Did I crave apple pie as I read this On the other hand I don t agree except on a surface level that pie can change the world I wish she had encountered God in a very real way on the Great Pie Journey I am hopeful she still will He certainly uses the work of our hands pie included to bless and change the world Beth if ou are ever in my town let s meet for pie and conversation A little over halfway through I just want to SHAKE Beth Howard I was hoping this wouldn t turn out to be another memoir by a spoiled middle aged lady but that s exactly what it is Usually food memoirs are written by people who are a little grounded and humble because people who work with food don t typically make a lot of money they work with their hands and their building blocks are very basic For Howard though baking is of a cheap form of therapy And for the first 23 of the book it s not really workingAnother thing that I hate is that every time Howard mentions specific things she misses about her deceased husband sex is either the first second or only thing Then she usually paints him in a negative light immediately after that I m no psychologist but it seems to me like a lot of her grief came from resentment that they were hours from a divorce when he died but now she wouldn t be able to move on from him So all the times she repeats how much she misses him and how she didn t REALLY want a divorce I feel like it s a little dishonestAnd meanwhile while she s moping around the country wailing and gnashing her teeth and relying on some seriously amazing friends to feed her house her and continually talk some seriously amazing friends to feed her house her and continually talk off the ledge we find out that THIS WHOLE TIME her brother has been fighting cancer and on the verge of death himself But she doesn t even MENTION it until 170 pages in and even then it s just an anecdote that serves as a way for her to explain another emotional breakthrough that she had One of my favorite genres is the memoir and this memoir by Beth Howard was one that really spoke to me Journalist Beth Howard had been married to her husband Marcus for 7 12 ears and their relationship had always been difficult they loved each other intensely but their differences seemed to continue to push them apart Marcus was a German automotive each other intensely but their differences seemed to continue to push them apart Marcus was a German automotive and because of his job they spent a great deal of time apart this was one of the points of contention between them Finally the two decided that although they loved each other the constant turmoil in the marriage had worn them out and they decided to separateAn interesting aspect of Beth s and Marcus s relationship is that their problems didn t seem to me to be about their personal differences as much as they seemed to be about their inability to communicate What Beth really wanted was for Marcus to spend time with her but instead of telling him her feelings she pushed him away asking for a divorce but secretly hoping he would say no and would fight for their marriage They were at the end part of the divorce process just needing to sign the papers when tragedy struck Marcus died suddenly of a congenital heart problem Marcus s death left Beth fil. Life and moving forward with purpose and joy It's about the nourishment of the heart and soul that comes from the simple act of giving to others like baking a homemade pie and sharing it with someone whose pain is even greater than our own And it tells of the role of fate second chances and the strength found in communit. Om because she d already lost her virginity and wanted to go on a camping trip instead How she used to bake pies for celebrities in Malibu All the bragging is very annoying and the bad pie metaphors sprinkled throughout made me feel she was trying too hard The writing is serviceable but nothing graceful or thought provoking Back to the library it goes I love pie LOVE pie I can also relate to baking through life s challengesThat being said I could not get into this book I could not relate to the author at all Opening the book with her complaints about her marriage did not appeal her to me I was sad that her husband died but her ways of dealing with the problems of her marriage asking for a divorce even though it was the last thing she wanted just to get his attention were immature I just couldn t connect with this woman Call me old fashioned but a marriage is about the couple not the individuals Seemed like they both got married for the wrong reasons Making Piece A memoir of love loss and pie Authorjournalistpiebaker Beth Howard shares a touching story of love lost surviving grief after her husband s death and the risks she took to continue living a life she was at This writer is a very articulate over analytical self indulgent widow examining the sudden loss of her husband from whom she was soon to be divorced Her use of figurative language is amazing and at times very artistic but page after page of her detailed weeping and wailing grew tiresome I mean all right already I got it in the first 100 or so pages that her eyes suffered from swelling due to the abundant tears and she would collapse on the floor or onto a sofa in the fetal position but this went on from beginning to end even when she shopped at an Aldi store in her home state of Iowa for heaven sakes Sorrow is great and real but did we have to go over and over all the crying events The thesis that the world needs pie is trite rediculous and unconvincing At times however she had a wonderful grasp of humor and hyperbole and that was fun The fact that her journey through life in her 50 Adnan's Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial years or so has taken her all over this country and Europe as she moved around and it convinces me that this return to her home state of Iowa to reside in the famous American Gothic house of the Grant Wood painting will only result in another impulsive move somewhere else where she will indulge her descriptions of grief I mean did we have to have the details of her two night stand during her widowhood when she was attending a pie baking contest where she was supposed to be a judge What was the purpose of that OK Bethou ve said enough Death Goes Shopping your husband died suddenly but this was not the first time the two ofou were planning to divorce ou baked pies all our life now see what else all our life now see what else can write about but remember the best writing is performed with restraint and less sentimentality I have two reactions to this book On the one hand I love that Beth found solace in her grief through baking which I also find to be therapeutic I love that she encourages the human connection that occurs around good food in this case pie oh my. Nergy between two great American icons; pie and the American Gothic House where she now lives and runs the Pitchfork Pie StandThis beautifully written memoir is shows how one courageous woman triumphs over tragedy and is ultimately about hope It's about the journey of healing and recovery of facing fears finding meaning in. When our library s Debbie Henderson recommends a book I read it We were both intrigued as history buffs and bakers to learn that Ms Howard lives in a historic house in Iowa portrayed in that famous painting called American Gothic by Grant Wood It is in this house a tourist attraction that she bakes pies for tourist attraction that she bakes pies for Pitchfork Pie stand writes her blog and has come to terms with the devastating sudden loss of her husbandWhile I wanted a fun read this summer I found her story helpful for anyone who experiences life in the fast lane since she demonstrates that having the 6 figure income in a dot com career is not necessarily everything or even healthy Many will be able to relate to her journey from grief to healing as well Best of all award winning pie recipes are included Written thoughtfully with funny and sad scenes interspersed this memoir the author reminds us is similar to the pie that she loves to make it can be sweet bitter messy but in the end everything turns out alright by Catherine Add Friend of the Sierra Madre Library Former Chair Board of Trustees people will pick up this book and gain strength from Beth s survival after the loss of her husband Other s will pick up this book and identify with the healing power of food I picked up this book that I didn t even know was set partially in Iowa and got a piece of home when I needed it the most I haven t been home since Thanksgiving and my homesickness has reached an all new level To paraphrase the author talks about crossing the Missouri river into Council Bluffs and seeing the sign that says Iowa A Place to Grow and how it just felt right I know that feeling so very well I have had that same feeling every trip home for the last two plus earsI really enjoyed MAKING PIECE I AM SURE THAT I ENJOYED IT Piece I am sure that I enjoyed it of the Iowa connection than I did anything elsenot really a pie girl unless it is made of chocoolate but I enjoyed watching Beth make it through that critical Thunder Voice (Sam Keaton: Legends of Laramie year She went from being the big city girl back to that small town Iowa girl with such ease that it almost makes me long to do the same I think that Making Piece has a little something for everyone including recipes at the back of the book I really loved this book and am so glad my friend Becky recommended it to me It s a memoir written by a women who loses her husband very suddenly at aoung age To overcome her grief she turns to her love of pie and crust by crust comes through the grieving process happier healthier and hopeful My favorite line was Rebelde Rendición (Saga Londres, you are like a trapeze artist You have to let go of one swing in order to grab the next one There is that moment of being airborne in between whenou are holding on to nothing and trusting that the other swing will come toward Wretched Moments you That in between is whereou are now grasping for air I m 113 pages in and don t think I ll be able to finish this one Too bad it had such promise But besides the author telling Estimating centrifugal compressor performance you about how much she loved her husband even though they were on the verge of divorce and then he died she s all about tellingou how she used to work on a hit TV show How she didn t go to her pr. When journalist Beth Howard's husband dies suddenly she packs up his RV and hits the American highways At every stop along the way whether filming a documentary or handing out free slices on the streets of Los Angeles Beth uses pie as a way to find purpose She eventually returns to her Iowa roots and creates the perfect sy. Making Piece

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