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FRIENDLY ENEMIES yF this book has been nagging at me the last few weeksThe unforeseen complete drop off into utter shit at the 84% mark extinguished any excitement for this series I had and it was so complete that it wiped out all the wonderful things I loved about this book until that point I mean it I ve been texting about this book for days and bothering all my friends There was good stuff there I couldn t care less about any of it now The ending Any of itI was naggingly annoyed throughout the start of the book that the female characters would be condescending rude even cruel at times to the men and not face conseuence for that Men are just idiots and that s the way it is right No thankou Later in the book two women even remark they women need a reason to fight and men need a reason not to fight as the sophisticated women sip on tea as the men embarrass themselves I m fucking sorry but speaking as a feminist a daughter s father and a lover of women has this author ever hung out with a pack of women Every person is their own individual but women can be just as nasty as anyone else on the planet in all senses of the wordBrit was an interesting character concept I m not going to get into much depth on her journey and her complaints and the ramifications of what s placed on her because she s a horrible human being and I m very sorry she wasn t eviscerated from the program in this book because now there s no possibility of me reading another one Philip was informed unless he did XY and Z the universe would end he still fought it it still cost Brit nothing and the cruelty she showed him extended to defaming him across her entire timeline for something terrible he didn t do and everyone else just accepts this and treats her like do and everyone else just accepts this and treats her like BFF I m surprised Brit was in the final scene of the book because there s no reason any other character should ever speak to her and certainly no reason Philip isn t having a bonfire and torching all her stuff because the bitch is out of his life There was no plot related reason why the cover story had to be what it was It was unforgivable that it was spread to all of the other Brits without consent because the character was holding a grudge over having to work for Amok years on a problem that was only a problem because she went against everybody and broke her own code Twice I cannot properly express how infuriating it was to see such a vile character be treated as perfectly acceptable beyond a couple of references to whyou gotta be so mean The twenty minute fight scene where we knew exactly how it would

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out after seconds was unnecessary padding that the book had been free of to that point It s a bad sign when even the characters called it unnecessaryI m so mad because I so loved this when even the characters called it unnecessaryI m so mad because I so loved this and loved recommending it to people I got my own wife to start it esterday I m in for it now I wanted to love it but I couldn t Too much if they could just finish their sentence we could avoid all of this and the time travel and I m doing this because my future version did it for ridiculous and tedious Same thing over and over seemed the catch all for everything Also Phillip didn t deserve what he got. Ticed; Gwen is angry because Martin accidentally proposed to her; Gary tries to help the less fortunate with predictably disastrous results; and an old nemesis might have to be the one to save them allIn Out of Spite Out of Mind our fearless wizards discover the biggest glitch in their world's program may well be themselves©2018 Scott Meyer P2018 Audible Originals LL. ,

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It blamed everyone else for her situation than taking the time to figure out how she could deal with it I could understand her reasoning for breaking up with Phillip but found her constant jabs at him when she knew he felt bad about the end of their relationship was beneath her Phillip was consistently stereotypical in refusing to recognize his part in this situation and refusing to accept to back down is accurately portrayed But there is never a good reason to be cruel and I felt Brit had crossed a line and it made me not feel all that bad for her which makes me feel like a bad female And this is just an overly long explanation but I just finished this book and don t have my thoughts in order hide spoiler Dang that was a lot of drama I have no idea where Scott can go from the ending but I m still expecting 1 I mean I see the threads but whaaa I felt happier about Martin and Gwen s relationship development The overall world is not focused as much as the previous ones I felt I really liked the ending for the most part Okay I love Dune references so eah that made me super ridiculously happy throughout Philip s whole storyline just makes me sad I am seeing a lot of reviews from people who don t like the ending I propose a different perspective When I completed this book I was laying on my bed I had my headphones on and I had spent the last few hours as the climax of the story unfolded with meticulous agonizing certainty I LISTENED AS THE CHARACTERS I listened as the characters I treated each other like enemies discarded each other like trash and mocked each other over important events and emotional developments I was shaken It hurt As a writer I think the most powerful sign of loving a character is to feel a deep pit of injustice in Crochet your stomach when that character makes decisions thatou know they shouldn t make and are powerless to stop itview spoilerRegarding Bit and Philip decisions that ou know they shouldn t make and are powerless to stop itview spoilerRegarding Bit and Philip all knew this was going to happen The foreshadowing was as subtle as a giant cartoonish 16 ton weight and has been over several books What we didn t expect was the extent to which our beloved characters have decided to hurt each other in inescapably massive ways hide spoiler As a fan of the series and the narrator I ll probably listen to books 1 3 again but this book was a disappointment The time traveling was overdone and overly silly while the characterizationsrelationship of Philip and Brit were one dimensional untrue to the previous incarnations and cruel I am so furious with this book I can t see straightSpoilers to followJust to make this clear I loved this series I gave Fight and Flight four stars Luke Daniels is an outstanding narrator and the first 84% of this book hovered between 4 5 stars It was well paced not boring kept my attention and genuinely intrigued meReviewing isn t an exact science Sometimes I adjust my rating as I read If a book starts off low and rebounds I try to split the difference In hundreds of reviews this is only my third 1 star review Even the book that snuck in a love affair between half brothers got 2 stars for writing style I m a fair reviewer Update While I initially increased the rating to 2 stars the offensiveness Match Brit the Younger's And there's the small matter of a glitch that's making Brit the Elder's body fritz out Brit the Elder's ex boyfriend Phillip wants to help her but he'll have to keep it secret from his current girlfriend Brit the Younger who can't stand her future selfMeanwhile Martin is trying to protect Phillip from a relentless attacker he somehow hasn't no. I feel like after the slight down turn from last book Scott completely made up for it with this masterpiece I couldn t stop listening to this from the beginning I was completely made up for it with this masterpiece I couldn t stop listening to this from the beginning I was was just as funny as the first 3 for me and honestly this might just take the place as my favorite in the series The complex plot elements of this knotty narrative aren t entirely satisfying in their resolution but generally this addition is a return to form after the disappointing fourth book and shows that the Magic 20 series hasn t run out of gas et I m really torn on this one but overall I m really disappointedThere are parts of this which make it a 2 star There s a whole lot of bad characterization which Really bothered me Characters regularly act in ways which don t make sense with what we know of them The female characters are spiteful and irrational and feel like strawman characters which is especially galling since Brit is ostensibly the primary focus of this book The ending felt tacked on and though it shows direction for the next part of the series really doesn t feel honest A single conversation before it would have fixed the problem so I m not sure why it was done this wayThis book takes one of the interesting parts of the series long term and takes it to an extreme which it uses to punish the characters Ad infinitum I didn t feel like the way it to an extreme which it uses to punish the characters Ad infinitum I didn t feel like the way it handled really added anything fun and Simplified The Universe In the universe in very boring way I hope that this is to set up a interesting reveal down the road but I m not sure that I m interested in sticking around to find outBook 4 and this one are so different in flavour and scope that I wonder if this is being ghost written I don t know that I ll bother picking up book 6 Time travel used as a Mcguffin is ALWAYS a bad idea AlwaysI ve been a fan of Meyers for awhile now and his magic series is always on my to buy list This book however was an example of why this kind of story is a bad idea Plot Brit uses time travel to solve every single problem she has Something goes wrong She attempts to fix it by time travel Something goes wrong She attempts to Ok ou know what You got it by now right The whole book is a closed loop with Brit being the star of the show Martin being the butt of it and Phil getting the shaft Everyone else is there just there The rest is padded out with sitcom like artificial relationship drama and some geek references thrown in there awkwardly The characters lacked distinction in this installment The men were all geeks The women were all bitchy and the bystanders were all TV audiences from 1992 It made it hard to get into this book I really don t recommend it A lot of fun I like most fans wasn t hugely in love with Book 4 So this was back in the normal vein of Books 1 3 My only complaint is that the women are frustratingly 2D Set in pro woman scenarios characteristically I find them shrewish and unlikeable particularly when dealing with their romantic relationships view spoilerWhile I m glad Gwen and Martin figured things out Brit was bitter and at times mean I don t mind that she and Phillip broke up Phillip is frustratingly narrow minded but too often I felt Br. When ou discover the world is a computer program and ou figure out that by altering the code ou can time travel and perform acts that seem like magic what can possibly go wrongPretty much everythingJust ask Brit who has jumped around in time with such abandon that she has to coexist with multiple versions of herself Now Brit the Elder finds that her memories don't. ,
Out of Spite Out of Mind Magic 20 #5

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