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L sore from Liberty s rejection of him He has no idea why she suddenly umped him and she never would give him a valid reason He can t believe she has shown up at his home now with the outlandish claim that he is wanted by the law on a terrorism charge now with the outlandish claim that he is wanted by the law on a terrorism charge will show the law that there is no way he is guilty but how The Friend Zone did the service conclude that he is guilty Who has set him up As he leaves his barn after his confrontation with Liberty shots ring outThat s just the beginning of the suspense Liberty and Tate work together to gather evidence of his innocence while being targetsodging bullets Good thing they are both trained agents Their journey leads them into Flying Scotsman Manual dangerous waters as they battle enemies toiscover the truth Don t miss another exciting tale from Love Inspired Suspense I truly enjoyed this fast paced twisty thriller set in wintry Montana Liberty and Tate are uite the pair as they try to stay ahead of killers while Liberty s cohorts in the Secret Service solve the kidnappingcrimesThe actual sleuthing is often off screen so this one is mostly a thriller with a good bit of romance thrown in Liberty s big reason was pretty transparent to me from the first but. Of evidence against him and both the feds and a rogue cartel behind him Tate needs Liberty evidence against him and both the feds and a rogue cartel behind him Tate needs Liberty him They’ve become the targets of a manhunt with just one endingand they have only each other to stay ali.

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Yuletide SuspectGreatI always enjoy your books but this one kept me you had me on page me reading you had me on page this was the best thanks Loved it storylineExciting edge of your seat reading and great ending Need a part two to carry on the story with the brother as a DEA agent Very unpredictable 385 My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Yuletide Suspect This is the third book in the Secret Service Agents Series I really enjoy Lisa s books and this one is awesome The story is well written action packed and full of faith You re going to love this one Secret Service Agent Liberty Westmark is riving out to find her ex fiance The man has been accused of abducting a plane with a senator and two White House staffers Her plan is to find him and arrest him as a courtesy nothing She would ask for forgiveness for the break UP LISTEN TO HIS EXPLANATION AND THEN BRING HIM listen to his explanation and then bring him When she arrives at his cabin in a blizzard shots are fired and Tate saves her How was she going to handle thisEx Secret Service Agent Tate Almers was shocked to find Liberty at his home He thought she was the intruder but a man soon takes a shot at them He saves her grabs her gun and closes her in the barn Why wa. CHRISTMAS FRAME UPNothing will stop Secret Service agent Liberty Westmark from warning her ex fiancé that he’s wanted on a terrorism charge not even gunmen etermined to kill them both After breaking hi. S someone out there trying to kill Him Why Was The Love Of His Why was the love of his out here risking her lifeA crazy journey of Liberty and Tate to find the plane and clear his name God has a plan for them a good plan and not for evil God has a plan for you too A plan of Grace and Forgiveness give Him your heart and watch Him turn your life around Title Yuletide SuspectAuthor Lisa PhillipsPages 218Year December 2017Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating is 4 out of 5 starsLiberty Westmark is on a mission of her own making She is a Secret Service agent out to warn her former co worker and ex fianc that he is the main suspect in "A TERRORIST ATTACK ALL THE EVIDENCE "terrorist attack All the evidence service has is against him but Liberty wants to Give Him A Chance To Tell His him a chance to tell his of the story before the rest of her team moves in for the arrest She hasn t seen Tate for two years after breaking his heart by abruptly ending their engagement She has never told him why she broke the engagement and still has strong feelings for him maybe even still loves him She knows he can t possible be guilty of terrorismTate Almers is living in the middle of nowhere after leaving his job with the Secret Service His heart is stil. S heart she owes Tate Almers thatespecially since only she believes his innocence Partnering with Liberty again is the last thing Tate a former Secret Service agent wants for Christmas But with a mountain.

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