebrities lots of great parodies of real life pop culture references and some surprisingly graphic sex jokes but it also has an anti slut shaming feminist spin and in a way defends the girls right to their crushes and silly desires Did I love them because they were the only boys in my life who consistently told me I was beautiful ProbablyI loved The Ruperts for who they were sure but I mostly loved them for how they made me feel Which was happyThe Ruperts made me happy The simplest thing to be in the world And the hardest It s silly for sure Reminds me of a darker version of Rudnick s It s All Your Fault But it s surprisingly not as shallow as you mightxpect It has lots of insights into the minds of teen girls and fangirls and though comical Moldavsky s observations ring true The joy you find as a teen however frivolous and dumb is pure and meaningful It doesn t matter that it might ferment and taste different when you re older That s the whole point of being a teenager not worrying about the future The plot gets darker and darker The narrator grows increasingly unreliable But the comedy is a strong constant throughout pulling the book back into the light when it threatens to get too darkIt s funny feminist and diverse with the Dominican Isabel and the fat Chinese Apple I will point out that some reviewers have taken issue with the way Apple s weight plays into some of the comedy To me it seemed like an unapologetic High Tide at Midnight embracing of size but then I don t have the samexperiences and perspectives that bigger women do so it would be stupid of me to dismiss these criticisms and not bring attention to themAnyway for me Kill the Boy Band was a fun dark and interesting read By the way for those of you who are now concerned for my sanity I m much cooler now Lol jk But I can meet James Marsters and pose for cool pictures without being a total loser DBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store. Lgde was niet gepland Ik zweer hetVier meisjes ontvoeren per ongeluk hun minst favoriete jongen uit hun favoriete boyband Het begint als en grap maar het loopt al snel uit de ha.

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Kill the Boy BandYou can t help but melt a little bit for But still they did the most fucking PSYCHOPATHIC shit to an innocent band member that it makes your blood boil because of their horrible actions and the injustice The main character whose name is constantly changing throughout the book seemed like a character who could be safe to trust trying to do what s right but as the story goes on she becomes increasingly unreliable because of how she acts and the things she revealsThe other three character s were gross and disgusting but still human beings who went through things no one should have to go through I hated them because of how they treated Rupert P They refused to let him go sexually harassed him threatened to Deceptive Beauties expose his sexuality when he didn t want anyone knowing ruined his career maybe murdered him and just treated the guy so horrible He was vulnerable to them and thinking about it makes me SO uncomfortable SEXUAL HARASSMENTIf four guys tied up a girl sat on her lap got naked in front of her touched her doesn t matter where the place when she didn t want it people would be fucking screaming SEXUAL HARASSMENT So when four girls do this to a guy suddenly it s not sexual harassment In this case Apple was the one sitting on Rupert P s lap touching him taking her shirt off and taking pictures with him while he s tied up and the other girls are just watching this letting this happen and not fucking stopping it The book mentions NOTHING about this being harassment towards Rupert P AND I WANTED TO SCREAM SEXUALITYAlso another thing that pissed me the fuck off is Apple s reaction and total disregard of Rupert P s sexuality He s gay and when Apple found out she was totally obliviousven though the other girl s mentioned it to her I think she mentioned something about him kissing other girls and how it made her jealous I m not sure But anyways she fucking brushed off the fact he s gay and continued imagining he was straight and THAT S GROSS AND HOMOPHOBIC Not only that but of course it s the gay guy who gets murderedCHILD PORNOGRAPHYAlso Erin i think that s her name was waiting naked in the band members room where one of the boys came in and had sex with her Also atm in the book she s 15 so this was a while ago at a time where she was younger and I m not sure how old the boys are so I really can t be sure if this was statutory rape However when she talks about how one of the Rupert s sent her nudes while she pleaded cried and was terrified of all she gets is a pat on the back and oh poor you That s not a way to handle this for a fact Also nobody mentioned it s child pornography to take pictures of a minor naked and send them to people Overall I had some huge issues with this book but it was still an intriguing and thrilling read with twists and turns Dangerous Work every chapter A LOT of things in this book made me uncomfortable but I d be lying if I said I didn tnjoy it 35 stars rounded down Flavor and Soul even though I originally rated it four stars Stalking boy bands was serious business Kill the Boy Band is unlike anything I ve read this year and the intro to this story is what really gripped me The most important thing that you should know is that this is not fanfiction It isn t one of those lonelygirl Tumblr fantasies about meeting your biggest celebrity crush This is the story of me and my friends and the time we met The Ruperts You can believe it or not that s on you Just because you heard a different account of thevents on the news doesn t mean that this one isn t trueI have to tell it xactly as it happenedI have to get the truth outAnd I m truly sorry for what we have done After reading that how could I possibly not pick it upIn a way this book reminded me of the film Love Wrecked where the fan meets her favorite world famous rock star and they get stranded on an islandThis review contains spoilersBut this storyline follows 4 fangirls of The Ruperts and they will do anything to meet themIt s definitely a uniue story and it brought back those cringe worthy memories of my 12 year old self that I try with all my might to block outIt was however really funny remembering how obsessed you can get over someone you don t ven know in real life only with what the media presents of themI will admit that I was hesitant going into this one because I read multiple reviews where they mentioned how Apple was portrayed that I didn t like and after reading the book I still don t Imagine a big blubbering mess of tear streaked flesh and dry heaving Apple did the only thing Apple could think to do She ran at full fucking speed Apple did not stop Apple s overwhelming desire to hugtouchhump Rupert P by any means necessary meant nothing was going to get in the way of her flesh touching his She did not stop Until She Football Tackled Rupert P To The GroundRupert P she football tackled Rupert P to the groundRupert P out cold instantly This was actually kind of a best case scenario under the circumstances because a tackle from Apple could ve very well killed him I am upset with how Apple was portrayed which is why I lowered my rating this review perfectly Forgery, Replica, Fiction explained it But for the majority of the story Injoyed it and it got me out of my reading slump which was fantastic because I had been picking up and putting down books for weeks now nothing has compared to The Raven CycleIt was also an interesting read though hard to xplain because the mess these girls got themselves into was creepy and dark yet somehow ntertaining This book is considered a dark humor book and it definitely managed to make me laugh but at the same time feel truly scared The plan was always to blackmail Rupert P Everything that happened with Apple Rupert P Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life ending up in our room that was all serendipity Itxpedited things I never dreamed the blackmail would go this far Or that it would work so well But why would you want to blackmail him To make a dent in the group Which would be the start of my plan I was afraid to ask because I was afraid of what the answer would be But I needed to What is your plan To kill the boy band The whole situation with Rupert P actually being dead really shocked me and I had my guesses for how he Escape ended up that way I was right for onceBut when the girls walked into their hotel room and found it to be unnervingly uiet I thought maybe Rupert had managed toscape not die How did this happen Erin said Who was in here last Isabel said We re going to need a polyethylene plastic bin and a few gallons of acid Apple said We stared at her I watched Breaking Bad I know how to get rid of a body I loved how the pop culture references in this book didn t feel forcedAnd Goldy Moldavsky put it into perfect words the fangirl The Empty Chair experience and nearing thend of it And all I saw was hate Because after a while obsession without any payoff can breed it hatred The boys will inevitably disappoint you somehow You think a girl that they date isn t worthy of them You think their songs could be better that their relevance is weak You begin to wonder why you still care so much why you still fight their battles for them over Twitter while they themselves are sipping pi a coladas on some Mexican beach and you realize that at some point your obsession is mostly perfunctory You ve sold your soul to it and now you open up Tumblr and scroll because it s hardwired in you to do it If you can just get one piece of info one pic one scoop it ll fill that mpty feeling in you that you dug unbeknownst in the first place All in all I m "really glad that I picked this book up because it not only helped me get out of a "glad that I picked this book up because it not only helped me get out of a slump but I actually njoyed the time I spent reading Kill the Boy BandIt was a uick and thought provoking read Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Kill the Boy Band just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog People have called me crazy It s understandable fangirls get a bad rap all the time They say we re weird hysterical obsessed certifiable But those people don t understand Just because I love something a lot doesn t mean I m crazy And I did love The Ruperts a lot I loved them than Holy c Wha. E waren niet van plan Lit een van hen te ontvoeren Zeker niet de stomste van het stelMaar we hadden hem in handen –n zijn kamersleutel zijn telefoon Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 en zijn geheimenWat daarop vo.

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