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Scandal! dWilds of Canada being huntedown like animals Can they find their way back and survive God has a plan for them a good plan and not for evil God has a plan for you too a plan for a hope and a future Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your mess Non male uesto libro ambientato nell estremo nord ella British Columbia Non stop action The bad guys are pretty much known from the beginning and they are running from them I prefer of a surprise but good book chock full of action Soyeah just the name of this series Has Me All Twitterpated Mountie Brotherhood And me all twitterpated Mountie Brotherhood And Canadian Mounted Police officer Sam Thrace is a fine hero to start things off Blissful sighKarl gives us an exciting glimpse into the life of a rural RCMP officer maybe a little too exciting Cause this is what I like to call a rabid reader page turner Be prepared for a hair raising life or eath pursuit through the Canadian wilderness Honestly the bad guys areshudderingly ingenious in their lethal plans Which means Sam and Kara are in for the fight of their livesThese two have history of the high school kind and it s been eighteen years since Kara left their small community to attend university Sam thought they had something special back then but this is the case "of two people who might be good with each other needing to grow up before they can "two people who might be good with each other needing to grow up before they can good for each otherNearly two ecades later their explosive reunion kicks off a series of events that forces them to work together in order to survive Kara s a hard hitting professional used to Making Herself Heard In A herself heard in a ominated profession and Sam can t seem to turn the macho protector off These two grate on each other and Kara can be biting in her bid to stand her ground Great Shapely Ankle Preferrd dynamics between these two The romance is as nail biting as the suspenseAnd an added bonus Kara is Korean Canadian I really can t express how thrilled I am to seeiversity in the Love Inspired linesSo if you like plenty of action wilderness survival and a Mountie riding to the rescue literally this is a efinite must rea. Troversial pipeline findings And as he and Kara escape into the remote Canadian wilds neither is safe from their emerging feelings or the threat to their live.

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summary Wilderness Pursuit Mountie Brotherhood #1

Wilderness Pursuit Mountie Brotherhood #1A LOT of action in this book I idn t warm up to these characters Even Though I Wanted To though I wanted to love the book based on the title and the idea of a Mountie Brotherhood series I ll check the other titles out hoping for better main characters As always Karl packs a lot of information and action into her books and this one takes the cake for information overload I was a little bombarded with information about Canada and how the police work the wilderness archeology etc Although I am a Canadian and I enjoy learning about our wonderful country I felt that the explanations took me away from the story There were plenty of action packed seuences where our heroes could hardly take a eep breath except to explain "Their Areas Of Expertise To Each Other "areas of expertise to each other long ish monologuesalong with the information overload we also monologuesAlong with the information overload we also a lot of the same Karl isms which I ve noticed in a lot of her other books Former sweethearts reunite The strong and capable woman is all of a sudden in anger and the man in some sort of law enforcement position wants toneeds to protect her Overly mature thoughts and conversations of the characters most of the characters realize their own past mistakes and the flawsmistakes of others and take some of the blame but not all self help guide style The characters get out of angerous situations coincidentally ie protected by God I o enjoy this theme however when it is overly used in novels it makes me feel so sad that God Cronache della famiglia Wapshot doesn t normally work this way and makes me grieve for the suffering of good people out thereI m currently reading the second book in the series and so far I am enjoying it as there is characterevelopment and less The Temple of the Golden Pavilion descriptions My favourite Karl book so far is Unknown Enemy Good mystery a very good suspense story with some romance included enjoyed reading the story 35 stars Sam Kara RCMP archaeologist I wanted from this book Good potentialbut the plotidn t hold together very well Liked learning about BC Canada There was a bad typo near the end of the book too in a crucial sentenc. His mission keep his ex love safeDiscover the Mountie Brotherhood seriesRoyal Canadian Mounted Police officer Sam Thrace can't believe the woman he's rescued. ,
E Unfortunately the romance idn t uite click for me either This book is the first in Karl "s upcoming trilogy Mountie Brotherhood It is very nice to see Karl turn her intense "upcoming trilogy Mountie Brotherhood It is very nice to see Karl turn her intense to etail and ability to write fast paced action to Canadian content This story is set in Northern British Columbia and reunites two high school sweethearts one now an RCMP officer and the other an archaeologist They The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering did not part on good terms and now they must reconcile their feelings while battling the wilds and the group of men hunting themown A Good Read I Always read I always how Karl rops names and cameos from her other books into plot lines It and cameos from her other books into plot lines It like she s building her own empire of characters I recommend this as a great book to curl up with when you re in the mood for a fast romantic and action packed read My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Wilderness Pursuit This is the first book in the Mountie Brotherhood Series This is a Great Read This book is well written fast pace and action packed I know that you are going to love itArcheologist Kara Park is hired to check out the ig site for the Gaida Industries new pipeline According to the law in Canada they must make sure they re not Wrong Pong digging up possible archaeological remains Sheecides to come early to take pictures and prepare for her team s arrival The foreman tries to talk her out of going to the site claiming bad weather but she s Dealmakers Guide To Commercial Real Estate determined to check out the site She s taken out to the site by the foreman They are walking the site when they are attacked She is rescued by a Mountie The Mountie turns out to be the only man she has ever cared about but had left behindRoyal Canadian Mounted Police Officer Sam Thrace rescues his former sweetheart If Kara hadn t run off to college and left him he wouldn t be the man he is today He goes with her to the site the nextay only to be attacked and abducted They are put in an old trailer out in the middle of nowhere They escape but are hunted The Contest of the Century down Can he keep them safe and find out what is going onA journey through the. From certaineath is Kara Park his former sweetheart Once brokenhearted now he's protecting the courageous archaeologist from someone out to sabotage her con. .