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Ats are described in BeowulfI try not to lose sight of just how intelligent we humans are It is hard in this day and age But a book like Mr L s reminds us how our hands and brains and memories created "The Basics That We Have And That "basics that we have and that were are smart enough to survive and thrive Some might find the book to throw a pessimistic light over what the world is today loaded down as it is with plastics sugar electronics freighters trucks and fossil fuels But I found the book optimistic in that it celebrates who we are without turning a blind eye to how we have in a way degraded since the Industrial Revolution Bravo Mr L There were things I loved about this book and things that bored me to death about it The overall theme a philosophy of objects in their reality and the understanding that brings out their true we essence was eye opening and some of the chapters on individual crafts were fascinating But there were some chapters like the one on ditch digging that were so mind numbingly boring I nearly fell asleep I hope in the second edition they commission the illustrator to add some visuals to the descriptive sections as you tend to get lost in the weeds there Overall was a super interesting concept just needs Some Fine Tuning Disclosure fine tuning Disclosure received book for free from Goodreads Although I didn t finish it I did have a look through the last half that I just didn t complete I don t feel there is much to complain about here The author discusses the history of craft the changing meanings of the word and ideas of what ualifies as craft and of course his history and experiences actually trying to do things the way they were done before our recent modern era My only issue came early on before the real book even starts when the author makes com. Archaeologist and medieval historian Alexander Langlands reaches as far back as the Neolithic period to recover our lost sense of craft combining deep history with detailed scientific analyses and .
Cræft by Alex LanglandsThis is an interesting book by an experimental archeologist who worked with the BBC to show how Various Farms Actually Operated With Historical Accuracy farms actually operated with historical accuracy many other projects worked with the BBC to show how various farms actually operated with historical accuracy among many other projects author appears to have participated in His interest is in showing an astonishing range of traditional crafts mostly associated around small British farming establishments What is the deal with thatched roofs How do hedges work What difference does it make how one builds a wall to separate your property I love this book And if you are interested in what I call the things that stay the same I think you will love it tooMr Langlands introduces the reader to all the crafts that make up the foundations of our culture and civilization These include skills like whipping tying things together like an axe blade to a handle wattle making basketry thatching weaving pottery breaking ground by hand and so on He writes not only about how the craft is done but also about the history of the craft as far back as he can go from his studies as a professional archaeologist and general researcher and from putting his own hand to craeft But even interestingly he writes about the genius that underlies the crafts from sourcing according to the landscape weather and materials "at hand to production He therefore argues for craft as part of a mindset or "hand to production He therefore argues for craft as part of a mindset or to the world as a way of being or even contemplation as in the focused deliberation on which of two stones to put in what place in a dry stone wallIt is very stunning and beautiful how Mr Langlands begins his book with haymaking something that we might regard as mundane but ends it with something as glorious as the construction of a Viking long boat which like no other boat seems to be a ind of basket without a frame just as bo. Faced with an endless supply of mass manufactured products we find ourselves nostalgic for goods bearing the mark of authenticity hand made tools local brews and other objects produced by human hands.

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