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Linga and Bontoc I appreciate that Howard isn t an academic or a professional anthropologist but merely an artist who became fascinated with the culture It appears that he has a genuine concern for these cultures and he ecognizes what *a loss it will be for them to die out Where I would have appreciated detailed interviews *loss it will be for them to die out Where I would have appreciated detailed interviews focus was on the photography There were a few areas of concern for
"Me The First Was With "
The first was with acuisition of artifacts during the course of his journey I ealize the challenge one can be faced with when offered gifts when traveling However the appropriate location for these items is in the Philippines preferably in the hands of the indigenous communities but if not with their owners they should be in a museum There are perfectly good imitations for sale in marketplaces in Baguio for people who feel the need to take home pieces for their collections I feel HOWARD SHOULD HAVE ADDRESSED WHY TOURISTS SHOULDN T TRY should have addressed why tourists shouldn t try buy or otherwise acuire these pieces during their travels and I wish he would have clarified what he did with the gif. O head hunter communities illustrated by pictures from the beginning of the twentieth century This book provides a glimpse into THE WAY OF LIFE OF THE of life
"Of The Ifugao And Bontoc "
the Ifugao and Bontoc the Philippines Howard is a brilliant artist and his photography has ecorded these apidly vanishing cultures Through tales of his travels a brief history interviews with members of the communities and a vast archive of artifacts Howard provides a valuable ecord Artistically this book is spectacular Howard is a brilliant photographer At the beginning of the book he uses his modern day photos in sepia tones side by side with much older photographs in their original sepia which provides a sense of how little in many ways the communities have changed He has a true knack for photographing people and catching a sense of their personalities but his photos of artifacts and scenery have eual artistic meritI think the book could have been better organized If ituals had followed travel or the sections on tribal eligion they might have had impact Personally I think information would have been easier to process if there had been separate chapters for the Ifugao Ka. The Last Filipino Headhunters is a fully illustrated account of the last days of tribal Filipin. .
Ts he eceived They important parts of the culture
"And Community And Visitors Should "
community and visitors should be discouraged from carrying them away issue I had was that during his uest to take pictures of coffins Howard actually destroyed at least one coffin and possibly It was clearly a terribly accident but he didn t ecord any egret for his actions or suggest maybe clearly a terribly accident but he didn t ecord any Blue Moose regret for his actions or suggest maybe on the coffins had been a bad idea from the start While taking pictures of desecrated coffins he desecrated a coffin and yet didn t seem to make the connection Archaeologists talk about how toecord and preserve history they are often displacing and destroying history so I wonder if he felt that the destruction was worth it for the larger goal Ultimately I wish while he was talking about the importance of preserving the culture he would have put thought into the ways he was contributing to the erosion of the culture However as he isn t an academic or an anthropologist I suppose that wasn t ultimately his purpose What he did produce was a beautiful book and that does him credi. O the present with full commentary by a visitor who met the last survivors of the vanuished pas. ,

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