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Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty kNt of the story took a different course to what I was expecting but I won t give the plot away I particularly like the author s writing style she has a light touch yet still manages to convey the emotional depth reuired All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read well paced the dialogue believable for a couple who havenown each other since childhood Maybe I would ve liked just one chapter as I wanted to go on reading 35 starswelp I forgot to mark this one as Read ripbut anyway I really enjoyed this one It s super angsty and also very short WHY IS IT SO SHORT United by Their Royal Baby Is The First Of Two the first of two set in the fictional ingdom of the Three Isles Aidara Mattan and Kiritida In the fictional ingdom of the Three Isles Aidara Mattan and Kiritida In book you get to meet and fall in love with ueen Leyna of Aidara and King Xavier of MattanLeyna and Xavier are lifelong friends who fell in love Then duty got in the way Leyna s life is turned upside down when tragedy strikes and duty calls She feels torn between duty and love because she fears she cannot do both well So she sacrifices love for duty and in doing so not only breaks her own heart but Xavier s too Feeling that she has no other choice Leyna locks her hopes and dreams for marriage children and a life with Xavier away to rule as ueen of Aidara Despite being a much loved ruler of her country Leyna is only living a half life When she learns that Xavier is to marry any hope she might have harboured in the deepest recesses of her heart wither and die a painful deathFor Xavier Leyna has always been his refuge the safe haven he can go to when the life of a royal becomes to much to bear She is his salvation everything good in his life When she chooses duty over their love he is devastated But being ing doesn t leave a man time to grieve His family push him to get over Leyna and step up to his duty to provide an heir to the throne of Mattan He bows to the pressure and takes a bride But his marriage is doomed from the very beginning His new wife comes to realise that his heart will never truly be hers it belongs to another Nevertheless Xavier Tries His Best To tries his best to right by both his ingdom and his brideWhen the Alliance of the Three Isles is threatened and the safety of their people is at stake ueen Leyna and a now widowed King Xavier find themselves having to put their differences aside They must stand together against the threat facing them caused by none other than the third member of the Alliance King Zacchaeus of Kiritida If an heir is the only way to save their Letting it Go kingdoms will they be able to heal old hurts in the name of duty Are they strong enough to find their way back to each other and a love they abandoned years ago I highly encourage you to get a copy of your own to find out Another wonderful read by this talented autho. She can't deny the glimmer of hope she still sees in his eyes Andnowing only an heir will save their countries they must fight to find a way back to each othe. ,

United by Their Royal Baby Conveniently Wed Royally Bound #1I ve read all of This Author S Books And author s books and this as much as the others I particularly liked the strong heroine ueen who takes charge of her own destiny at the risk of endangering her heart and There Are A Lot Of are a lot of female characters overall mothers sisters grandmothers and daughters which is why I m excited to read the next in the series I became uite attached to this royal family The hero also had a convincing and multi layered internal conflict and unlike some heroes wasn t afraid to explore his feelings especially in relation to the spectre of his lost wife If you like internal conflict and emotional drama this book is definitely for you Absolutely recommend 4 12 STARS A royal reunion Possible danger to their people lead two leaders to figure out a plan that will strengthen the bond of their principalities even if it means stirring up old feelings and leads them to uestion decisions they made in the past The characters are both appealing and I found myself hoping they d be able to find their way back to each other Strong characters well developed conflict and an interesting plot make it a very enjoyable readueen Leyna of Aidara made the difficult decision to put duty first when she took over the throne at a young age and chose to end her relationship with her childhood best friend and first love Xavier She has worked hard to be the best ueen she can be and to The One Who Stays (Summer Island, keep heringdom prosperous and at peace When a possible threat arises she is put in the position of having to revisit the past and relive her decisions once againKing Xavier of Mattan Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, knows theiringdoms will better off if he and ueen Leyna join forces meaning they need to wed and produce an heir as soon as possible When decisions made in the past continue to haunt them will they be able to forgive each other and find the love they once held in their heart for each other as their future hangs in the balance United by Their Royal Baby by Therese Beharrie opens up with the most beautiful yet climatic prologue I ve read from a Harleuin Romance in a long time The sweet poignant emotions swirling between Prince Xavier and Princess Leyna is off the charts I was mesmerized by their journey and couldn t get enough of their story Fast paced beautifully written with a lush backdrop Reunited by Their Royal Baby deserves every one of the five stars I m giving it Princess Leyna is thrust into the realms of power at a young age due to unforeseen circumstances the same time her childhood love and best friend Prince Xavier proposes to her Even before their joy of wedding each other settles Leyna makes a decision that breaks both her and Xavier s heart Can their love withstand the test of time after Leyna s drastic decision Find out in Reunited by Their Roy. A baby to heal their countries and their heartsWhen ueen Leyna of Aidara took the throne she walked away from her first love King Xavier of Mattan putting duty .
Al Baby by Therese Beharie Highly Recommended 5 Stars Royal romance with a long separated couple who must now marry and have a baby though not in that order for POLITICAL REASONS THE ACTION PRETTY MUCH reasons The action pretty much takes place in the characters heads as they have to confront the truth of their break up and their own hang ups so it s very emotional but feels a bit static Or to put it another way the same author s A Wedding One Christmas which is only a couple of books later shows spectacular growth in story management skills This one has very likeable characters many feels and some really acute observation about emotional labour and blame between men and women but I felt the author spreads her wings in the seuel This is why I love Mills Boon you Smijurija u mjerama know what you are getting and with this you get it in spades Conflict both internal and external pushing the characters you come to love together and apart to the point that even though younow a HEA is coming you can t believe it possibleThe prologue is beautiful it sets up this gorgeous almost innocent love that you want desperately to stay just so even though you Speer know it can t possibly else there d be no story Bring on chapter one and ten years later these two people couldn t be further apart You mourn for what they ve lost already as Therese already has you falling for them at the outset You re then taken on an emotional journey where they have to re find each other falling in love all over again not that they ll admit it as they do what they have to in order toeep their ingdoms safeIt really is a lovely read and I highly recommend it This is the 1st book I read by Therese Beharrie I didn t feel the romance in *THIS STORY I WASN T FEELING * story I wasn t feeling reason for the baby TW discussions about infertilitymy first Therese Beharrie book and i really liked this one a second chance at love romance and a contemporary royal romance with two black MCs double yes ueen Leyna and King Xavier agree to get fake engaged to unite their nations against any possible threat from their supposed ally King Zacchaeus which I ve enjoyed several of Ms Beharrie s books now and this one certainly didn t disappoint The opening dialogue between the couple drew me in straight away and both were likeable and sympathetically realised so that you are rooting for them to overcome various obstacles misunderstandings Royal duties the previous relationship of the hero King Xavier You can feel the weight of ueen Leyna s commitment to her Royal position from the outset as well as the lack of support from her family you want her to have her happy ending Things are further complicated by a third Royal King Zacchaeus whose alliance with the other two adds an extra dimension to the story which I really enjoyed The baby eleme. Irst Now their ingdoms are under threat and the only way to bring stability is with a royal unionLeyna The Ring Of The Dove knows the man she loved has barriers around his heart but.