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She continues this series WHY NOT TONIGHTHappily Inc 3Written by Susan MalleryNarrated by Tanya Eby2018 HN Books 384 Pages Audio ength 7 hours and 52 minutesGenre Eby2018 HN Books 384 Pages Audio ength 7 hours and 52 minutesGenre series romance contemporary small town weddingsRating 35 STARSBook three features Natalie who works at the art gallery in town and is an artist "HERSELF PAPER AND RONAN MITCHELL AN ARTIST IN GLASS "paper and Ronan Mitchell an artist in glass has been brooding over a family secret and has escaped to his home in the mountain When Natalie goes to check on him she trapped there due to a mudslide The whole story is not about being trapped together so it flowed a bit better I iked the chemistry between Natalie and Ronan and the story The Wild Queen (Young Royals, line of family secrets coming to a bit of an ending I am definitely enjoying these on audioI received an eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Blog Natalie Kaleta is prepared to do anything to helpook after the artists at the gallery where she works This often means she has Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality less time to devote to her own art but she needs her job to pay the bills Sometimes even that is a struggle So when someone needs to go and check in on brooding artist Ronan Mitchell it iseft to Natalie The trip to his mountain home in a downpour sets several events in motion that have an effect on her Learning and Development life Ronan has his share of issues many of which relate to his family situation which is why he ended up in the town of Happily Inc Happily Inc yes that really is the name of the town is a town with a focus on theme weddings As you d expect since this is a romance an attraction develops between Natalie and Ronan but it seems there are too many obstacles in the way including Ronan s own relational hang ups and history Natalie despite the heartache she carries with her after the death of her mother is one of the most upbeat characters you could ever wish to meet She is uirky fun creative and above all positive alwaysooking for the good most of the time She is an endearing CHARACTER RONAN SHOWS SOME CARING CHARACTERISTICS BUT IS LARGELY Ronan shows some caring characteristics but is Arduino Development Cookbook largely focused Ateast that s the way it seems much of the time I was right with Natalie when she gives him an absolute tongue ashing given all he has and all she doesn t Way to go girl This totally non cra. A mudslide at his mountain home where the brooding glass artist reveals his playful side sending her inconvenient crush from under the radar to over the topAfter a secret tore apart his family and made him uestion his sense of self Ronan fled his hometown for Happily Inc but the sunny small town can’t fix hi.

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Fty person oved most of the descriptions of various types of art from glass work to mixed media origami and a whole heap of other creative activates Sometimes though the THEMED WEDDINGS ON CARTOON AND MOVIE weddings on cartoon and movie and the amount of effort put into the one day got to me a bit Just don t understand that sort of fuss Surely focus should be on the marriage and making it work than on the one day But that s a personal viewAfter two very tension filled books all I wanted was an easy ight read This was a great contrast and I thoroughly enjoyed it even if at times I couldn t uite see what Natalie saw in Ronan I did think Elaine mother of the Mitchell family was similar to Natalie in that she was able to take a negative and turn it into a positive I spent a bit of time feeling sorry for Elaine and annoyed with Ronan for his treatment of her which goes to show how involved I was with these characters I have not read the first two books in this series and it didn t matter a bit I was uickly drawn into the engaging read It was just the Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space light release I needed though it does raise some interesting issues about parenting secrets and family relationships I ve been waiting for Ronan s story since we first met him and I was eager to get to this one I veiked Natalie from the start and I thought her happiness was a perfect match for Ronan s brooding She s sunny and sassy and doesn t take any shit He s stoic and cloudy and uiet Together they had some sweet chemistry and playful banter Plot w Mallery vividly and artistically paints a picture with words Why Not Tonight is an endearing romance between a highly temperamental and haunted male artist Ronan and an optimistic take it as it comes struggling female artist Natalie I really found myself enjoying this story so much that I did a re read a few weeks apart and oved that I caught details Mallery added to the Happily Inc world Feel good emotionally connecting plot that will pull you right inI received this ARC copy of Why Not Tonight from HARLEUIN HN This is my honest and voluntary review Why Not Tonight is set for publication September 18 2018My Rating 4 starsWritten by Susan MallerySeries Happily Inc Seuence in Series Bo. S damaged heart He won’t give in to his attraction for beautiful perpetually cheerful Natalie She’s untouched by darkness or so he thinksNatalie knows that when a heart goes through the flame it comes out stronger Life may not be a fairy tale but sometimes dreams do come true Why not this one Why not tonig. Susan Mallery writes some fun books And this series set in a town that somehow revolves around weddings is ot of fun I really iked this one because we finally a town that somehow revolves around weddings is ot of fun I really Un Cadeau pour ma Femme liked this one because we finally to resolve the whole issue with Ronan and his mom It is a trope in romance fiction that aove of a good woman fixes everything but it s done well here I especially iked Natalie s sassy nature I have read all of the books this far in the happily inc series and thoroughly enjoyed this far in the happily inc series and thoroughly enjoyed one of them Why not Tonight was no exception The characters and plot simply pulled me in to the story ine The characters came to Shadow Bound life once again and the story was very believable and entertaining I never close one of Susan Mallery s books feeling I ve wasted my time instead I close itooking forward to her next one This is the third book in this series The series has gotten better with each book I really have grown close to the characters and the town of Happy The brothers Mathias Nick and Ronan are great I Mapapansin Kaya? like that while each one has been in the spotlight they are still featured together in some way in the books Instantly Ioved Natalie She had spunk This spunk is what broke down Ronan s walls and brought him back into the world They were so good together Natalie s joy was so infectious especially over her new red car I Buntus Foclora like Ronan just wanted to keep Natalie happy While Ronan had a tough exterior shell he was still veryikeable The only uestion you have to ask yourself is why not tonight pick up a copy of this book and treat yourself to Life at the End of thevTunnel laughsove and engaging characters I have been waiting for Ronan s story since he first appeared in the Fool s Gold books and I was not disappointed Ronan is a brilliant glass artist He is also brooding angry and terribly confused In a previous book Ronan discovered that he is not his brother Mathias s twin He is the product of one of his father s aff Nobody does romance as well as Susan Mallery Her ability to create characters to populate her worlds is beyond compare Each time I visit one of her towns I want to spend time with the people who テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] live there The situations her main characters face always are so very believable I simplyove her work Great book I hope. Susan Mallery welcomes you to Happily Inc where true Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники love isn’t just for fairy tales Natalie Kaleta will do anything for the artists at her gallery including riskife imb and the effect of humidity on her naturally curly hair Braving a downpour to check on reclusive Ronan Mitchell Natalie gets stranded by. .
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