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E the two of us one was ternal and that if our material being were taken from us we would continue where the forces of nature and the laws of decay and transience have no power and where the human soul is stronger than all the heavenly bodies because they are condemned one day millions of years after their creation to burn out whereas the soul in which our rapture and yearning were interwoven would last ven after not a single particle of dust from all the matter in the universe remained106There is some useful information in the book The history of the care of the mentally ill was certainly interesting Some of the discussions the nature of mental illness the roles of the conscious and unconscious religion were less so The discussions about religion are pedantic According to my brother the cult of Yahweh was spread among the Egyptians by a Midianite shepherd with the same name as the Egyptian leader Moses But this one this second Moses preached a God who was the complete antithesis of Aton Yahweh was venerated by the Arab tribe of Midianites as an uncanny bloodthirsty demon who walks by night and shuns the light of day Although the Egyptian Moses never was in ades and had never heard the name of Yahweh whereas the Midianite Moses never set foot in Egypt and knew nothing of Aton they stayed in memory as one person because the Mosaic religion we know only in its final form as it was fixed by Jewish priests in the time after the Exile about ight hundred years later by which time the two men named Moses had already fused into a single person and Aton and Yahweh into a single God as different in their The Truth (Discworld, essences as day is to night precisely because He is two gods in one184 A summary of Freud s book Moses and Monotheism belongs in a book purportedly about the life of Freud s sisterI read a translation of the original Macedonian text Perhaps much was lost in translation Please check out my reader s blog and follow me on Twitter DCYakabuski Some SpoilersA fascinating novel about the life and death of Freud s sister Adolfina and told in her voice being part of Sigmund Freud s family and also about how being female child resulted in being valued less than the golden son In this family Sigmund was literally called my golden Siggie by his motherAll four of hislderly surviving sistersultimately were deported by the Nazis from Vienna to the concentrationdeath camps None of them survived the war The horrifying facts about their deaths isn t just that they were Mr. Perfect exterminated but that Freud did not include them among his party when he left Vienna for London He took his children his sister in law and his DOG but NOT his sisters While the author portrays Freud as thinking Hitler couldn t last but by then he had been in power for 5 years Hitler clearly had staying power and the Western democracies weren t showing any backbone in their dealings with them If he truly thought his sisters would be safe he was totally delusional I can t help but think that his refusal to include them demonstrates Freud s misogynyDespite themphasis I give to Freud s desertion of his sisters the novel is really about how hard a life his sister Adolfina had Despised by her mother and denied a fuller life by a society that valued only beauty and submissiveness in women when she had little beauty and was not totally obedient she took refuge for years in a mental asylum the Nest While the Nest had its share of the truly mentally ill some of its patients were like Adolfina just different and therefore rejected by society Gustave Klimt s sister Klara is another one of the different also hated and rejected by her mother while the son Gustave is the center of the family s world and it is with her that Adolfina shares a deep friendhip Klara s madness included agitating for women s rights and wanting to wear trousers in a world a corsetted womenThe novel is writtentranslated in a poetical style That is to say that it isn t a story told as a poem but that the style penetrates your consciousness in the way that a truly profound poem does Before I begin my review Freud s Sister is FICTION It is not a work of non fiction It is not a memoir nor biography I Secret Suffragette even hesitate to call it historical fiction The author states in the Author s Note that little is known about Freud s sister Adolfina There is a lot of freedom for artisticxpression or interpretation by the author in Freud s Sister The author chose to use the first person voice of Adolfina I ll xplain about that underneath My ThoughtsSummaryAdolfina was born Esther Adolfine Dolfi Freud on 23 July 1862 and died 5 February 1943 She was a younger sister to Sigmund Freud Sigmund or Siggi as his mother called him was the child doted on in the family His parents sent him to college and to medical school His parents were of humble meansAlthough they were Jewish by blood they were not Jewish by religion The children knew little about their ancestry They were considered to be agnosticAldolphina grew up with a passive aggressive mother #she could be loving one minute and vindictive #could be loving one minute and vindictive next moment This is one of the few facts known about Adolphina was the hostile relationship between mother and daughterAdolphina was a super sensitive person dependent clingy These character traits were magnified having an abusive motherAdophina s world was her thoughts and dreams Her voice in this story is mainly of her thoughts of words that never bring forth her feelings Her life is a life of repressionFreud s Sister begins shortly before Sigmund Freud s departure to London England Then the story backs up to the beginnings of the Freud family centering around AdolphinaMy ThoughtsI have mixed feelings about this book and give it a 3 I ll xplain A book about Sigmund Freud s family with himself as a main character would not be complete without using his beliefs These beliefs include his thoughts on monotheism religion dreams sex after life repression and psycho analysis We will never know if any of these beliefs were believed by Adolphina We can only speculate I did wonder at times if the author made Adolphina the female version of Sigmund Freud Maybe Adolphina believed as Freud did and maybe she did not The family was dysfunctional The mother had large issues in repressed or unacknowledged anger that she took out on her daughter Adolphina She abused Adolphina Sigmund was poor in character for his lax of moral judgment as far as his sister was concerned Even children who ve had little parental authority do not act out in some of the ways he did What he did and what any one like him does leaves scars I know this is a thought in story that is fictional but it is my opinion And furtherFreud is a repressed individual as well He is repressed in morality He is repressed in the ability to make moral decisions He is repressed in the ability to believe period He prefers to discussions and detached actions The descriptive prose in the book went on too long at some points I felt a bit over done like burnt toast Symbolism is over used using the word and descriptions of dreams repressed words and feelings birth and babies signifying life There is zero happiness or lightheartedness in this book If you re already depressed don t read it It is a book that would make a good book discussion Skip any appetizers or dinner just conversation on a controversial belief system Why did I give this book a 3 for good Gave me a better understanding of Sigmund Freud s belief system Gave me a better understanding of Austria during the Holocaust and World War II Gave me a better understanding of what happens when a person becomes a VICTIM of his or her thoughts Was a different sort of read for me A uote from the book I did not say I like the uote or agree with it just a uote All normal people are normal in the same way ach mad person is mad in his own way After reading this book I had to look up Adolfina s real history and found that there isn t one She s briefly mentioned in Sigmund Freud s Wiki bio and a picture shows a dreamy weak looking young lady Not much to go on when writing a book The author had his work cut out for himAll in all this is a depressing book telling a story of a very depressing life I can only hope that Adolfina s real Life Was Happier Than ThisIt was happier than thisIt almost as if the author has made Adolfina a female Freud living through the concepts and arguments of Freud s psychological beliefs I can t say that for certain not knowing a lot about Freud s beliefs Throughout the book the two debate and philosophise about life meaning and purpose There s no joy or happiness in this book Life is bleak Yikes. Ester Gustav Klimts oder Ottla Kafkas Schwester und rweckt jene schillernde Epoche zum Leben mit all ihren gesellschaftlichen und geistigen Um und Aufbrüchen Freuds Schwester schildert die Hoffnungen und Sehnsüchte My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, einer Zeit des Aufbruchs aus der Perspektive der Frauen die sich mit ihrem Schicksal als Unterdrückte nicht mehr widerspruchslos zufriedengeben wollen. Disclaimer I received a copy via Netgalley It is perhaps a little known fact that Freud s sisters died in the Holocaust while the man himself and other members of family were able toscape That is pretty much all I know about the Freud family Regardless it made me interested Doglands enough to reuest a copy of Freud s Sister by Goce Smilevski I m notntirely what I was Riveted (Iron Seas, expecting but the book wasn t uite it And that s not a bad thing It is the books that surprise us but that don t disappoint us that are gems Smilevski s novel is told from the viewpoint of Adolfina and starts with the days prior to the Second World War before moving into the War and then into the past tracing Adolfina s life Mr Smilevski writes in his author s note that The silence around Adolfina is so loud that I could write this novel in no other way than in her voice I find myself thinking about that line as I think about this book and struggle to do the book justice with this review For while the book wasn t uite what I thought it would be and while it is uiet in terms of action it is a beautiful stunning and powerful book What Smilevski has done is taken a uiet life and made a uiet yetngrossing story While she is acuainted with famous men her brother and Klimet Adolfina s story is her story It is a story of a life that does shake the universe a life that doesn t call down the heavens and a life that doesn t seem to change anyone who history declares matter If you take the action of the book alone and just the action then you have a book where what is of most interest is the discussion of philosophy and psychology That s it well that and a desire to smack Freud upside the head as if the whole women wanting a penis thing didn t make you want to do that already To look at the book in terms of action and solely in terms of physical action does the book and Smilevski a huge disservice It is the language of this novel that makes the novel that shows that there her brother and her lover that makes the book The language is like a melancholy poetry that yet somehow contains a kernel of hope in it Adolfina s view of life is different and perhaps real than her brother s a brother who the reader seems to only know though his coming and going a figure that seems as distance and as dream made as the trees that other residents of the Nest see Ah the Nest some of the best writing in this book deals with the Nest a madhouse that is center in two ways to Adolfina and her friend Klara sister of the famous Klimet who campaigns for woman s rights as well as An Officer and a Spy encompassing view of love and family than thatxpressed by Freud and Klara s own familyIn many ways this juxtaposition of two sisters of two famous men seems to be part of the point the theme of the novel It is like Woolf s Shakespeare s sister What could have these women done if they had been offered support in terms of parents and siblings as well as society Part of the tragedy is how alone some of the characters are as they are separated in various ways from both family and the society It is hard impossible really to not think of Woolf s A Room of One s Own when reading this book The sense of waste and undervalue simply because of the sex of the characters because of the gender of the characters is major aspect of the novelWhile the book may not have been what I thought I wanted it was Fates (Fates, exactly what I needed to read The uietness of life is an aspect that gets overlooked in much fiction undoubtedly because it is difficult to write an interesting book about it There is a reason why storiesnd with the happily ver after it s boring to read about it What Mr Smilevski has done is take what many authors would only show as boring and make it magical Brilliant Fascinating History of Mental Health Care in EuropeThe first 20% o this book is riveting The opening is set in 1942 Germany and Freud s four sisters are caught up in the Nazi plan to hunt down inter torture and kill millions of Jews and others Sigmund Freud and his immediate family have already fled Germany for the safety of England The story focuses on Freud s youngest sister Adolfina She and Freud as the first and last born children in their family had been Sigmund Freud had several sisters Adolfina was the one he called the sweetest and best of my sisters She never married was treated poorly at #home spent years in a psychiatric hospital and nded her life in a Nazi concentration camp This book is historical #spent years in a psychiatric hospital and nded her life in a Nazi concentration camp This book is historical not biography it would be difficult to write a biography of Adolfina as there is not much known about her But it s than a fictional biography it s also a treatise on the lack of meaning of and how horrible most lives are Everyone seems to have mental health Adolfina s mother is motionally abusive her lover suffers from OBaby extreme depression her best friend Klara Klimt sister of artist Gustav spends years in the asylum rooming with Adolfina Sigmund while brilliant is fixated on the Oedipus syndrome and penisnvy A fair part of the novel takes place in the as I am admittedly not a fan of Freud and could sit and discuss his many flaws for hours When I learned that he didn t save his sisters from the fates of Jewish death camps I was Nerds even appalled Goce Smilevskixplores the life of Sigmund s oldest sister Aldolfina in Freud s Sister translated from Macedonian Freud s Sister is a novel work of art and is masterfully written combining WWII historical fiction a biography of the Freuds psychology character studies and philosophy Freud s Sister is a thinking novel which strips away the bells and whistles of a traditional piece and Zack (Areion Fury MC exposesmotions and thoughts on the real meaningsfearsloveshates of life and living The novel begins with a WWII introduction which is very moving on its own In fact it is so powerful that the simplest of comments induced tears and images which caused me to close the book because the material was difficult to digest This suggests Smilevski s talent in bringing the plot and imagery to life Making the novel Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, even powerful is its calm and steady storytelling and characterization of Adolfina which is memorable than having an agitated or angrynvironment relating to the subject matter Although the characters are not formally introduced the reader will already feel camaraderie and will dive into the story of an old friend Also relatable is Smilevski s plot Either he has an abusive mother or is an ContamiNation even remarkable writer than thought as the actions of Aldolfina are spot on and hit on personal level for those with suchxperiences These Taxi ins Glück events allow one to understand Adolfina s psyche and Sigmund in real life Smilevski s writing style and language is simple and yet colorful beautiful andasy to read ven though the work is a translation There are some areas which are slightly choppy which is ither due to the ditor or a loss in translation Freud s Sister isn t a typical novel following a plot progression and character arc and is instead of a stream of consciousness which resonates deep within the reader uestioning our own thoughtsemotions Yet Smilevski seems to know both the characters and the readers so intimately that it chillingly feels like we are simply reading a self diary This will disappoint those seeking a standard HF novel featuring Freud s family but will satisfy those who like to be affected by a book that helps consider their own lives Due to Freud s Sister being based on Adolfina s thoughts and memories some portions of the novel feel repetitive or confusing On the contrary Smilevski also introduces wonderful real figures such

#as kara klimt #
Kara Klimt Klimt s sister which ncourage further reading and research It is worth mentioning that chapter 6 is a long chapter forming the avant garde highly symbolic portion of Freud s Sister Although it is bouncy the bounciness is smooth and natural solidifying representation symbolism and poetry which make much sense of the novel and of life itself Strengthening the novel and making it The Magic Rolling Pin even uniue Smilevskixemplifies skill and creativityThe calm Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, ethereal uality of Freud s Sister contrasts strikingly with the plot depicting madness and depression until the very tip of the conclusion which is simple and yet thought provoking Freud s Sister is not a happilyver after novel and is suited intellectuals or those seeking philosophical mpowerment Smilevski seamlessly conjoins depth with a story and flows with the touch of classical literature Freud s Sister is a multifaceted work of literature art The author came to Brussels last week and was asked uestions on why he choose for this topic He was intrigued he said Sigmund Freuds Leben ist bis in die letzten Winkel ausgeleuchtet Doch was wissen wir über den Rest seiner Familie Goce Smilevski schildert in dieser fiktiven Autobiografie den Lebensweg Adolfines der inzigen unverheirateten und kinderlosen Schwester Freuds und wirft damit auch in neues Licht auf das Leben ihres berühmten Bruders Über Adolfine die mit ihren Elter. Y the uestion why Freud did not put his four sisters on the list of people he could take with him to London To write this book he took seven years to read many letters Freud wrote to his family and colleagues and went through lots of archives to get a picture of the time and on psychoanalysis as well A Back in 2004 I bought an issue of the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur ntitled La psychanalyse The Unseen Wonder en proc I could freely translate the title as Psychoanalysis on trial mineThe magazine depicted on its cover a S Freud seated on a couchhimself under analysis It contained a series of articles by severalxperts dealing with uestions such as the scientific character of Psychoanalysis was Freud the inventor of the Unconscious is it really a psychotherapy healing is it truly liberating or rather alienating do the neurosciences validate Freud s hypothesisetcetc In short the issue was dedicated to what was then called the Psychoanalysis crisis B The book by the Macedonian writer Goce Smilevski could be included amongst the LNO articles Why Because it adds a lot to the uestions being raised and addressed in the LNO compilationIndeed to the uestion of Freud s own analysisCarol Oates wrote about Goce s novel something like it s a kind of biography in the shadow of S Freud highly critical with the great man who didn t authorize his sisters to accompany him in his trip to London So it seems he had the chance and he didn t take it Why Goce s says nobody knows about the reasons Freud left The Management Bible enough money for their living A tragic fact still remains four sisters died in nazi concentration camps We don tven know if they wanted to leave Vienna S Freud left them money and later asked Princess Marie Bonaparte to try to get a permit for them to leave Austria C Goce s book is about the voice of one of his sisters Adolphina Freud the forgotten one According to her brother the best and most sensitive one On Adolphina little is known but that she was neglected by her motherwas considered a bit retarded was institutionalized in a Viennese hospiceand never got married Goce considers Adolphina a metaphor of the forgotten ones who always lived in the shadow The novel narrates the death of the four sisters altogether in gas chambersbut in fact they died separately in different concentration camps S Freud his mother and his sistersCritics say that it s not true that Adolphina was the best friend of Clara Klimt sister of painter Gustav nor was Clara a feministas the novel portrays It seems that the first title for the book was The sister of Freud but it became The list of maybe for market reasonsD What made Goce search for 7 years and a half on Freud s writings was a sentence produced by the father of Psychoanalysis Spinoza on Ethics wrote in a very cold state of mind but also with the heat of a volcanic heart This sentence led Goce to the tragic story of the 4 sistersE I would call the article to be inserted in the LNO Unethical Freud maybe Tricky Freudian Ethics no maybe Any space for Freud s own guilt Whatever Goce s affirmed several times I don t blame Freud for his sisters death ButI wonder L Heritage Freudian survivra t il aux d mentis oppos par ses nombreaux d tracteursYou can find symptomatical phrases in the issue such as SI CRISE IL Y A DANS LA PSYCHANALYSE AUJOURD HUIELE EST SITUER EN BORDURE DE SON TERRITOIRENON EN SON CENTRE by Moniue Schneider from the CNRS If today there s a crisis in Psychoanalysisit must be located on its bordersnot in its center Or C Zu schnell est un fait ue la th oriet la th rapie psychoanalityues sont de plus Sleepless (Bird of Stone, en plusn crise aux tats Units t dans le monde ntirem me si L Argentine t la France sont des xceptions remaruables by Adolf Gr nbaum from the Pittsburg university It s a fact that both psychoanalytical theory and therapy are increasingly in a crisisin the USA and the Invisible (The Curse of Avalon entire worldeven though Argentine and France are remarkablexceptionsFrench Yummy Supper editionLa Liste de Freud Goce s on the EU Prize for Literature 2010 I kept coming across glowing reviews of this book winner of the European Union Prize for Literature and so looked forward to reading it I was very disappointed The first two chapters promise annjoyable read but then the drudgery begins The author stated his intention to rescue in fiction one of the many lives forgotten by history but what he wrote is of a philosophical treatise than a fictional biographyAccording to Smilevski Adolfina Freud s sweetest and best sister did not have an asy life as a child she was sickly as a young girl she was motionally abused as a young woman she had an ill fated love affair as an adult she institutionalized herself in a mental hospital and in her later years she had to care for her ailing mother At the Deep Listening end of her lonelyxistence was death in a concentration campThis is not an uplifting book It is full of abuse loneliness abortions suicides and deaths Adolfina s mother keeps telling her It would have been better if I had not given birth to you 34 and has only words of contempt and ridicule about how Adolfina ate how she laughed how she walked 48 Maternal abuse almost seems a motif the mother of one of Adolfina s friends tied her sons and daughters to their chairs 68 and burned all the clothes and books 69 of one of her daughtersThe meaningless of xistence 137 is a topic of conversation over and over and over again Virtually veryone Adolfina meets suffers from depression Rainer her lover stared into an absence His gaze fled from Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature everything and fastened on themptiness 47 Klara a friend is lost to a kind of mptiness and Her gaze drifted somewhere far far beyond the wall 96 Adolfina compares herself to Venus de Milo I lacked something inside me as if the arms of my soul were lacking and that absence that lack that feeling of mptiness made me helpless 99 Her mother looked with an absent gaze 232 Another friend s gaze was fixed on a point as if there where her Trajan eyes looked something immobile swallowed her gaze swallowed her very self 194 Yet another looked into themptiness Bunnys Book Club Goes to School everywhere in that absence around her 213 The constant repetition of absence andmptiness and fixed gazes is tedious It s not surprising that Albrecht Durer s The Peculiar Pig engraving Melancholia receives a two page descriptionMuch is left unexplained Forxample Adolfina does not attend school On the day I was to set off to school for the first time I begged my parents to allow me to stay at home I stayed home the next day as well and the days that followed 39 Her ducation comes from Sigmund he took out one of his textbooks and leafed through the pages telling me what he thought I needed to know 39 There is no reference to her learning to read but she reads Plato Hegel and Schopenhauer 63 There also seems to be a lot of purposeless name dropping Adolfina becomes acuainted with Johann Goethe s grandson Gustav Klimt s family Franz Kafka s sister and Hermann Broch s motherThe portrayal of Sigmund Freud is not flattering Everyone kowtows to him His mother believing her son will be a great man calls him my golden Siggie 38 When Freud s grandson is seriously ill it was clear to us that he was not going to live long 224 his health is largely ignored because Sigmund had surgery no one asked him how he was doing very day we forgot to take his temperature We were all thinking about Sigmund 225 When his doting mother is dying Sigmund ignores her reuests that he visit her 233 He is a misogynist who does not let his daughter study medicine because Sigmund did not believe that studies were for girls 245 His arrogance seems to know no bounds he says And this The Mermaids Shoes explanation of mine that religious belief originates in the search for comfort will last longer than any religious belief 248 Most damning is the fact that Sigmund acuiresxit #VISAS FOR HIMSELF HIS WIFE THEIR CHILDREN AND THEIR #for himself his wife their children and their his wife s sister two housekeepers his personal doctor and his family and hislittle dog 10 but not for his four sisters who conseuently die in concentration campsMuch has been made of the lyrical language in the book My problem with the language is the constant repetition For Untameable Rogue (Bennett example this sentence appears on p 167 A smell of raw disintegrating flesh ofxcrement of sweat and in the middle of this stench of bodies tossing on the ve of death and bodies stiffly awaiting it This same
#sentence appears again #
appears again pages 175 and 242 And then there are the long sentences At that moment if someone had told us this was our final moment on arth and that later no trace of us would remain it would not have pulled us from our rapture because we believed that what was between us what mad. N bis zu deren Tod in Midsummer Masque einer Wohnung lebte ist wenig bekannt Als Sigmund 1938 nach Londonmigrierte blieb sie mit ihren drei Schwestern zurück in Wien wurde deportiert und starb 1943 in Theresienstadt Ausgehend von diesen Lebensdaten Maybe This Time (Belonging entwirft Smilevski in seinem bildermächtigen Romanin großes Panorama der Zeit um 1900 r imaginiert Begegnungen mit Klara der Schw. Сестрата на Зигмунд Фројд