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D outside the shop stopping to stare and try to listen Local citizen Hattie Dapple is ven using binoculars in the parking lot of the diner to watch to see what might happenAuthor Delores Fossen has managed to hit all the highlights of an xcellent book She has very likeable characters a great storyline and tons of humor in this story She also manages to convey the Christmas spirit with a touch of humor Delores Fossen conveys the

emotions and feelings 
and feelings the tragedies of her characters very well so the reader feels included in the good times as well as the bad times This book is the first installment in the author s newest series Coldwater Texas Lone Star Christmas is a #delightful read a book not to be passed up Lone star Christmas Delores #read a book not to be passed up Lone star Christmas Delores Five stars I was sent this book for a fair and honest review Callen Laramie has had a tough past he and his brothers were in the foster system where they all still have their demons to put to rest Finally they were placed with Buck Mcall The man was great but the memories were too hard and when he was 18 Callen packed his bags and moved He left his past in his reviewer mirror and never looked back Now it s fourteen years later and he s a hot shot cattle dealer with money than he knows wh This was a good start to my Christmas cowboy romances I adore Delores Fossen s books so I was xcited about this one This book made me laugh and also it has some pretty steamy scenes for our two main charactersThe secondary characters really stole the show for me I loved Lucy and Mateo and wanted the best for them I couldn t wait for Buck and Rosy to get married and I Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code especially loved seeing all the Laramie brothers connect again Now I m not saying that I didn t like the romance I reallynjoyed the storyline between Shelby and Callen I just didn t feel like it was anything than lust Almost Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, every interaction between that could have been was turned into sex Every time I would have liked to see them connect a bit really show that this was becoming than a holiday fling All in all we get some good Christmas feels a wonderful family and some steamy scenes I can t wait to read about Judd s love story next ARC was provided inxchange for an honest review Blog Instagram Twitter Check out all of my reviews at STAR CHRISTMAS A Coldwater Texas Novel 1 by Delores Fossen is a holiday contemporary romance that has the perfect blend of laughter tear Favorite uotes It was Gopher Tate and he threw open his heavily lined raincoat to flash her He had a blue bow tied around his wrinkly junk that was covered by a pair of whities that weren t so tight They were at least three sizes too big and the Daddy Wanted elastic in the waist was shot Shelby gave him a glare that was colder than the sleet pelting his thinly covered privates Close your coat Gopher before you have toxplain to the ER folks why you got frostbite on your wanger She was reasonably sure that had she been wearing toenail polish it would have melted tooSeems a shame to let the pizza go cold after you slaved over the phone to order itThe cat was there sitting by a nearly Forbidden Stranger empty food and water dish and glaring at Callen as if he were responsible for multiple crimes against felines and humanityMy Review Delores Fossen has gifted us with thearly Christmas present of a new series and she has started it off with her own special blend of damaged yet sexy and lovable heroes clever wry humor heart sueezing storylines colorful and uirky small town characters and a sweet romance with delectably steamy bits I always look forward to meeting her amusing and uniuely peculiar characters and she didn t disappoint with the introduction of Rosy the armadillo obsessed geriatric bride to be with a taxidermy shop called Much Ado About Stuffing and Gopher the pervy Snowy River Man elderly flasher who was well known yet never actually naked under his raincoat As always her storylines werengaging Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze entertaining and well paced I m already primed for the next installment. To kiss her under the mistletoeand the Christmas treeand the stars But once Shelby knows the whole truth behind this homecoming will their holiday fling come to an abruptnd Or will she accept the gift of his heart. Lone Star Christmas Coldwater Texas #1This continues my trend of Christmas stories that are okayaveragegood but not great Callen and his 3 brothers were put in foster care and moved into Buck s home when Callen was 14 He had a stable loving home for the first time so what does he do once he turns 18 He leaves his small town and didn t visit for 14 years He had very limited contact with Buck and his brothers for 14 years He only returns because there is something wrong with Buck and if you were to guess chances are you would be right The lack of communicationvisits confused me because it didn t make sense to me Buck turned Their Lives Around And Callen lives around and Callen his home was #A GREAT HOME AND CALLEN S #great home and Callen S Is To Essentially Ignore Him For is to Les brumes d'avalon : roman essentially ignore him for yearsAnother thing that bothered me was Buck s secrecy regarding his news Does he tell his wife to be he is getting married in about 4 weeks on Christmas when the book startsnews arrives that would be a no Does he tell his daughter Nope Does he tell KaceNicoJudd Callen s brothers who did stick around Nope He tells Callen WHO HE HASN T SEEN FOR 14 YEARS AND SWEARS HIM TO SECRECY Oh and then there s a secret about Shelby s mom that he tells Callen too That just made no sense to mepissed me off My family better not pull that shit with meI thought Callen and Shelby s relationship was about sex and I would have liked talking between them The secondary characters were the bright spot for me in this one Rosy Havana Mateo Lucy The other books in this series are about the brothers but I don t think I m really that interested I did like the writing Lone Star Christmas by Delores Fossen is FABULOUS I absolutelynjoyed this second chance story about Callen and Shelby Coldwater Texas is such a lovely place to visit Callen had a major chip on his shoulder and needed a reminder of what was important and who would always be there for him I am so glad I got to read this book it was really a blessing to see the way this family came together Lone Star Christmas was a sweet holiday novel about all the things we do for family however we define it Callen left home his final foster home when he came of age and hasn t looked in the rear view mirror since He s now a successful businessman in Dallas where his assistantsecretary Havana fondly refers to him as Scrooge However when he receives a wedding invitation for Christmas Eve with a personal note on it he knows his comfortable life is about to changeWhile he initially plans to decline due to already having work meetings planned the note gives him pause As it is his 70 something year old foster father the only one who was good to them Buck s wedding to his long term girlfriend Rosy a taxidermist and ccentric but super kind woman Callen calls some people he hasn t talked to since he left to find out why In the process of calling one of his brother s he is handed over to Shelby Buck s daughter who he was warned he would be castrated if he touched He assumes the same message stands although hearing her voice brings up a lot of memories he had a big crush on her when they were teenagersShelby is worried about her father Buck She knows there s something going on with his health but he is shutting her out Although he has had and helped many foster children over the years including some he currently has he asked for Callen specifically Shelby is determined to convince Callen to come and she travels to him to do so When she sees him it brings up all the feelings she had for him when they were teenagers Combined with the ideas Havana put in her head she offers a french kiss if he comes back to town one which Callen is tempted to takeAs Callen returns to town and learns about what ails Buck he reconnects with his brothers and meets the new foster children who are carrying as much hurt and pain as he did himself when he came to Buck To add on to that he can t seem to keep himself away from Shelby who Buck has told him he will no longer be castrated for touching As he re. A family crisis brings him homeJust in time for ChristmasCattleman Callen Laramie has no intention of returning to his hometown of Coldwater Texas until a Christmas wedding and a family secret convince him he has no. Connects with the town and its many uirky citizens Callen begins to #heal This was a really sweet story With Some Really Great Messages some really great messages was a really sweet story with some really great messages also loved a lot of the side characters including Lucy and Mateo the new foster kids who are healing from their painful past Ted who runs a shop selling all sorts of crazy things and Havana Callen s clever assistant Add that to the wonderful main characters Callen Shelby Rosy and Buck and you really have a winning cast for this book and future books in this town There s a lot happening during the weeks leading up to Christmas and the wedding and there is never a dull moment I won t give details so that you can get there yourself but so much happens in this book I really njoyed the journey and I definitely want to spend time in this townIf you love second chance romance and uirky characters who will make you laugh and care for them then this is definitely the book for you I highly recommend it Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher All opinions are my own Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog seems I ve been on a Christmas reading roll They Christmas season isn t The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone even here and I ve already read then ten holiday books Crazy right If I had wanted to find this many to read during the holidays I wouldn t be able to I will say I ve beennjoying reading them They have really help put me in the mood for buying new Christmas decorations and doing my holiday crafts Today I m reviewing Lon As usual there were several laughs as I read this contemporary holiday romance Ms Fossen fills her HNs with uirky characters and uniuew situations This one I felt had touching moments as well At the core of the story is the impact of good parenting Buck the lder statesman of this story is the true hero imo Besides his daughter Shelby the heroine he has opened his ranch and his heart to many foster children over the years Now that he is in trouble with his health those foster kids now grown up come back to help him The heroes of the Coldwater Texas series are the Laramie brothers Callen Nico Kace and Judd 4 brothers whom Buck took in when they needed a safe place Horrendously scarred by their past these boys have grown into strong sexy men They ll do whatever is necessary to t Who in their right mind sends a wedding invitation for a Christmas Eve wedding decorated with a stuffed armadillo wearing a bridal veil draped in gold tinsel and carrying a bouuet of poinsettias Callen Laramie isn t surprised to see the wedding invitation was sent by Rosy Muldoon inviting him to her wedding to Buck McCall Callen s foster father but the wedding is to take place in Coldwater Texas No way is Callen s first thought He left Coldwater ighteen years ago and has no intention of The Family Plan ever returning Too many bad memories that still overshadow all the good Buck McCall had done for him and his brothers Callen notices a hand written note on the bottom of the invitation which says Please come Buck needs to talk to you Rosy That made it really tough for him to decline but decline he does That decision sticks until he gets a surprise visit from his childhood sweetheart Shelby McCall Buck s daughter Shelby decides to take the bull by the horns and go to Dallas where Callen runs Laramie Cattle to appeal to him in person There s something wrong with Buck She just knows it an x ray something showed up nothing to worry about according to Buck Wrong She is plenty worried worriednough to pull out all stops to get Callen back to Coldwater if that s what her dad wants But the cost is a French kissShelby does convince Callen to return to Coldwater Thus Begins A Fun begins a fun out loud book There are super puffy pink wedding dresses with seuins galore nunchucks as a Christmas gift replicas of Billy the armadillo A Family Practice everywhere and lots fun Everyone knowsveryone A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity else s business in this small town Poor Shelby can tven have a run in with her Celebrity Bachelor ex fiance in the town bake shop without all the townsfolk inside an. Choice And when he’s reunited with his childhood crush the girl who’d always been off limits Callen knows leaving might not be soasy this time Shelby McCall is as pretty as a Christmas snowfall and Callen wants. ,

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