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Ves putting their heart on the line when shocking evelations come to light about Celine s safety things take a turn Are they meant for each revelations come to light about Celine s safety things take a turn Are they No Limits (Brutal Master really meant for each And is Zion willing to confront his past and grab on to the love he wasn t looking for but can t seem to live without now Bachelor Unbound has been a long time coming and I ve always been intrigued by Zion s story Admittedly with all of the buildup I had high hopes and while I didn t necessarily love the story as much as I had hoped I found Bachelor Unbound to be a sweet and slightly suspenseful novel I was given this book in exchange for my honesteview I loved this story I loved the premise I loved the pacing and I loved Zion and Celine s story Zion new something was different about Celine from the day they met Their chemistry was off the charts Kudos to Brenda Jackson as this Liar, Liar romance was fire At lastThis book was soooo worth the wait I haveeally enjoyed this Bachelor In Demand Series Xavier Was My Favorite But Zion my favorite but Zion pushed him to second place How do you have such a hold on your child that you manipulate where she goes who she dates and then sets up false PR stunts saying she is marrying a man she doesn t love Then falls in line to have her kidnapped When Celine and Zion see each other for the first time the sexual chemistry was there Zion all Alpha man living with his demons in Rome is a exuisite maker of implicit jewelry for the First Lady an then is summoned to create a design for Celine I loved this love story Could not put it down Fast paced and mysterious Finally we get the ever so sexy Zion s story Hold on to your hearts things are going to get interestingZion Blackstone is th. Celine Michaels when he designed a uniue gemstone for her When she shows up at his house in Rome claiming kidnappers are after her he offers. .
35 starsFans of Brenda Jackson s are familiar with her Bachelors in Demand series and the godbrothers who meet their match Years ago while at Morehouse six men became best friends and in an effort to stay in touch agreed that they would each become godfathers to each other s children They also agreed that the firstborn sons names would start with the letters U through Z Thus far Uriel Bougard Virgil Bougard Winston Coltrane Xavier Kane and York Ellis have fallen in love and defected from the Bachelors in Demand Guarded Hearts they started years backNow it s famed jeweler s Zion Blackstone s turnIf you are unfamiliar with the series I suggest checking them out HEREZion has a lot of ules but perhaps the out HEREZion has A LOT OF RULES BUT PERHAPS THE ONE BEING lot of ules but perhaps the one being not fall in love He is scarred from something in his past and while he is happy about his best friends getting the families they want he has decided it s not for him Flings sure Long term committed elationships where love is involved No Celine Michaels is the daughter of a wealthy man who commissions Zion to create a gemstone for her She is fighting her father s intrusiveness and trying to assert herself as the woman she knows she can be and going after the independence she cravesKidnappers are after Celine and she knows she can be and going after the independence she cravesKidnappers are after Celine and she to Zion for help He gives her protection and a whirlwind of passion and seduction They both know what this should be passionate and fulfilling with absolutely no strings attached These two definitely have chemistry and Celine s presence in Zion s life proves to be a balm to an aching wound he has yet to closeEven the most carefully laid plans can be unraveled and most ules are meant to be broken They both find themsel. Is an abduction gone wrongtheir chance for loveInternational jeweler and sought after bachelor Zion Blackstone felt an instant connection to. E last of the Guarded heart club and he is determined to be a lifetime member After his mom s death bed confession Zion is convinced that true honest love was impossible to achieve Zion made a name for himself by designing one of a kind Zion jewelry What Zion did not know is all his ules are about to be challengedCeline Michaels is what some people would call a spoiled princess jet setter but when they discover what Celine is all about the shock factor is evident Celine Michaels can hold her own against any man so why was she stuck by Zion Blackstone s presence sure his was hot with the capital H
"but there was "
there was Their draw to one another is evident What I Enjoyed About This Pair Is They Show That I enjoyed about this pair is they show that is much to them on many levels Both with past and present emotional luggage they seemed intelligent enough to work through their challengesSupporting characters were from the previous books in the Bachelors on Demand Series as well as some new ones I would say that Bachelor Unbound could be ead as a standalone but you would most likely miss out on Zion and his God brothers connection I did how ever have a problem with Celine s father I wanted to smack him The man is clues when it came to Celine Unfortunately Bachelor Unbound this is the last book in the Bachelors on Demand Series by the delightful Brenda Jackson I have followed this series from the beginning it is my second favorite series by Ms Jackson As always she pens strong men and even stronger women her brilliance of writing sexy as well as heartfelt moments always draws me in I am in hope that soon there will be yet another new series soon Until then Happy Reading Rated 5 Stilettos by Deb. The Hollywood producer’s daughter his protectionand passion But a shocking evelation could upend his once in a lifetime chance with Celine. .
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