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Art in this story I honestly rarely read about widows with children but this was something that made Phoebe s character so uniue Her children were a part of her and so so cute They won me over and the way West would interact with themOne of my favorite scenes was Phoebe s realization of how much she wanted West in her life after they were all together like a family and she narrates Oh es I want this manSO DAMN SWEETAND OF COURSE DID U THINK I WOULD SKIP IT NAAHHH BIH IM STILLA HOTHAT S RIGHT IM TALKIN ABOUT THEM SEXY TIMMEESSS The SMUT was literally FIREEE I loved how their sexual tension was building up and it didn t combust until closer to the end It made it so much better and so much real honestly West IS LITERALLYY SO FUCKING SEXY OH MY GOOOODDDNEESSSS every damn time i was likeAs much as I would like to say I don t want to spoil anything else but suffice to say THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AND I WILL PROBABLY RE READ IT TOMORROW LMAOTHE ONLY COMPLAINT I HAVE ABOUT THIS BOOK IS THAT IT ENDED WITHOUT AN EPILOGUE WHICH I NEEDED SO DAMN BAD ALSO I WANT A TEASER ABOUT SEVERIN AND CASSANDRAAAA I NEED TO READ THEIR BOOK SO BAD I m so intrigued now after knowing about Severin s character like bro what made ou like this Why are ou so cynical and mechanical How will Declaration of Purposes of the Patrons of Husbandry your woman makeou change I MUST KNOWWW ALDSKHFJKSDFBrava Ms Kleypas BravaFeb 19 2019EDIT HOLY SHIT OMFG AAAAAHHHH I CANT BELIEVE THIS BOOK IS FINALLY HERE AND IM LITERALLY NOT HOME FOR ANOTHER FEW DAYS FUCK DONT WORRY BBS I WILL READ AND REVIEW THIS SO DAMN FAST THE SECOND I GET HOME AFANDHSKDNEDIT 1212REALIZING THIS BOOK IS COMING OUT IN TWO MONTHS BITCH IVE BEEN WAITING A FULL YEAAARRRRcan Die Reisenden you tell i m excitedhigh expectations for this one Ms Kleypas high expectations indeedEDIT 81 THERES A FUCKING COVER WTF I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE IT EXCEPT THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD MAKE IT BETTER WOULD BE A SHIRTLESS WES ON THE BACK AND BRUVS KLEYPAS JUST DID AN INTERVIEW HEREIt s with the same excerpt that was on the back of Hello Stranger but STILL SHE S CONTEMPLATING DOING A WALLFLOWERS NEXT GEN SOMEONE PINCH ME I SWEAR FUCCCCC Oh My God THIS WAIT WILL LITERALLY KILL ME LISA KLEYPAS TAKE MY MONEY I NEED THIS NOVEL SO BAD Does anyone have HR recommendations as good as hers I have read hundreds of historicals good and bad and her books are at the top Why must waiting be so hard Ifou asked me about my favorite Historical Romance author I wouldn t be able to pick one There are too many who write exceptional stories But there is one who will always be in the top three Lisa Kleypas I ve read almost all of her HR books and there wasn t a single one I didn t love But we all have this one hero written by one of our favorite authors that stands out and will always occupy a special place in our hearts In my case that is Sebastian St Vincent from Devil in Winter That is not to say however that there isn t room for another one because let me tell Undercover Pregnancy you Weston Ravenel settled in right next to Sebastian ALL THE SWOONSPhoebe is a spiritedoung woman who married her childhood sweetheart Henry who was ailing from a disease that would eventually take him away HER AT HER BROTHER GABRIEL S WEDDING SHE MEETS At her brother Gabriel s wedding meets man who bullie Three WEST SAVED THIS BOOK stars West the irascible brother who was pretty much the only highlight to the previous book Hello Stranger is also the only highlight to this one for me He s smexy witty hilariously self deprecating and has a natural ease with children what s not to like Well for one there is his choice in kind of boring women in the form of our heroine Phoebe With Her Red With her red and Sebastian as her father from the Wallflowers series I was expecting a fiery disposition from her Instead she is perhaps overly even keeled if there is such a thing to the point that she purposely chooses not to even slam a door when it was very much deserved She s also utterly calm when confronting betrayal The story line was cute enough and didn t drag or linger too much on the we can t be together for reasons trope much to my relief I did enjoy this book but in much the same way someone enjoys a pbj sandwich It s good it s filling it reminds ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 you of good times past butou re not going to be overly enthused by it Oh my god Guess what Hummer you don t care but I m going to tellou anywayI read this book last With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) year and FORGOT This This is why I Goodread everything Otherwise I end up doing unplanned re reads Or in this case unplanned re listens because I used the audio version this time around But that means that I didn t actually re listen I read it once and then listened to it onceAnd none of that matters toou at allWhat matters is whether or not the story was any good And it was So there ou goEvie Sebastian of Wallflower fame have a daughter who lost her husband a few ears ago Well she didn t lose him He died And now she s a widow with two small boysDo The Alcohol Experiment you like those stories where a single mom finds love not only for herself but also for her kidsOk Well hereou goWest is really a great hero He apologizes for the stuff he did wrong in the past wants to make up for it and understands what a huge thing it is to be let into Phoebe s lifePlus her dad Sebastian is just awesome and I absolutely loved his intervention at the endI really enjoyed this one I found it to be far interesting for whatever reason than I have the past few Ravenel booksRecommended for fans of the Wallflower Ravenels seriesMary Jane Wells NarratorPublisher HarperAudioEdition Unabridged I loved this book I adored Phoebe and West This wasn t the first time a highly respectable woman had given him the cold shoulder But it was the first time it had ever stung She had been so beautiful there by the stream as flowerlike as the wild irises on the banks Phoebe felt a hollowing sadness inside There was something melancholy about a train whistle the twin notes bracketing the air like an empty set of parentheses. In on is that Phoebe is no straitlaced aristocratic lady She's the daughter of a strong willed wallflower who long ago eloped with Sebastian Lord St Vincent the most devilishly wicked rake in EnglandBefore long Phoebe sets out to seduce the man who has awakened her fiery nature and shown her unimaginable pleasure Will their overwhelming passion be enough to overcome the obstacles of the pastOnly the devil's daughter kno.

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Hool a misery And West thinks he s not worthy of love or happiness And he fears he could become a physically violent man like his father Yada Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah yadaadaInterspersed with the romance is some boring information about the old vs new ways of farming and managing estates keeping an estate s financial records stuff about pig excrement an enraged bull lots of descriptions of clothing food buildings and interior decor There s a token nod to agency for women in that Phoebe must learn to take over control of her son s estate rather than relying on a man That one got very much watered down by the fact that she ends up relying on West rather than herself Oh and I mustn t forget the adorableness factor the heroine s two Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian young boys and a cat named GaloshesI d say that at least one uarter to one third of the pages of the book are spent on sex scenes whether it be foreplay or the actual deed And it s all described in unbearably flowery over the top purple prose I highlighted a couple passages to share he eased his aching shaft out of her warm succulent depths his body aching in anguish she cried out as he slid back into her his hardness stretching her lusciously a powerful climax began wringing every inch of her body with raw forceOh good lord Pass over the sick bag I think I may lose my breakfast So no thanks But Kleypas gets two stars from me anyway She enticed me into buying this didn t she If I ever buy another new Kleypas I must remember to give that future book 5 10 stars just because of what a good con it was and how she managed to fool me again Andou know what that fooling beyond the first time makes me right I might have given this a mediocre 3 stars or 25 rounded to 3 if it wasn t LK But because it IS and she used to be one of my FAVE HR writers and I have been waiting for this book for a YEAR and I have had such high hopes after reading a couple of other ones in this series and this is THE DEVIL S DAUGHTER Sebastian s daughter That in the end the result that fell soooooo short of expectations is what made me tear another star off Let me count the ways in which this book is a WASTE OF AND TIME1 BORING Barely any plot The tension between the MCs is based on so LITTLE His hell raising past including bullying the h s deceased husband Her resentment towards him even before they met bc he bullied her invalid husband when the man was in Eton a DECADE Full Review Feb 23 2019 5 BILLION TRILLION STARS ADFSLKDHFSJNDFSDKF I CANT DEAL UGH IT WILL TAKE ME LIKE A MONTH TO RECOVER FROM HOW AMAZING THIS WAS I SWEAR HOOOLLYYY MOTHER OF OAIWHEKFJSDF SHIT JUST FINISHED DID Y ALL HEAR I JUST FINISHED AND IT WAS EVERYTHING UGHGod this book was so fucking good I started at 11 pm and literally stayed up till 4 and devoured it in one sitting lmao MAY I JUST SAY I have been waiting for this book for a freaking ear and it DELIVEREDaright aright aright so where do I even beginLet s start with the plot shall we So Pheobe daughter of our most beloved Sebastian St Vincent is beautiful oung widow with two children who meets West Ravenel at the wedding of her brother And His From his cousin From beginning they both had a stark and obvious attraction literally the moment they lay eyes on one another Unfortunately for both of them Pheobe has her bad opinion of him set in stone due to unfortunate events that happened in their Demonica youth However as they are both mature adults and their families about to be united they get over it uite fast Also they re freuently thrown into situations where they re forced to converse I absolutely love love loved their chemistry Their conversations were stimulating and witty and I did not get bored once Not even once Sometimesou ll see authors drag out convos between their mc s and they just feel artificial and boring Pheobe is definitely a uniue heroine but not eccentric or out of her time or ethereal like some of Kleypas s other heroines in this series She is honestly the most relatable in the most human way She loves her sons and is so so kind and smart and funny I love that she doesn t hold on to past grudges and slowly lets herself fall in love with West I love that she let herself get over her grief first and handle this next romance so maturely But what I loved most were her interactions with her family Not just her sons who were FUCKING ADORABLE but her PARENTS UGhHHOK UICK DIGRESSION CAN I JUST SAY SEBASTIAN NOW THE SILVER FOX LITERALLY MAKES ME FAINT AND SUIRM LET ME FUCKING TELL YOU THAT ONE SCENE HAD METHE MANS HAS STILL GOT IT Ok back to my reviewIt was very refreshing to see the family s involvement I feel like something a lot of historical authors lack is the role of family which was HUGE back then I mean marriage was a unity between two families especially within the aristocracy so not only was it historically accurate but also such a treat Now to West Ugh FUCKING WEST THAT MANNNNNevery time he opened his fucking mouth or made an appearance I was likeLiterally one of the most likable heroes Kleypas or anyone has ever made I swear lmao So Sebastian St Vincent who i will always consider literally the greatest romance hero of all time is a reformed bad boy but is still a BAD boy Buckley and Wilberta ya know what I mean he will never ever truly be reformed He a sly silver foxummy um slurp drool im wet ok sry going back to west WEST is different because he has let go of that part of his past He doesn t want to be that person any while Sebastian always embraced that side of him Honestly I appreciate and love both of their personalitiesWest was completely reformed and a hard worker and most importantly craved a relationship When he met Phoebe I was rooting so so hard for him because he was clearly just awed and struck by her beauty and personality It was literally love at first sight for him and it was so sweet how he and her got along Literally his personality was EVERYTHINGJustin and Stephen Phoebe s children played a huge Ing she encounters a dashing and impossibly charming stranger who sends a fire and ice jolt of attraction through her And then he introduces himselfas none other than West RavenelWest is a man with a tarnished past No apologies no excuses However from the moment he meets Phoebe West is consumed by irresistible desirenot to mention the bitter awareness that a woman like her is far out of his reach What West doesn't barga. ,
Reading Lisa Kleypas makes me uestion whether I should be writing books at all She is a MASTER her stories always give me that lovely pang in my chest and the sense of being lost in another world My plan had been to wait and save this book for when I needed something great to read Alas I lasted one week That s okay I ll re read it 5 STARS He kissed like a man who had lived too fast learned too late and had finally found the thing he wanted I feel myself fall into a perpetual state of bliss each time I crack open a Lisa Kleypas book And this time was no different I ve been eagerly anticipating this book and now that I ve finished it uite frankly I don t know what to do with myself Devil s Daughter was everything I had hoped it would be and trust me when I tell ou that I hope a GREAT DEALDevil in Winter was my very first historical romance So of course Sebastian will forever hold a special place in my heart not only because of that but because he also happens to be one of my favorite historical heroes I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book to see his daughter get her HEA And my what a ride it was There s nothing wicked about The Franciscan Book Of Saints you exceptour kisses Phoebe Lady Clare was a phenomenal heroine She has a sweet and caring disposition but beneath all that is one incredibly strong woman Ever since she was a little girl she knew that she d marry Henry Even knowing that their time together would be short it was worth it After losing her beloved husband to his illness Phoebe is left to their slowly c The hero in this book West is the guy that everyone has loved throughout this series He s a reformed rake the best HR character type and always funny The best part Who his heroine is because she is the daughter of another reformed rake that we ALL fell in love with in the Wallflowers series Sebastian And that means we get glimpses of him too Here s a description of him from his book way back when Sebastian s reputation is so dangerous that thirty seconds alone with him will ruin any maiden s good name Plus the side benefit of my old book boyfriend showing up in this series is that he is now older so I don t have to be a cougar any I mean I m alright with that but for a change of pace I can have a book boyfriend my own age Variety is the spice of lifeSee He gets it Not my particular spice but Sperm Gone Wild you never know I m not shutting any doors Never say never rightOkay soou want to know about this particular book and this particular guy instead of me rhapsodizing the beauty and wonders of Sebastian St Vincent and our forbidden fictional love affair I suppose FineWest is a reformed rake who we met in the first book of this series He has been the best character in the books which have gotten progressively better The first book in this series was given only a 1 starred rating from me because I hated the female so much She gave new dimension to the word bitch and I never believed the romance Luckily she is barely present in this oneWest meets Phoebe a widow with two sons and their attraction is immediate But he has the whole I m not good enough for her thing going on so angst ensuesMy angst solution Well minus the crying Jilly doesn t cryI loved both Phoebe and West but her little boys were absolutely adorable West s interactions with them hit me right in the ovaries I think that if men realized how attracted we are to them when they are good to children they would all be signing up to be teachers and daycare workers It s like our KryptoniteOvary explosion in 321If there were any negatives about the book one would be that he carried on with the I m not good enough for her thing a little too long Also and this is weird but there were too many sex scenes If I get bored and am skimming the sexy times there is too much Never underestimate my short attention span along with desensitization Other than that this was fun funny and romantic That was an accident Mr Ravenel said over her head breathing hard Yes Phoebe said dazedly I understand The book was falling I was reaching for it and our lips were in the way I feel so ashamed and so weak And cheapened How could I do this Lisa Kleypas and I were officially divorced in March of 2018 after I read HELLO STRANGER And then what do I go and do Hook up with her again in February of 2019 for this book Now that it s over I don t feel at all good about myself And that time together wasn t pleasurable No Big O for me here I ve been left completely unsatisfied and feel so bad about myself Not only that but I had to pay her for the hookupI blame it on Sebastian my long ago heartthrob from the devil in winter he and his true DEVIL IN WINTER He and his True Evie are the parents of this book s heroine and I had heard he plays a larger role here than he had done in DEVIL IN SPRING the book about their son Gabriel and that twit Pandora Ravenel Alas he may have been on pages but he came across as a pretty generic silver fox duke who s a super husband faithful than a swan super fathergrandfather and super aristocrat I calculate he must be in his 60s but he s still gorgeous and still virile without the need to find fresh nubile women for his bed or even Little Blue Pills Evie Is blue pills Evie is lucky little old lady But as far as any new or interesting developments in their lives no such thingAnd the plot and characters of this book Just thinking about it and them is putting me to sleep Generic oung widow grieving her dead too All Clear young invalid husband and former close childhood friend She s boring and has nothing of the devil in her DNA Our hero is West Ravenel whom we ve known since COLD HEARTED RAKE He s a reformed rake and recovering alcoholic who has left London and his scandalous ways behind to become an excellent hands on estate manager Phoebe thinks she ll never love again In addition she resents West whom she had never really met just because as a schoolboy he had bullied her future husband and apparently made his twoears away at sc. New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas delivers a scintillating tale of a beautiful oung widow who finds passion with the one man she shouldn'tAlthough beautiful oung widow Phoebe Lady Clare has never met West Ravenel she knows one thing for certain he's a mean rotten bully Back in boarding school he made her late husband's life a misery and she'll never forgive him for it But when Phoebe attends a family wedd. .

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